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World’s best and the worst countries in terms of tourism

With ever-increasing revenues and options for economic growth, most countries have realized the value of tourism. In fact, the tourism department of almost every country is working hard to ensure that their region becomes a hotshot traveling spot. The countries that are on the top have hard earned this status and spent lots of bucks to recreate their heritage, expand their culture and renovate their tourist sites. However, the tertiary factors that enchant tourists apart from smoky destinations are the services that a country provides to its tourists. These services may be in terms of arrival or departure benefits, standard putting up places or hospitality.

So, considering the economic implications of tourism, the World Economic Forum researched and arrived at the list of best and worst countries for tourism. According to the organization, among all the continents that have easier visa rules and convenient tourist arriving processes, Europe has been the most successful continent in luring tourists from all over the world. Europe has a number of heritage sites and places of interest for all type of audiences and travelers. Therefore, despite strict measures, it still welcomes a lot of tourists with open arms!

Switzerland and Austria are the best countries for tourism in Europe. These countries have almost everything that a traveler looks for – from lush green forests to funky clubs as well as luxury resorts that customize with individual needs. They are ranked on the top for their affluent infrastructure, cultural sites, excellent residential facilities and availability of trained staff.

Though US is famous for the Statue of Liberty , Empire State Building  and Capitol building, it still gets less tourists and has been placed at number six at the TTRC list.

On the other hand, effulgent Germany gets a fair share of tourists. Germany has no fewer than 37 UNES


CO World heritage sites ranging from historical buildings, incredible landscapes, cityscapes and a lot more. Germany is also home to vibrant music and world class composers. Whether it’s classical music or contemporary tunes, Germany captivates every soul and thus, it has smoot

hly and successfully crawled into the “must visit list”.

Like Germany, Russian historical spots are ample, but corruption and lack of attention from the tourism department have caused tourism to suffer here. Moreover, the walled country of China has seen declining tourist arrivals due to lack of westernized architecture. The failure is mostly in terms of tourism industries’ failure in providing tourists with amenities and services.

Spain, the country with eminent unemployment, has jumped to the eighth place from fourth on the TTRC list. The Easter week in Spain sees a lot of tourist and so does the La Gomera Island in the Canary Island. The tomato festival also attracts lots of tourist around the world.

However, in the recent years, we have seen that tourists favoring the developing nations like Panama and Philippines as their holiday destinations. The United Arab Emirates is also tourist-friendly country with its large variety of high-class amenities and wonderful airports. Dubai has one of the fanciest buildings and the world’s largest skyscraper. As most of the developing nations are economical, hence they are witnessing wider number of tourists.

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