How to deal with a lazy child

No child is lazy by nature. I case you find that your child is being lazy, you must take it seriously. There must be something which is wrong with the child. What could it be? Make it a point to check that it is not a health related problem. If it is it, the there could be a lack of motivation in the kid. However, parents either do not know this, or refuse to understand this. The lazy child is always under the threat that they would fail. Hence, they avoid doing anything at all so that they do not have to face failure. Your duty as a parent should always be to motivate your kid. Whenever you sense laziness, try to dig into the core of the problem.

Why is your kid lazy?
In most cases, the cause of laziness I kids is their lack of confidence and a low self-esteem. Often parents are horrified and fear that their children have been affected by alcohol abuse or even drug abuse. However causes are more deep-rooted. Lack of self-esteem can lead to depression or even anxiety.

How to deal with it

  1. You can take your kid to a psychiatrist. It will help them tackle with depression, anxiety or grief.
  2. Let your child earn their privileges. While food and clothing are the basic necessities of our lives, which you cannot deprive your children of; electronic gadgets like television, iPods, or cell phones, video games, etc are not. The kids can very well survive without using these things. Motivate your kids – offer these things to them as privileges that they ear by fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting their obligations. In case they already have these gadgets, take these away if they are being lazy and give them the chance to win these things back by completing their duties.
  3. It is necessary to compliment your children and praise them. When you compliment them, it acts as a source of motivation for them and helps raise their self-esteem.
  4. Make the child realize that failure is the only way to success. Failure would help them succeed. Talk to them about you had failed I your endeavors. It is okay if you fail a few times. But, it must not be the case always.
  5. Be a good listener so that your kid does not fear to communicate with you. Be free to discuss issues which might cause frustration or is being a cause of a communication gap.
  6. Try and spend more time with the family. In case you are working all way and are not finding enough time to spend with your kids, they might feel neglected. Being lazy is their way of attracting your attention. It might be that they would stop being lazy once they get your attention.
  7. You must rule out health problems first. Some kids tend to be more active than others as a rule. If you compare yours with them, you cannot say that they are lazy. Check whether your child is getting enough rest. Your child might need more sleep than they are getting. Once his body catches up, he should be back to normal. In case you think that they are physically unfit, consult the doctor.
  8. It does not help to criticize them. Rather, you must always help them to find their road to success. Set short term goals for them and put a milestone for each goal that they reach. It could be a simple chocolate or a candy. Find your way to the thing that adds special meaning for your kid. Then work towards it slowly to make it a part of their life.
  9. It is necessary to always keep a positive attitude. You must make them realize that school is fun and useful and they must not be afraid of it. Never criticize the activities that they do in front of them. They are more likely to catch it up and try finding reasons of not attending school.
  10. Often your kids are completely unaware of time and about deadlines. It is our duty to make them realize about their importance and make them take deadlines seriously. Make a chart out of the things that they need to do on a daily basis. You can go with a daily chart, specifying the time frame within which you need to finish a particular task. This is a step which is absolutely essential throughout their school days. Unless such targets are chalked out, your kids might lose track of where they are moving towards. They might be nervous and start having panic attacks prior to their examinations.
  11. Always encourage your child about anything that they are interested in. If your kid is not interested in reading, verbally start discussing with them about topics in general. It could be about anything under the sun. Gradually, with time, through this method of discussion and storytelling, you can help them understand their lesson. They would not even know when they have learnt their studies and have even memorized them. Learning becomes fun for your child then. It might be difficult to carry this out in the classroom. But then, you can talk to the teacher of your kid so that they can help the children in bringing out the performance from them especially during their examinations.
  12. Always encourage your child into co-curricular activities. You can choose the activities as a part of the reward program that you present them during the short term goals. It often so happens that your kid shows greater amount of concentration in their studies when they are allowed to vent out their creativity through some extracurricular activity. It is you should motivate the children in finding new ways to explore their passion. Take them to group activities or individual activities classes – chess, cricket, table tennis, swimming, art or whatever that that makes them happy. It will naturally help them to improve in their other aspects of life.


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