7 Destructive ways you kill your own motivation

Once you make up your mind to achieve your goals and follow a perfect routine there is actually nothing that can come between you and your goals. The condition is that you must keep yourself equally motivated until you realize your dreams. Most people fail to do so as they develop faulty behavior patterns and become victim of motivation destroyers. Here is a list of a few of these:


Sometimes things aren't as friendly at the office as they should be.

The never-ending world of internet and social networking keeps you updated with the success of all others around you. Most people love to share their success with their friends, relatives and colleagues. Those who get jealous and feel that they have to be equally successful to attain happiness in life kill their motivation to achieve something. On the contrary, you can use their success to boost up your motivation and to get inspired.

Secrets you keep

Two friends in a kitchen catching up and having a glass of wine.

Those who keep their goals only to themselves always find it easier to withdraw from their goals, as no one really knows what they had planned to achieve. It helps them save their face but at the same time steals the opportunity to try their level best. You must share your goals with reliable people around you. Every time they ask about your progress, they give you a reason to work hard.

Self-talk that is always negative

instigates negativity

Negative self-talk is toxic for your thoughts and success. It is good to be practical in life but when you make a comparison with others, you must take learning and try to improve your weaknesses. Do not make baseless comparison as it instigates negativity. Try to focus on your strength and work on your weakness to improve yourself. Positive self-talk motivates you to move ahead and overcome all hardships.

Lack of patience

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If you wish to achieve success in life, you must put in your best effort and wait patiently for the right time. Most often people fail to keep patience and simply rush towards it. Winners always wait for the right time and keep themselves prepared so that they can use it for their advantage. Enjoy the process of hard work and do not rush through things.

Idealistic goals

Focus on important

No one can become a movie star within a year. Those who set such goals in life always get disappointed in the end. When people fail to achieve success in one goal they hardly set new goals as failure turns them into pessimists. When you achieve success in life, you tend to get motivated and work even harder to set new standards of success. It is important that you set realistic goals, which are attainable. It helps you stay focused and motivated.

Thinking over and over again

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You make a plan, set a goal and try to achieve that, it is as simple as that. When people think over their goals repeatedly, their efforts take a back seat and it takes ways success miles away from them. You must analyze your goals and review your success on regular time intervals but must not get indulge in over thinking or over planning as it diverts your attention. Set your priorities straight and start working on them one by one.

Workaholic attitude

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Those who work long hours are not able to keep themselves motivated for a longer duration. They find it helpful in the beginning but do not realize that it hampers their productivity and efficiency eventually. Take little breaks in between your work and do not let it get monotonous.

It is quite easy to turn your dreams into reality when you are motivated to achieve your goals. Do not let anything take negatively affect your motivation at any point of time.

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