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Your own life should not take a backseat for your family’s expectations

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Ever since you are born, you find yourself surrounded by so many expectations of your family members. Be it your education, life partner or lifestyle, some or the other one in the family always have plans for your life. It starts creating problems right from the moment when you get to know that your choices may differ at times. You can rebel, can’t punish them but only wish things fall in place eventfully. Here are a few simple tips to resolve the conflict you have on your mind.

Get familiar with your true self

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If you are not aware of your own needs and desires, you can never make a wise decision. You must not change yourself for the sake of others but if this change invites some sort of an improvement than consider the option for sure. What do you wish to accomplish? Where do you see yourself ten years from now? This all depends upon the kind of choices you make today. Give importance to your own idea of living a life with a purpose.

They can’t be happy if you are not

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Can you really keep your loving family happy and content even if you sacrifice your own life for their sake? No, since true relationships do not mean sacrificing yourself but its loving yourself and shifting that love towards all others around you.

Reasonable expectations are worth consideration

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Learn to know the difference between reasonable expectations and unreasonable ones. It helps you rationalize and clarify your thoughts. You can learn to seek your own happiness in fulfilling their dreams that do not demand you to sacrifice your own. Find a common ground, which gives you an opportunity to appreciate your loved ones.

Follow your passion

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It will hardly matter ten years down the line if you chose to live your own life instead of living your parent’s dreams. It has to be your one-mind destination. It is however, not necessary to validate your reasons to do that or prove something to your family. Follow your passion in life and if possible make your parents and loved ones understand.

Love your “unique self”

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Love yourself the way you are, you may not fit into the role of an ideal son/daughter but that’s the real you. Do not be afraid to declare your dreams and desires to your adorable family and always keep some space for a modification. Life is short; you may not get another chance to realize your dreams. Who says you have to fit into your family’s expectations. Each one is unique. Even the kids born to the same parents have different approach towards life and this is something to celebrate.

Earn their trust

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Parents hate to see their kids getting disappointed. Their plans for you have to do with your success and growth. Kids may not realize it but it is true. Once you win their trust and make them believe in you, there would actually be no looking back for you. No one supports you like your family, it is their love and blessings that help you overcome all difficulties in life. One chance to live your dreams can give you an opportunity to reach your potential if you give your parents a reason to hold their head high.

Love your family unconditionally irrespective of their expectations from you. If you think hard, you can find a way out. Break free from expectations that pull your backward in life. It feels great to take the control of your life in your own hands.

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