Traveling as a group without kids? Here is what you need to know!

Traveling as a group of adventurous friends is like a dream come true! You not only enjoy the warmth of each other’s company, but also share their memories. Travelling as a couple gives you a chance to reconnect and recharge, so having a holiday with friends is like icing on the cake! And if you are traveling without kids, then you can enjoy more freedom and can always go ‘out of the box’ to try newer things. Plus, you can always save enormous amount of money on lodging, transportation and catering.

Nevertheless, traveling with a group has its own uninvited troubles as well. Therefore, before and during your travel, you must follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure that your trip is more enjoyable!




  • Having a common interest is the most positive part while travelling in a group. Always look out for something common. For instance, if love skiing and snowboarding is common in the majority, then do visit some snowy region. Similarly, if all of you share a similar taste in music, then nothing can be better than musical concerts and events. If you love food and wine, then do visit Napa or Sonoma to satisfy your epicurean pleasures.


  • Before going to any place, have a discussion on how much time you all need to spend together. While a few days of togetherness is fine, spending more days can be a pain, especially if every couple looks forward to some cozy time together. So, decide the timings and spend the rest of the time alone as a couple. Post dinner or pre dinner cocktails with friends and then a romantic dinner with your couple is perfect way to spend the vacation.


  • Travelling in groups always comes with the advantage of cost saving. While travelling alone as a couple, the trip can cost much higher, but, with a group, everything gets more economical. There are many resorts and hotels which give special discounts for group travelers, with many facilities like multi-bedroom condominiums, private hot tub, poolside cabanas and a lot more!




  • Enjoying the attractive discount is perfectly fine. However, when all of you are in a group, then it is not recommended that you as a couple enjoy discount solely. Either opt for group discounts or don’t look for discounts at all! Plus, always go for a private room or hotels rather than a shared house or condos so that you can spend some romantic time with your partner.


  • Don’t always plan your tours with friends as it can get boring and cause some serious tiffs ultimately. Plan a specific time for a short get together in groups, and then spend the rest of the time enjoying with your partner.


Don’t choose a leader for the trip as it ruins all the fun. Plan and choose a destination, which will be fun for everyone and also open doors to new possibilities.

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