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Bali spirit festival 2014, bali Indonesia

Bali spirit festival 2014, bali Indonesia

Event name: Bali spirit festival 2014
Event date: 19 to 24 March 2014
Event location: Ubud, bali

Bali is an island located in Indonesia. It consists of varied hills, mountains, sandy beaches, volcanic hillsides and lush rice terraces. Bali has a deep spiritual and unique culture which is called as paradise on earth. It is marked as the largest tourist destination in the country. Bali spirit festival is the one of the beautiful festival celebrates every year in city of bali, Indonesia. Music and live dance performances by some of the leading artists from different countries attract the visitors. Are you looking for yoga, traditional Javanese dance and many more? Then bali festival is perfect place for you.

Bali festival offers a unique combination of dance, yoga and music. It is the 7th year this time the bali festival is going to rock with beautiful celebrations. The festival will takes place in the world famous arts and healing hub of ubud, bali. Spiritual event attracts nearly 6000 visitors over five days to Ubud, bali. Planned to celebrate the sacred arts like yoga, meditation and healing. It is best named as “top yoga festivals around the globe”. Over 50 nations of the people participate in the festival. Set your day on lush terraced lawns with open pavilions. Experience the world class music in nights.

Agung rai museum of arts is the stage for the global music which takes place in Ubud. It allow easy access for visitors and locals. Visiting the bali gives you a remarkable experience. You will come across the rich culture and spiritual traditions of bali. Though they are quite different but feel more comfort. Green rice fields and warm hospitality of the bali attracts more. By visiting the venues Purnati center of arts and Agung rai Museum of art in Ubud you can estimate what makes bali so special. Don’t worry if you are visiting the bali for the first time. They are many volunteers and staff to guide you. Some of the proceeds generated by the festival support work to protect the usage of Balinese language educate the children programs; reforest the eastern edge of the island with bamboo and creating awareness of HIV and AIDS in Balinese communities.

The main attraction of the festival is Yoga. You can find high quality yoga teachers from around the world like Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Singapore, Japan, China, Mexico, UK and USA. Every morning and afternoon the yoga classes will takes place along with group discussions, Pranayama and meditation in the evenings. Relax yourself with a massage or spa. Yoga workshops will be conducted by the John Ogilive and other Byron yoga teachers during the festival.

A luxurious resort offers a peaceful environment. The Balinese accommodation is set in tropical gardens and offers best views of gardens, courtyardsm salt water pool, paddy fields and lounge areas to relax. Taste the best Balinese and western style foods. Visit the local markets and shops in bali where you can experience the ancient culture of bali. As it is famous for the crafts hub and arts you can find a town consists of artist’s workshops and galleries.

A festival is incomplete without the music. Bali spirit festival highlights both local and international artists to participate in the festival. This includes a collection of international musicians. Enjoy by visiting wonderful bali spirit festival.


[googlemap src=”https://maps.google.co.in/maps?q=Ubud,+bali&hl=en&ll=-8.491133,115.264864&spn=0.059847,0.104628&sll=16.256776,80.776958&sspn=14.832486,26.784668&hnear=Ubud,+Gianyar,+Bali,+Indonesia&t=m&z=14″ width=”600″ height=”400″ align=”aligncenter” ]

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