Preparations for wildlife tourism

Wild life tourism is loaded with fun, thrill and adventure in the truest sense. One distinct feature that makes it stand apart from other forms of tourism is covering vast areas of bush and thick woods amid an isolated country where the nearest hotel, medical facilities and provision stores might be hundreds of kilometers away. You must ensure before launching for a wildlife trip that you are physically fit. This is most important and could be a deciding factor.

Adequate basic medicines are to be carried to combat common diseases like fever, stomach upsets, dizziness, cold and cough and injuries. When travelling to the paradise of wild life tour, it is wise to have the doctor’s advice whether to take preventive vaccines or not. Mosquitoes and flies are dangerous threats as they are found in plenty. Drawing parallels, the equatorial rain forests of Malaysia and the wilds of north eastern parts of India are infested with disease bearing mosquitoes. Preparations should be taken regarding carrying enough medicinal protections. Since wild life tourism requires traversing large areas of land with lots of uncertainties waiting on your route, it is best to carry sufficient stock of water and non perishable dry food. Knee length leather boots would be ideal in case you run into poisonous insects and snakes. It is good to have a guide map of the local area in case you lose your way in the forest. A magnetic compass would be of help for that matter.

While on a trip to wild life, focus on light colored clothing tough enough to withstand the stress of long trips through the wild. If you are travelling along in an open country like in central African savannas with the sun burning overhead, white clothing is best. On the other hand, in Canadian wilds warm clothing is a must.

Before setting out on a wild life tour, you need to know about what kind of staying arrangement and transport is available. Normally, star hotels are not found in a jungle safari and you may need to camp overnight. If you opt for staying in a camp, make sure it is safe from disease carrying insects. A light hand scarf would be fine to beat the scorching sun.

Fancy and colorful luggage must be avoided. Take something sturdy to bear the strain of wild safaris.

Before taking a trip to a wild life country, enquire from your travel agents exactly what animals are to be covered in the program. Taking your camera to a wild life trip is as important as your daily requirement of food and water. Your camera should have enough zooming capacity. This is important since cape buffalos are one of the most dangerous animal species. Proximity to these creatures may be life threatening. Yet you need to take the snap of the awe inspiring herd gracefully chewing the cud or sniffing the air to locate a potential threat!

Sufficient  batteries and chargers need to be carried, and remember the important piece of information in open wild you may not have any electrical recharging facility, but you need to capture the priceless shots. A movie camera would work wonders on predator, prey chase and hunting scenes!

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