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Tips for traveling with kids

Tips for traveling with kids

Going on a vacation with young kids can bring along a baggage of certain worries and anxieties. So here are few tips and tricks that can make your journey more peaceful and a joyous experience. Let’s look into how you can make this extra baggage lighter and solve the might-to-arise problems more efficiently.

1. First step is to start planning in advance to the D-day. Make sure that you create a checklist of all the items required as it helps enormously in your packing. It’s better to keep important baby items like diapers, feeding bottles, toys and medicines in your priority list. Do not leave with the expectation of getting them at the airport retail shop. Also make sure you book hotel rooms in advance. An extra bed for five years old or a cot for lower age group is a must.

2. It’s advisable to keep the medicines handy with you so that in case your luggage gets misplaced or lost, the medicines can come to the rescue when required. For the entertainment purpose, bringing a toy is a very good idea. However, make sure it does not produce much noise, is not fragile and does not annoy the co-passengers. Small toys can be hard to manage, so it is clever to carry cushiony ones or coloring books.

3. When it comes to travelling with your child, booking directly can be more assuring as chances of postponing or delay is somewhat minimized. Try to book a flight in morning time. This is because they are prone to less delay or cancellations as congestion is less somewhat in early hours.

4. Pre-boarding is a bad idea as children tend to be impatient during flight. So the more tired your kid is the better, it allows you to survive the flight with minimum fussiness. Also do take your child to the washroom at the airport. Make him wear a clean diaper before take off if possible.

5. Take extra precaution that your child does not get hurt. Don’t let him/her play or run in the aisle as aside from bothering the fellow passengers or flight attendants, a fall might hurt badly if the plane gets jerky in air turbulence. Make sure the seat belt is fastened tightly and properly. Even if your child is crying, don’t unfasten the belt at any cost as you both may end up hurting yourself. You can attend your child once it’s announced it’s safe to unlock the belts.

Next, we shall explore how to plan the vacation. Make your expectation lower as children can be a spoilsport. Restrict your outing to maximum one per day. Make sure it doesn’t stress your child. If you need help, be it in flight or hotel or during a tour, don’t shy away from asking for it. A mental preparation and planning can help you have the good time you have been longing for so badly, even with children with you.


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