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The best revenge is massive success

Strong men believe in cause and effect

We all have feelings. When somebody is hostile towards us, we feel an urge to take revenge. Many of us fritter away this energy by taking revenge in a more direct manner, which is of no use.  At times like these, we should remember Frank Sinatra. As quoted rightly by Frank Sinatra, The best revenge is a massive success.”If you think very deeply and intensely, trying to break down your neighbors or trying to destroy them and show them that you are above the rest is a waste of time. The best thing one can do is improve himself and try and understand the better virtue in him. What do you think is the better quality? Improving yourself or trying to put others down the line?

Frank Sinatra was at one time one of the most popular personalities in the world. Apart from being a successful singer, he also appeared in many movies. We can be sure that his words have a definite meaning. So let us analyze this quote, and see how we can use it as an inspiration.

Meaning of the quote

Success in work

It is not always necessary that if you do not like a person you should fight with him or beat him up. Try doing something that he does not like or trying being the next door neighbor who has attained a lot of popularity with his good work. This will be a slap on your opponents face.

Many people have been using this quote “the best revenge is a massive success”. Or in the other way around you can say Success is the best revenge. The latter quote said by Lady Gaga is similar to the quote said by Sinatra.

Implication of the quote


The quote the best revenge is massive success reminds me of the people who are always trying to disdain me or have told me that I could never be a better person in life. However, be sure that any emotion can be used for the better or for the worst. Revenge can be used for good as well as bad. Emotion is an exceptional character which can help you to create some of the most wonderful opportunities in your life. Emotion should not be your primary goal to accomplish something in life.

If you have already achieved what you wanted to achieve in life, you will not find the desire for it anymore. Then there is nothing else but to give up on that thing. If your success mainly revolves around revenge then half of your life is filled with miseries. If you work towards getting revenge in order to achieve success in life, then that would lead you to nowhere.

Revenge for motivation


Revenge might provide one very good grounds for motivation, but there will be a time when life will hit back at you. You might achieve what you wanted in the first place but when you grow up and proceed in life, the spirit of revenge will haunt you. The ultimate goal of your achievement is personal growth mentally and physically. Be happy for who you are. Not for what you want to be. Who you become is also you groundwork to a simple and peaceful life.

Satisfying any poignant need for revenge there is no argument which can counteract the quote said by Sinatra. When someone feels bad about you, wants to destroy you or hopes that you will always do badly in life, you can always get revenge on him by being successful. This would be the greatest revenge on him. That would make him feel jealous and awkward. If he is jealous of you, he will definitely feel very bad if you reach the pinnacle of success. If he sees you at the top he will have a guilty feeling of why he wanted to destroy you. That is itself your way of taking revenge on him.

Let us quote an example

 topper of the year

You come from a very middle class family who goes to a school which has a lot of rich boys. They bring things that you cannot afford to buy. However you are very good in studies and like to study to aim at the top. This is something within your bounds and you slog hard to get to the top. At the end of the year, the results are out and you are the topper of the year. Your opponent would see your results and grow purple with anger.
Isn’t this the best way that you took your revenge by studying hard?

People do not like to look at successful people. Success is always accompanied by variety of critics and controversies. However that does not mean that you stop at that, you keep on fighting so that you can achieve your way to success.

Living well and happily without resentment, anger, fear, and hate is the way to live best is the best revenge. Mould you styles and well as your strengths and ten you will find massive success in life.

Keep your priorities right

keep focused

Know what you want to do. Focus on yourself and try being what you are. Do not lose your site at all. Focus on just yourself and not other people. Spend some valuable time with your spouse and family. Make each and every day special to attain success.

Always have a positive attitude


Always feel that this is not the end of the game. There is always chance for more. If you have been hit by a villain, then try and make yourself so strong that you can hit back at him. Hitting back does not mean fighting like cats and dogs. Do something which will make you and the others proud of yourself. Your opponent will automatically bend down with your success.

In conclusion, as businessmen we will succeed and conquer, because we can touch and countenance bigger problems. “Remember with great power comes great responsibility” as said by Uncle Ben in Spiderman. Acknowledge the confrontations as a daily part of learning process. This will make you strong and will give you the strength of endurance.

Thus the quote “the best revenge is massive success is definitely worth the term.” If you can follow it diligently with a sporting spirit, a smiling face and an attitude to win, no one can beat you. You will win and game with your opponent sucking lollipops and staring at you.

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