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Greece Shopping Attraction, Shopping Places, Shopping Sites to visit – Top 10 recommended places for shopping in Greece

Monastiraki Flea Market

Shopping experience in Greece can be the best thing to do and this is sure to make you feel glad. As this is the most visited tourist destinations, you will surely have a very lovely time shopping your favourite products at least rates –  the variety, quality, categories and assortments are worth having a watch even if your cash is not ready at hand. Below mentioned are the top 10 places for shopping in Greece that also serve as the best tourist attractions.

  • To Pantopoleion – This is a wonderful store from where you can get a lot of traditional food items from around Greece. Various food products like big jars of sweets, Greek wines and spirits, Santorini capers, boutique olive oils, rusks from Crete and various other food products can be easily got from here.
  • Koukos – You can get a lot of antique ceramics and silver handcrafted jewellery items here. You can get a lot of items here like frames, jugs, platters and a lot more items from this wonderful store. Buy some of them for yourself and the relatives at home.
  • Rihardos – The Rihardos are known to be renowned suppliers that deal with different types of traditional instruments. You can buy from a huge range of Greek instruments and you can get introduced to a slot of unusual instruments as well.
  • Panagiotis Fanariotis – If you are a jewellery fan, then this store is the right choice for you. You can get a slot of specialised handmade jewellery made with the help of gold and silver motifs. The prices charged for jewellery here are known to be very low and you will surely love the innovative designs.
  • Monastiraki Flea Market – This is a market place, where you can get various products like antiques, furniture, military boots, military boots, old books, collectables and a lot more. The market is flooded with people round the week, the afternoon hours can be comparatively less crowded.
  • Athens Central Market – This place is usually known as old books. You can shop for the lovely Greek items that include spices, incredible range of olives, deli treats, cheeses and a lot more. If you are book lover then this is a must visit place in Greece, make sure to try the translated books of the local authors. Some of them are worth treasuring.
  • Myrsini – This shop is very famous for the renowned handmade silk products. It is a business that is run by family, where you can find different types of silk products that include silk table runners, ornate raw silk scarves and a lot more. The owner of this store, Dimitrios Kyriazis explains the tradition of silk production of Soufli.
  • Mat – If you are a chess fan, then this shop will surely be loved by you. You can find various unique chess design pieces here and also includes the very popular  ‘Athenians’.
  • Miden Agan – This is a wonderful place that will be loved by food and wine lovers. You can find more than 800 Greek wines here. You can also find a huge variety of amazingly packed local old-style gourmet deli savouries, including oil, honey and also their own line of spoon sweets.
  • Women’s Cooperative – This is located in main square. The kapaneli, which is also called as lacework is extremely famous here. Depending on the size, the price of the best quality lacework will cost you somewhere from 15 Euros to 1500 Euros. Ladies can have the best time shopping in this amazing place.

If you love shopping, get the best out there in these places.


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