Terrifying countries that thrill seekers need to know of

Some countries are known for their beauty and enchanting natural surroundings, while others are known for their rough housing, haunted attractions and shocking revelations. Well, yes! There are some countries that will truly terrify your guts. So, if you are ready for some adventure, then here is a list of some terrifying countries that must be your next travel destination!

1.     Myanmar

The country always looks ripe for revolution! Firstly, it was revolting against the ruling military junta. Then the country witnessed the all-famous rise of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner who called the tourists and asked them to boycott the country. Then there came the ‘free, fair and transparent,’ elections where Kyi won a parliamentary seat and offered responsible tourism. Now, the country is witnessing an upsurge of tourists who flock the country to visit its 4000 Buddhist temples, its beautiful plains of Bahan, its Inle Lake and the whirlpool of Chinese.

2.     Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is an incredible destination for thrill seekers, the muddy brown landscape and shawl wrapped babushkas. The country is an incredible option for hiking, trekking, cycling and skiing. Even though it has been shaped by war and the scars are all around, yet the cuisine and National parks will make your visit memorable.

3.     Armenia

The country, whose entire history has been shaped by the Armenian genocide, has fascinating landscapes and varied sceneries. Its mountaintops look calm and beautiful, while the volcanoes are hard-hitting and dangerous. Visit to the crystal blue Lake Sevan will last with you for a lifetime while the hospitality will overwhelm you!

4.    Uganda

The country has suffered incredibly because of psychopathic terrorists, but today the country stands tall with its excellent tourism facilities, its luxury parks and hotels along with sanctuaries and wildlife encounters. The famous mountain gorilla is visible here in the wild.

5.     Colombia

Once the kidnapping capital of the world has now become a major tourist destination. With its snowcapped mountains and beautiful beaches, biosphere reserves and wildlife, the country has attracted visitors from all over the world. You can drink and dine close to 500-year-old colonial buildings or just test the coffee at the coffee farm!

6.     Indonesia

The country has always been associated with haunting past- tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrorism, airplane crashes and sinking ferries. Nevertheless, the country is one of the best natural places to visit. Here you can see the largest flowers and even the largest lizards on earth. Since the country is biologically diverse, hence you can enjoy nature or a rendezvous with the wildlife.

7.     Iran

Torn by war, the country will bewilder any traveler. Here, you can be close to the Persian cuisine and culture or just enjoy some safe but inexpensive skiing. Iman Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site is also located here.


Apart from these countries, you can also visit Ethiopia, Pakistan and Cuba if you want to enjoy some thrill-driven, adrenaline-pumping holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Just embark for a journey of a lifetime.

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