A Complete guide to Seduction and PickUp with Tips, Tricks, Trends, Best Practices with 10 Must Read Books

A Complete guide to Seduction and PickUp with Tips, Tricks, Trends

Those who master the art of seduction, they can lead people wherever they wish them to lead. In fact, even when it comes to getting into relationship with the people one desires, seduction can help one achieve something higher. For example, if you take the case of an average young man, they mostly desire quality women. There are only two options for them:

  1. To realize that this is it and their looks/money/status just don’t give them the higher value girls that he wants.
  2. To earn from other people with practical experience to make up for their own life experience shortcomings.

There are a number of reasons why some people are naturals at picking up woman and others have to learn as they grow. It could be an unstable upbringing or lack of resources, but if you are looking to increase the quality of the woman in your life, you are already on the right track. This guide would tell you all that you need to know about it. 

It’s never too late to learn

unhealthy relationshipBefore going through the tips, you should understand that even the smallest of things could count, and you won’t know how important they are unless you practices them. In fact, sometimes even something as small as using Transcriberry could make a difference.

Some of people get caught up in long term relationships which are unhealthy and take them out of the self-improvement cycle. If that is you, now is the time to step up and grow by following this guide. It’d not only help you improve the number and the quality of the women in your life, but also to grow as a person and develop a healthy and productive lifestyle.

This guide isn’t about tricking women into bed with you, but instead, it teaches you how to reveal the best side of yourself, and like any skill, you will not get good at it without countless hours of practice.

Without further ado, here is the guide on seduction.

20 Tips on Seduction from Expert

1. Understand Desire’s Duel Nature

one side desireOn one side desire is about imitating that is being like the others are. On the other side, it is about competing that is taking what others have from them. We also see this in little children who want all the attention of their parents and don’t want to share any of it with their siblings.

2. Take Rejection Positively

couple breaking up a relation

It’s not that bad to be rejected and ignored. In fact, these two have patterns. They could only happen in a few ways. There’s no need for any stranger to have a say over what your self-worth should be.

3. Make an Attempt

young boy looking his girlfriend at wood bridge

There are many guys who are of the belief that girls don’t like when someone approaches them. However, that’s one of the decisions that one shouldn’t leave up to the girls. If one likes someone, they should simply approach, and make an attempt. What a girl things doesn’t matter.

4. Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

Young day dreaming, pensive and sad looking young woman standing alone outdoors You bestow value on the other person by the amount of effort that you make. It shows how much they are really worth. If, however, you leave things to chance that simply you are not serious about either romance or love.

5. Understand People’s Emotions

emotional WOMAN

People generally act on how their emotions urge them to interact. The generally rationalize things in the retrospect. The emotional circuits are more developed in women. That’s why they are more likely to be susceptible.

6. There Isn’t Much Mystery in the World

woman is showing a sign of silence with shhh written on the fingerPeople often over exaggerate all the mystery that is there in the world. In fact, most of the people tend to say whatever it is that they want or feel.

7. Rise Above Your Habits

Romantic dinner We inherit some habits from our surroundings, the flaws in our personality, and the awkward fashion trends. We hang on to all of these because the belief in them is reinforced by our friends, parents, etc. However, to be your best self, that’s certainly not enough. You have to rise above that.

8. Show Them The Escape Through Their Dull Life

Romantic-and-happiness-life-styleYou need not to wear the right type of a lifestyle. It isn’t about being rich, famous or even good looking for the most part. It is actually something that intrigues the women showing them an escape from their dissatisfied, boring lives to an exciting one where there is no dearth of exciting people and experiences.

9. Know If The Other Person is Curious

Young couple at holiday, walking and talking

The easiest way to gauge a girl’s interest in you is by judging her curiosity. If she’s asking questions that concern you that means she is interested. That means you are the one that she is fantasizing about.

10. Understand a Woman’s Anxiety

Attractive sensual couple sharing intimate moments in bedroomIf you think evolutionarily while having sex it’s the women that take the highest risk. Sex happens to be a bigger investment for them than it is for the guys. That is why their emotional circuits are designed that way. This results in them feeling much more anxiety before doing the act with someone for the first time.

11. Sadness Can Be Charming

sad millennial girl lost in thoughtsYou don’t have to pretend to be happy if you want to have an appeal. Sadness has its own appeal. It seems deep and seductive, and has been often associated with something spiritual. It attracts people to you.

12. Overcome Behaviour Patterns

Mixed-race guy shocked by too talkative and annoying girl Above all the things, we need to overcome our old behaviour patterns. They might have had an appeal during one’s childhood, but not when you grow older. Then these problems would hold one back. In fact, even while correcting our behavioural patterns, we tend to work only the minor flaws and let the bigger ones go, as they lie as fundamental parts of our personality.

