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Mardi Gras, new Orleans, USA

Mardi Gras, new Orleans, USA

Event name: Mardi Gras
Event date: March 4th 2014
Event location: New Orleans, USA

Have you heard about the Mardi gras annual carnival celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana of United States? It is a variation of the traditional manner of preparing for the start of the catholic season. New Orleans mardi gras is a season of parades, king cake parties and masquerade balls. The celebrations will takes place for about two weeks before Fat Tuesday. There will be one major parade each day. This is known as the biggest free party on earth. The festival includes numerous events throughout the city. You can experience the ancient European carnival traditions.

Mardi Gras marks the final celebrations before the period of fasting during lent in roman catholic religion. But this festival is enjoyed by people of any belief. Visitors from all around will gather during the season. The festive atmosphere will start two weekends before mardi gras. People will wear mask or stylish costumes on Mardi gras day. Everyone will be part of the party. Veterans will start the party on Mardi gras morning. The party extends till mid night.

The attraction for Mardi Gras is the parades. These parades are organized by private known as “Krewe”. The crowds will be filled with people who will be dancing to the music of the brands and clamour for throws. The parade starts from Uptown at Napoleon Avenue and continues till Canal Street at the Upper border of the French Quarter. There are different sizable parades which will provide more entertainment in the streets.

Some of the biggest parades in the carnival are Bacchus, Zulu, Rex, Orpheus and Endymion. The days before Mardi gras have numerous parades. One of the most beautiful parades is the Muses, an all womens krewe known for the beautiful creative parade on the Thursday before Mardi Gras. On the Mardi Gras day more than a dozen tribes of Mardi Gras Indians walk on the streets starting early in the morning by wearing dazzling costumes with features and beads. Though the routes of the parade are set in advance but they are not announced.

Some of the attractions during the festival are:

Krewe of Folsom: Participants ride everything from four wheelers to horse back in this parade which is open to the public.

Mystic krewe of Covington: Follows covington lions. This is founded by members of the knights of Columbus, tucks, floats and march units.

Elks Krewe of Orleanians: Lot of family and community groups turn trucks into carnival floats for 100 plus truck processions. The theme of this is “Mardi Gras on the Avenue”.

Krewe of Chahta-ima: Public is invited to join the community parade with tucks, floats and other modes of transportation.

Krewe of crescent city: This will start in the noon. Family and community groups participate with flatbed trucks and floats. Winners of the previous year’s float the design competition in the parade.

In Orleans, masks and costumes are publicly worn by non krewe members on the days before Fat Tuesday. Laws against the concealing ones identity with a mask are sent out and suspended for the day. Visit the event with family and enjoy the day.


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