Quick tips to stay safe during business travels

Quick tips to stay safe during business travels

If you are professional, you must realize that business travels are crucial for your career and growth. Whether you opt for single trips once in a while or choose to go on several trips within a month, you must follow a few business travel safety tips and tricks to ensure your security.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you can follow to keep yourself safe during business excursions.


1. Luggage: Pack your luggage as light as possible. Opt for rolling suitcase so that you don’t have to hold it in your hand. Moreover, it reduces the risk of theft. Carry your cell phone and never ever forget the charger.

2. Airport: Ensure that the luggage is close to you all the time. When bringing a laptop, keep it under the seat. If you aren’t using it, keeping it in the overhead compartment can be risky.

3. Hotel: In case you use wireless internet services at the hotel, make sure that the services are secure so that your personal information doesn’t get public. Also, check that the hotel has ample security 24 hours a day. In case you leave your room or hotel at night, let a security guard assist you.

4. On Roads: If you opt for a rental car, make sure that you learn its operations beforehand so that you don’t have problems while using it. Check if the hazard lights, locks and headlights are working properly. Ensure that you are familiar with the car’s accessories. Also, take valuable information about the renter and keep all the papers with you. Have knowledge about what you must do if the car breaks down.


1. Luggage: First of all, avoid carrying duffel bag. You don’t want to roam around the city carrying a heavy bag in your hands. Also, if you aren’t going for a long trip, prefer to use a small rolling suitcase that you can carry in flight cabin. This would reduce the chances of losing it during your flight.

2. Airport: Don’t write excessive information on your luggage tag or else someone might read it.

3. Hotel: Avoid using the cheaper hotels just because you want to save some extra money. Cheaper hotels don’t have good security. So, opt for a better hotel. Also, check beforehand that the hotel room that you choose must not have a front door that opens on a street. Plus, don’t use the sauna, pools or exercise rooms at night or when alone.

4. On Road: While on the road, if you are lost, avoid pulling your car at quiet streets. Instead, ask someone about directions at a bustling street. Also, don’t drive in unfamiliar area.

Following these simple do’s and don’ts would ensure that your business trips are safer.

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