Smart Travel is the next big thing!

Smart Travel is the next big thing!

Are you worried about your baggage while taking a flight? Common questions like what if they forget to pick it up or damage it is bound to arise! Face it; this fear often pops up into our heads no matter where we go. But things are going to change pretty fast soon. With the launch of Delta, passengers to pilots, everyone can receive Wi-Fi connectivity even miles up in the air. And to eliminate your worries about your belongings, they come with an app that supports almost all operating system for smart devices. The baggage will come with a receipt having barcodes that can be scanned by your device, so that you can keep a track of your baggage time to time. By this year, all American passengers’ flights will be equipped with WiFi, so that you can have a safe and happy journey as well.

Automated Check-in is being developed by the British airways to save your time and effort. From check in and seat allocation to issue of boarding pass, the system can do it all. This system is also expected to be fully launched by the end of this year as well.

Denmark has gone a step ahead with providing a facility to passengers to print bag tags and boarding passes using your home printer. Thomas Cook Airlines has tested the system over half a year and now they have plans to upgrade it even further. Expect that soon no airline agent will be required for bag-drop as well!

Immigration and security measures have been a focal point of Airlines and the process is not getting lenient. To ease up the pressure, US Customs and Border agency has created Nexus. People who travel regularly through Canada or Mexican border will be given an option for minimal check in procedures. Currently few Americans get this advantage by making their background and fingerprint recorded with the airways database. They can walk in with shoes, jackets, bags and liquids without any customary probe. The system, although efficient, might take more time to be effective in other countries, including India.

Next up is the Social media integration to help the passengers choose their seats. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (KLM) passengers are asked during their reservation to login through their social media accounts where they can see whether their acquaintances are on same flight and where are they seated. Malaysia has started offering on the same lines as well.

The final innovation is the launch of Digital Wallets. They provide apps to store tickets, boarding passes and cards. Apple and Samsung have already launched apps to promote this effort. Delta, American, Virgin Australia and more than twenty other airlines are supporting Apple’s Passbook. Now, you don’t need to wait for check in queues if you have this App. Real time feed and boarding pass alterations are also enabled. So rejoice since technologies in the pipeline will sure revolutionize the way you travel.

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