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Andalucia Semana santa holy easter week 2014, Sevilla in Spain

Andalucia Semana santa holy easter week 2014, Sevilla in Spain

Event name: Semana santa
Event dates: 13th to 20th April 2014
Event location: Spain

Semana santa de sevilla is also known as holy week in Seville. It is the most important traditional events of the city in spain. The event is the most beautiful religious events within spain which is celebrated in the week leading up to Easter. The city will be crowded with visitors, residents and drawn by the spectacle atmosphere. This event is enjoyed mostly by the catholic communities. Processions of largely decorated floats with Mary and Jesus statues, pointy hood wearing Nazarenos and shrill brass bands, walk slowly in the streets from parish church to the cathedral. This would be continued from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday morning.

Its really an amazing experience and great time to spend at event. You can feel the deeply held traditions that have less to do with religion than with social groupings and rituals. Don’t stick on the big city to get Semana Santa. Every village and town of every size will be having their own celebrations with many festivals declared and grabs the interest for tourists.

Semana santa involves the marching in procession of brotherhoods of the penitents and church. Before the event gets starts the bands will undergo practice their short. Seville has lot of shops dedicated to the sale of Nazareno robes, sandles and Capirote. The processions leave churches all over the city from the afternoon onwards and start snaking throughout the city. The parades consisting of statues and march in the streets with color and sound and a rythemic songs like “Saeta” which is the sacred song. Don’t worry if you are not religious. It’s not so difficult to move along with crowd. You can feel the vital and poignant atmosphere.

Each and every village enjoys the event Semana Santa. There is not restrict of age from old to young participate and follow bearing traditional capirotes and candles. Cofrades means “brotherhoods” in English are associations that care for the images of Jesus Christ and mary throughout the year by planning the next Semana Santa event. These are considered as the heart of the holy week.

Thousands of visitors come to take part in the event from all over the world. Especially the places like Sevilla and Andalucia were specially mapped out routes for each procession of the week. The music of Semana Santa is usually in minor keys and extremely sorrowful. Trumpets and Sacophones help in making sound. During the Semana santa the true catholics won’t have meat. So restaurants serve fish and fresh vegetables as their meals during the week.

Lot of Spanish artist include as a background in their creations, such as music, painting and literature or movies which reflect the social and cultural importance of the events. There will be a huge crowd gathering for procession. At the time of processions man or woman will often burst out in a saeta and the entire procession comes halt until the song finished. Many visitors from inside and outside of the spain travel to attend the crowded parades. It is the best event to know the Spanish culture.


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