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Hong kong arts festival, Hong Kong

Hong kong arts festival, Hong Kong

Event name: Hong Kong arts festival
Event date: 18 February 2014 to 22 March 2014
Event Location: Various places in Hong kong

Hong kong arts festival is the annual series of cultural programs held in Hong Kong. Many people from all over the world will participate in the event. Hong Kong arts festival is the most focusing event in the Hong Kong cultural life and it said to be a great promoter of performing arts. Promoting of the arts festival is done by the two associated membership programmers. They are “festival friends” and “young friend’s scheme”. To enhance the public awareness and knowledge of the arts they offers an workshops, master classes, arts exchange, talks, exhibitions and meet the artist sessions during the festival time.  To organize this event there should be a great finance support. So this funding support is given by the Hong Kong Jockey Club charities trust and the Leisure and cultural services department of the Hong Kong government.

During the festival you can enjoy lot of world class performances from various countries. These will takes place in different venues in Hong kong. You can watch ballet, operatic theater, symphonies and some of the world’s best musician’s performances. It will be one of the signature highlights of the Hong Kong cultural scene.

Some of the stunning programs

La Scala Ballet

Teatro alla Scala Ballet is the one of the romantic ballets. From Milan’s legendary lyric theater the la scala ballet returns to Hong Kong in top form with a huge corps, classic and stellar from its repertoire Giselle. It is the master piece where the audience never seen this type of beautiful dances. It grabs the human emotions which is the most moving of any ballet. Since 230 years La Scala ballet has producing magical experiences. Sure you can feel the young love and dejection of the broken heart in this romantic classical ballet. You can gain lot of memorable dances.

Highland fling by Scottish ballet

Matathew bourne is the director and choreography of this ballet who is also a Olivier award winner. Highland fling is the romantic wee ballet. Matthew bourne is genius at telling the storied in dance. Gorgeous moves, romantic feeling, thrilling moves and modern thinking are the specialty of the ballet. This would be a best treat for ballet lovers.

Early works by Trisha brown

This is by Trisha brown dance company. Trisha brown is a American postmodernist choreographer and dancer. Trisha brown is creator and innovator of more than hundred choreographic works. The performance at hong kong arts festival is planned in outdoor. They plan to perform in the public spaces. This would be one of the attracting program which can enjoy in an open air.

Igor Moiseyev ballet

Action, color and energy of Igor moiseyev ballet (Russia) can lift you out of your seat. Igor Moiseyev is one of the most decorated artists and also a unique choreographer anywhere in the world. It has an immensely popular with audience everywhere. Moiseyev used to travel every corner of the Soviet Union to find the traditional dances this brought the repertory of his company. The program may also include the smoke and flame effects.  


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