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Life has to go On, No Matter What Happens

Life has to go On, No Matter What Happens

-Whoever you are, Life will get to you

The best of people, the hottest of the lot, the most adept ones, have to face challenges and go through rigorous times in life. How you deal with these things is what defines you as a person. You don’t remain the same person all your life. Every minute, every second changes you. A talk with a stranger may change your life forever. You meet multiple people and yet, fall in love with just one person. Why is it that you like just that one person of the thousands of people that you have met? Obviously, it is because no one else gets you on your toes as well as that particular person.


Let Go Off with a Smile

Life will obviously take a sad turn if you have to let go off this person. However, you will have to let go because you will not have a choice. You will have to be strong at times like this. Yes, you know it is going to be hard for you as well as for the person at the other end but sometimes, you don’t have a choice. You have to accept whatever life throws at you. It depends on you whether you accept it with a smile or crib about it. It all entirely depends upon you. Don’t let yourself or the other person down by burdening yourself with goodbye’s sorrow. See them through with a smile.

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It isn’t Easy to Lose but you have to

You may be losing the most important thing in your life or the most important person in your life. You may be losing the best thing that has ever happened to you. Yet, you don’t have a choice. You have to move on to a better spot and at a better place. Thus, don’t fret over it. Move over things with respect. Sometimes, emotions get the better of people and they behave out of character. You need to get the grip of things, understand the situation and let things happen if you cannot control them. After all, life changes and there is sometimes wind, sometimes rain.

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Move On

The best of the lot has to deal with it. No one’s left and there is nothing to worry about. If you go through it with your head held high, you will come forth and life will give you a second chance. There are countless things that life has on offer for you and on a platter. Why should you be rejecting the delicacies of life over stale food? Move on, taste the new dishes and you might end up liking something. For, life is a fair deal and it will not just give you a second but also a 3rd, 4th and 5th chance. You just need to recognise the opportunities knocking at your door and that you will be able to do only if you let go off the past.

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It May not always be in your Interest

A lot of us are selfish. We want everything for ourselves and want everything going our way. However, life isn’t so easy and neither is it so fair. Life is a whole lot of trouble and you need to double up your energy and deal with it. For, at the end of it all, you need to go through with it because you aren’t really given a choice. No matter, who you are, a celebrity, a beggar or just a regular guy, life has been bestowed upon you and you will have to go through it. Life isn’t partial to genders or to the rich and the poor, you will face some problems as life goes by and you will have to face them with your head held high.


It could be anyone or anything

Problems pop in from anywhere. It could be your family, your boyfriend; your children, your best friend, your neighbourhood etc. and you will just have to go through it. Not every problem is going to announce itself before entering. Most of them will be surprises. Surprises, you can either welcome with a smile or with a frown. Yes, it is a great deal of trouble when things aren’t going your way or someone you love has to go away from you but then, that is indeed the hard and sad truth of life.  Yes, no one likes to be told these things but then, it is indeed the truth and truth isn’t ever easy to tell.

For, life is anyway not in your control and it could come to an end at any point in time. You may be the best in the business but you will still die some day or the other. Hence, there is no point trying to control things or trying to make them go your way. Learn to accept things and learn to move on. Life isn’t as shallow as it seems to be. You will realise as you clear one obstacle after another.


Life isn’t always fair and a lot of time it throws off unpleasant surprises and one has to face them. There is no choice but to accept things as they are and move on.

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