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Travel agencies have come forward to extend special services to the age group above 50 years. The specialty of these services directed at senior citizens is more personalized and carry that bit of extra care than those they usually deliver for a younger age group. Apart from shouldering the usual responsibility of managing passport and visa formalities, booking air tickets, hotels and transport arrangement they even take a step forward to ensure that your health is in proper condition and get certified to withstand the hardships of a trip.

Tour Operators

Tour operators, big travel agents, tourism bureau and the ministry of tourism attach special importance to senior tourism. They work together to ensure that the needs of the senior citizens are attended properly as this age group ensures a promising market as well.

Travel agents have services tailored to the exact needs of senior tourists. The exclusive tourism agencies have their professionals scattered across the globe to idyllic and charming localities. This exposure is educative and professionally supportive. It permits them to acquire concrete and direct knowledge and an all embracing exposure to famous hotels, resorts, health spas, legendary monuments and breathtaking locales. They concentrate on the target of offering precision, ingenuity, legitimacy, entertainment and the most constructive on and even off duty supports.

Now, there exist the high end travel agents catering to the requirements of the aged tourists having sufficient money and free time. High spending is hardly a limitation for them. Consequently, the grade of customer service provided comes in a standard package. They contemplate on working around a senior tourist’s trip schedule with a very professional and well mannered approach. They most sincerely strive for making most of the benefits of travel arrangements within the reach of senior tourists, dispatched with expertise for the value of money paid.


The personalized service directed tourism policy is touched on all aspects taking care of the needs of the aged tourists. Sometimes the services are incredibly good but not always. At times, they fall short of expectations. Many of the tourism professionals are specially trained to achieve multilingual proficiency to enable easy and free flowing interaction by senior tourists.

Travel agencies target finding dream holidays for their aged clientele. One of the most important features of travel agencies is to build a reliable rapport with the senior citizens. The better the rapport bigger would be the size of the customer tourist. There are specific cells organizing and supervising welfare meetings, grievance redressal, medical attention and the like for making senior tourism more congenial winning the hearts of this age group with proficiency and concern.

However, the senior tourists before embarking on a travel program should ensure that booking is made with a certified travel counselor. The counselor should be qualified and had been to school and thorough industrial training to learn about the finer side of the trade. Travel agencies often ask about the preferences, interests and hobbies of the aged tourists. This helps them design the itinerary with all these customer inclinations factored in. The journey should end in a thrilling rhapsody and not in a boring manner. Regarding the service fee structure, the agents are usually paid either at an hourly rate or they earn a piece of commission on trips booked.


With the advent of electronic media, the ready access to information on travel has become simple and even the older generation turn to travel agents just for information alone. The functional duty of travel agents has changed into delivering more of travel consultancy service. They help decide the course of your trip bringing in a bit of more life worth to your tour program. The travel agents still have a say in information gathering. A net conscious agent can differentiate between useful information and crap. He knows all the short cuts to the right portals for getting the latest news and tariffs, and bounces back to the client with a handful of best possible options.

Travel agents can be located downtown or they can operate from call centers. They guide the tourist, locate an appropriate holiday package, and search for availability of selection on the net or over telephone. They organize collection of payments from customers and contact them upon the arrival of tickets or cancelled flights if it so happens. They also organize the entire document handling in relation to senior tourism.

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