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5 Adventurous and Affordable Fall Vacation Spots for Baby Boomers

Affordable Fall Vacation Spots for Baby Boomers

It’s still hard to believe that many baby boomers, the generation that typified the eternal youth of the 1960s, are officially senior citizens. There are a host of discounts and deals you might qualify for, especially when it comes to traveling. If you’re acquainted with snow birding (off-season vacationing) and you live in an empty nest, now is the perfect time to plan your next fall trip.

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Seniors

1. Educational Trips

These tours give you the chance to go beyond sightseeing. “Programs enable you to take a more in-depth view of destinations, by offering off the beaten track and behind the scenes views through connections with educators and local insiders,” Then there’s Senior Summer School, where Boomers can enjoy weeks-long tours of historic locations in Madison, Colorado Springs, Colo. and other parts of the country steeped in history.

2. White Mountains, N.H.

The best cheap vacation spots are also the ones that provide natural beauty, bucolic scenery and a chance for discovery. The northern portion of the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire ending in the White Mountains is one such place. There are camps specially designed for the 50-plus crowd as part of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Highland Lodge, where five-night stays are scheduled year-round, perfect for an autumnal or winter hiking excursion.

3. Costa Maya, Mexico

If your interpretation of cultural tourism means ancient Mayan ruins and modern Mayan fishing villages rather than pulsing nightlife at a club named for an amphibian, this is the destination for you. You could do everything from lean against ancient Mayan pyramids to gaze at the native fauna and flora, vine swinging, zip lining and scavenging for ancient artifacts optional.

4. Portland, Ore.

Portland arguably the Pacific Northwest’s progressive, green capital is an ideal vacation spot for seniors who are frugal, environmental and artistic. Year-round, free activities abound, and hotel and restaurant prices are low by urban standards.

5. Volunteer Vacations

A weekend at a random resort is just that only a weekend. Volunteering lasts for a lifetime and comes with the knowledge that you’ve played a direct, active part in helping others less fortunate. Volunteer vacation offer travelers the chance to get below the surface of a destination and have meaningful interactions with the local people.

As always, make sure to consult with your doctor if you’re a senior looking to embark on any physically active vacation.

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