What are potential risk in Eco Tourism?


Number of tourist adversely affects the visiting areas as well if there is no proper management and laws to protect the environment and culture.

  • Financial and Economic Risk

Like any other tourism, ecotourism also brings demand for goods, services and facilities for visitor and it increases with the increase of its popularity. To meet the demand of increasing number of visitors to the ecological areas increases basic services, foods, and other requirement increasingly. As a result rich and wealthy foreign visitors take control of local business which leads to foreign ownership of land of property.  Above all minimizes the value of ecotourism.

  • Social Risk

Increased numbers of visitor from all across the world may disturb community activities and other services served by local people. Unplanned development then leads to congestion of population, littering, vandalism and crime in the society. Local tradition becomes commercialized on the other hand which leads to loss of their integrity and authenticity. As for example, local folk dance now becomes a means of entertainment for the tourist and visitors. Local communities are sometimes do things according the foreign authority and thus lost the control over the tourist involvement economically and culturally. Negative effect is also seen in their culture which is changing with the popularity of ecotourism and thus it’s important for the nation to make acceptable rules and guide travelers to conduct a responsive tourism. Exploitation of local community, their lifestyles should be taken into consideration and ensures development align with the development of local people and local culture.

  • Environmental Risk

Environment of unspoiled location become spoil with the development of ecotourism.  Development in local economy leads to human activity on sensitivity of nature and destroys the preexisted ecosystem and change the climate condition as a whole.

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