Simple tips to help you deal with an irresponsible husband

Marriage is a mutual agreement between two individuals who decide to spend their lives together, while supporting and standing by each other’s requirements and decisions. In several cases, it is found that the husband is contributing less to the relationship or being irresponsible towards it. In such situations, dealing with an irresponsible husband on day-to-day basis squashes the interest out of life. This type of attitude affects all the people connected to that particular relationship. Dealing with such kind of husband requires a lot of patience and intelligent tactics because you should understand that a person’s behavior cannot change overnight.

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Before starting off with dealing with your irresponsible husband, you should step back, take your time and calmly think of the probable reasons that are responsible for your husband’s irresponsible behavior. Try to look at a bigger picture. You must know that every problem starts with the lack of communication between people. Even lack of mutual love and respect can also be cause towards his negligence. So you need to figure out whether your husband is actually negligent or is disorganized as many a times wife’s intermix these two situations and consider it to be more or less as imprudence. So it is always better if you can spend some quality time with him trying to understand each other and try out your several concerns.

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In case even after several of these discussions and talk, you find that your husband is too relaxed or carefree about this situation you may also consider the fact that he may be suffering from adult ADD or ADHD. In such cases you should consult a general counselor or a trained psychiatrist to recommend some stable solution. Well remember don’t throw up this judgment of yours on him; instead try to be gentle and sensitive. Try to avoid a sort of an accusatory tone because it would make him even more defensive. Keep in mind you are not fighting to get rid of him, instead you are trying to solve out things in your relationship.

In cases where husbands tend to be irresponsible or disorganized women generally take charge of things in their hands. This makes it even worse for both of them. While woman works more, she gets frustrated and the husband starts taking her for granted, this leads to very unpleasant clashes between them. So it’s always better on the part of the wife to involve her husband in sharing some of the responsibilities and duties with her husband, which he is more likely to do without hesitation. Gradually, the wife can keep on increasing his duties on a regular basis thereby making him more conscientious.

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