What is rural tourism?

Rural tourism is a unique concept in the modern day tourism that focuses solely in participating in the rural life style. It can be termed as an alternate of agro tourism, a concept aimed in uplifting the rural areas inviting a higher inflow of tourists and nature freaks. Now-a-days, the concept of tourism is not restricted only within popular tourist destinations, but human minds with a hunger to explore more and something new have gladly embraced this off the track concept of tourism where they can interact directly with nature being in its lap. Moreover, present generation tourists are more inclined towards exploring virgin locales in remote areas of the country where nature itself is welcoming with its picturesque bounties.


Rural tourism – A way to encash nature:

Nature has always attracted man through its different forms and features, and rural tourism provides another unique gateway to explore nature. Tourism industry has been one of the main revenue earners in many countries, and with rural tourism getting impetus the governments are more optimistic about it. While primary sectors in developed economies are posting a poor show due to a staggering global economy, rural tourism can compensate for the low earnings appreciably.  Any ordinary village can be presented to the outsiders in a unique manner through this concept of rural tourism. A village by a seaside or riverbed can be turned into a site of attraction through proper development of infrastructure making it accessible to the tourists from far and near. Rural tourism is fast gathering momentum against the backdrop of this trend with many villages being developed into popular weekend getaways. Needless to mention rural tourism can provide the much needed financial boost to the rural people, beneficial for the country as a whole.


Showcasing nature and people through rural tourism:

Rural tourism provides a direct interaction with nature inviting the outsiders in active participation with local people and their culture. Exploitation of a rural tourist spot in incomplete without a direct interaction of tourists and localites. Understanding the lifestyle, customs and traditions of the rural people and enjoying their local cuisines and handicrafts completes the picture of rural tourism.

Proper infrastructure – The mainstay of rural tourism:

This form of tourism undoubtedly paves the way for the overall socio economic development of the rural areas contributing to the overall economic development of the country. Development of rural tourism primarily rests on a good infrastructure. An upcoming rural tourist destination should be easily accessible. Enjoying a vacation amidst natural serenity in not-so-far rural destinations has been the trend of the modern generation tourists. Good communication facilities and upgraded basic amenities can magically turn a lesser known rural settlement into a popular tourist destination. Active government participation involving private landowners can bring up the infrastructure development necessary to boost rural tourism. Major developed countries in the world are now seriously considering tapping rural tourism in order to maintain a sustainable economic growth.

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