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Venice Carnival 2014, Venice Italy

Best attractions to visit in the Venice, Italy

Event name: Venice carnival
Event date: 15 February to 4 March 2014
Event location: Venice, Italy

The Venice Carnival is an annual festival which takes place in Venice, Italy. It is the carnival of fantasy and nature. The fairy tales and nature describes the festive expression of themes linked to the relationship between humankind and environment. Venice is a well known fantasy miracle in itself. The streets during the carnival were full of people wearing the masks and there won’t be shown any difference between nobility and common people. In the square streets artists and singers entertain with the songs and music. This will be more attractive for the visitors. Thos who want to try the costumes of the Venice can really enjoy this event. Many Venetian celebrations remain almost unknown to the public, this Venice carnival bright that situation. Due to this Carnival the Venice became more populous.

They are many entertaining and interesting performances which you can enjoy in the public. We can experience the Venice carnival even on roads. Thirteen days of masquerading, music, shows, colors, and games event of the year in Venice. The city will be filled with large crowd in the living room of Piazza San Marco. You can freely attend the theatrical performances and parades. Wild dance, delicious food, wine tasting and entertainment in nights are the stunning attractions.

The Carnival of Venice costumes are famous all over the world. It includes ornate gowns and flowing cloaks with different masks that can be purchase on cheap from the stalls. There are artisans who still make the dresses painstakingly by hand. Thinking of the carnival in Venice the first thing strikes in mind is the costumes. Enjoy the event by wearing different type of costumes.

The events which are taking place during the Carnival are well popular. The official opening of the Carnival of Venice will start with masked crowd venturing from Pizza San Marco in the afternoon. It continues by marching through the streets. Gran Ballo delle Maschere is the famous event in the carnival of Venice’s which takes place in different location every year. Where ever it takes place it is amazing event. It has a grand Venetian palace and the one with proper costume and mask is only allowed in.

Lot of musical and theatrical performances takes place in different locations of the city. The carnival of Venice rounds out with decorated boats and gondolas making their way down the Grand Canal. These make the signature Venice event more popular and entertain the visitors who visit the Venice for the first time.

The theme of metamorphosis, fantasy nature, creatures mixing human and animal features is always attracting the human imagination and this is nicely narrated in prose, drama and poetry by many authors. Taking these considered the cultural projects will be developed and presented in the shows and events. At the end of the festival this will be published as texts in books.

Daily parades, lunch time music entertainment, street theatre, clowning, musical evenings, the forest in the campi and cultural offerings makes the Venice carnival a beautiful event. Enjoy the event with your beloved ones.


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