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Dr Prem Jagyasi, renowned Medical Tourism Consultant offers high-profile global healthcare consultancy services promoting government authorities, healthcare organizations and medical tourism facilitators. The health tourism consultancy services are provided in conjunction with international and regional representatives.

Personalized, tailored and comprehensive consultancy services are available based on individual requirements. Please contact Dr Prem Jagyasi for more details.

Medical Tourism Consultancy Services offered by Dr Prem Jagyasi includes:

Medical Tourism Consultancy Services offered by Dr Prem Jagyasi

  • Strategic Marketing Consultancy Services
  • Quality of Care Consultancy Services
  • Legal & Ethical Consultancy Services
  • Health Insurance Consultancy Services
  • Medical Tourism Facilitator Consultancy Services

Dr Prem Jagyasi has done indepth research that he is regarded as leading expert of Medical Tourism Industry, his below presentation explain medical tourism blues and how to cure them.

Strategic Marketing Consultancy Services includes:

Strategic Marketing Consultancy Services

  • In-depth industry information and Medical Tourism Knowledge Management Program.
  • Identifying Potential Target Markets
  • Segmentation of Target Market in Geographic, Demographic, Socio-Economic need-based and other factors.
  • Strategic Positioning Programs augmented with Brand Building Exercise Program and Training.
  • Tactical support for Copyright material, Web Design, SEO, PR activities, Advertisement materials

Quality of Care Consultancy Services includes:

Quality of Care Consultancy Services

  • Identification, development and implementation of care program quality.
  • Quality of care accreditation management services including identification, communication, negotiation and partnership with Healthcare Accreditation Organisation.
  • MTA (Medical Tourism Association) accreditation consultancy service

Legal & Ethical Consultancy Services include:

Legal & Ethical Consultancy Services include

  • In-depth industry information regarding cultural & religious values of target market.
  • Comprehensive support for all international legal issues including but not limited to malpractice laws, international health laws, restriction and scope of services in international healthcare.
  • Thorough understanding of ethical healthcare practices and managed care protocols.

Health Insurance Consultancy Services includes:

Medicine doctor hand holding stethoscope and working with modern medical icons

  • Identification and introduction to leading international healthcare insurance providers.
  • Planned workshop and training programs for international health insurance laws, pre-approval, claim submission, claim rejection, reconciliation and dispute management.
  • International Healthcare Services Price List Management, Evaluation and Renegotiation.

Medical Tourism Facilitator Consultancy Services:

Medical Tourism Facilitator Consultancy Services

  • Opportunities and Challenges in Medical Tourism Growing Segment
  • How to start a successful Medical Tourism Facilitation Company
  • Understanding Services offered by Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Developing Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Blue Ocean Strategies for Medical Tourism Facilitators
  • Networking and Business expansion support
  • Understanding Legal, Cultural and Ethical Barriers
  • Understanding MTA Certification Program and gaining recognition and quality practice

Watch Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Presentation on Medical Tourism

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