Temples and tunnels tour trip in Ho chi Minh city, Vietnam

Traveling to variety of destinations around the world will provide you with the pleasure of seeing things in a different ways. The places about which you have only heard will be in front of you in real time. The Ho Chi Minh city tour will provide a faith for people following the religions Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Taoism. People visiting this city will be spell bound to have a look at Cu Chi tunnel system. This is famous for being the master class with regards to guerilla warfare tactics.

You can now easily book the trip for Ho chi Minh city for today or tomorrow, you can call up the Ho chi Minh city Urban Adventures by dialing +84(0)909904100. Since the booking is carried on in a first come forts serve basis, late caller might suffer due to insufficient seat.

Highlights of the tour

  • You will be able to know about the local life at the present stage and in past
  • Tourist can enjoy the feast with the local family at Vietnam concentrating on their cuisines
  • At Cu Chi Tunnel network, you will be able to explore its historical significance
  • Just after having a look at the city life, you will be able to experience the countryside view

Style of the Tour

Tourists can easily enjoy the local life, history, culture and heritage

You will be provided with a guide who can speak and understand English language along with other local languages. Lunch will be included within the tour package and entrance fees to view various historical and famous spots will be within the tour package. But, some of the items of personal nature and tips for the guides and drivers will be excluded from the package.

Group size and schedule details

The tourist guide will take maximum of 16 people in the city tour. The journey will be around 9-10 hours. The tourists will be asked to assemble in front of the centrally located hotel in the Ho Chi Minch City which will be the pickup point of the guide. You must be standing in the pickup point within 8:00am – 8:30am in the morning.

Other information

It is important to make a conformation before 24 hours of the departure. For this you can contact the local supplier. You can either send an email to Ho Chi Minch City Urban Adventures on the email address [email protected] in order to confirm the pickup or simply call up the authority.

Type of dress allowed

Since, this city is one of the portions in Asia; the dress standard will be conservative. The tourist must respect the dress standard portrayed by people of the particular place. It is advisable to wear comfortable and modest clothing. To be more specific, the clothing should cover the knees as well as shoulders. Since, Asia is dominated by hot climate throughout the year, wearing long, loose cotton clothing will be preferable.


Being a tourist within the package of Ho Chi Minh City tour, you will be able to see many extra ordinary spots in the country side, away from the city. This will be around 2.5 hrs away from the city where you will be able to view Cao Dai temples.

Since you will feel hungry while going through the journey, the travel company realizes the fact and have arranged for a wonderful traditional home cooked lunch in Vietnam city which can be consumed with local family. Thereafter, you will arrive at the Cao Dai temple and enjoy the noon ceremony. You will be able to know about the practices of interesting religion. Being the foundation stone was laid in the year 1920, the elements of Cao Daoism was borrowed from 5 main religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity and Islam. The meaning of Cao Dai is projected as abode or a high place.

You will be able to get an adventurous view once you travel through Legendary Cu Chi Tunnels. This has a history behind the structure. Tunnels were constructed by the local fighters when the conflict between India and China broke out. This tunnel acted as a base during that period.

You can also draw the strategic importance of the location of the tunnels. The construction was also made to hide from the air attacks from the French air force. The tunnel also consists sleeping quarters, meeting room, kitchen, hospitals etc.  The Government of the particular country have preserved around 75 km of the tunnel and used it for the memorial park.

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