13. Gauge Your Success Early

friends exchanging numbers If a girl contacts you within one hour of when you give her phone number, that’s a positive sign. The highest probability of her calling you back would be within three hours. However, if the night passes by, you might as well give up on her. It’s usually around the third hour that things become clear.

14. Look Like a Beneficial Partner

Portrait of a young smiling couple of lovers at sunset on the sea

The desire to become better and prosper is ingrained in human psyche. This is something that also motivates us to keep clear of people who have a lower social value. It’s because even evolutionarily our chance of surviving and procreating greatly increase when we seek beneficial partnerships in all spheres of life. It’s like we are naturally conditioned in a way to associate with the people of high value.

15. Being Ambiguous is Charming

Ambiguous beautiful womanIn our society, almost everyone is conditioned to fit in a role that’s very obvious. But if we consciously refuse to get ourselves trapped in it that’d make us appear as an interesting personality. The best way is to combine everything and be ambiguous. You can combine feminine and masculine, the wild and the subtle, the deep and the shallow. Don’t worry about being a block in the building of the society, there are already many people around who would fit those roles.

16. Discipline is Important

The guy shows the girl something in the sky

If you aren’t healthy and want to be so, you’d have to discipline yourself. You could do this through diet or workout. The same goes for wealth. While aiming to be rich, one needs to follow the discipline that’s required to build great wealth. Maybe you should get yourself a new stock buying strategy. It’s also true for the relationships. This is also the case with relationships, you can be successful with them if only you understand the fundamentals.

17. Don’t Be Over Affectionate

 woman sitting in cafe at table and use smartphone

If the person you are interested in starts getting affectionate through the medium of text messages, you need to follow this simple rule, don’t be more affectionate that they are. It’s okay to compete with them, but one shouldn’t try to surpass them.

18. Create Attraction First

Young attractive woman flirting with a man

Most of the men think that seducing women essentially makes them uncomfortable, so they’d rather focus on comfort more than anything. While doing this they become oblivious of the fact that women meet tons of nice guys on a daily basis, and they find them tiresome because of that. So, you need to be out of the league and create attraction first before simply coming up to them with the words that they might’ve heard so many times.

19. Have Something Special About Yourself

Young artist in his studio working on a portrait of beautiful young woman posing in the backgroundGirls tend to gravitate towards the men that they think has that special something. No matter whether it is music, painting, photography, or it could even be something like chess. Girls would automatically flock around when they’d notice that you are successful at where your passion lies.

20. Learn How to Use Time to Your Benefit

Couple hugging and kissing at sunset on pierOf all the charms one can unleash on a woman, time has essentially the highest value. This makes it important that one should keep their long term mind before everything else. So, don’t be in a hurry. Through your charm, you can prolong the situation, which would surely make you widen your options giving you time to effectively plot a counterstrategy.

If, however, these 20 tips weren’t enough for you, you can buy any of these 10 best books on seduction and pick up. 

10 Best books on Seduction and Pick up 

1. The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

You can’t have a list of pickup books without the book that started it all. The first in a chain of books, this expose of the underground pickup community of LA helped start an entire pickup industry, now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. His follow up book, The Rules of the Game, is more of step by step guide on how to build that lifestyle. 

In this book, the author Neil Strauss shows us how people tend to waste all their good opportunities by simply waiting for them. Because of this, the opportunity tends to pass by to those who recognize it before us and act accordingly. This action tends to take time and needs us to work in order to get it. This isn’t because of any fundamental flaw in the universe. You can’t say that the universe is cruel. The situation is the other way around. The universe is smart. It works according to some principle and letting things fall into one’s lap isn’t one of the laws. You have to put in an effort. 

2. The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

The Mystery Method How to Get Beautiful Women Into BedOne of the main starts in Neil Strauss’sbook is Mystery, a man who Neil lives and works with for a number of months. Mystery has develped an actual system for pickup, which he reveals in the book above. For every man who always wondered why some guys have all the luck, Mystery, considered by many to be the world’s greatest pickup artist, finally reveals his secrets for finding and forming relationships with some of the world’s most beautiful women.

In this yet another classic seduction book, Neil Strauss stresses on the importance of subtle cues in your behaviour that’d set the frame and make you a high value guy. This is something that women tend to recognize subconsciously and it intrigues their interests. One of the subtle cues is that the high-value guys tend to be selective. Whereas the cues that guys generally pick are self-care, sociability and connection, passion for life, energy and positive outlook, and a great self-worth. 

3. Bang: The Pickup Bible

Bang: The Pickup BibleBeing one of the best books on seduction, this book is exactly what it says it is. It gives you the know-how to get laid, even if you stink with girls right now. This book isn’t some magic trick that makes you immediately a ladies man. But it gives you the know-how of what to do, and what not to do, to make girls want to have sex with you. With its sister book, Day Bang, you get whole 24 hours of the day covered.

In this book by Roosh V. The author expounds deeply on the alpha male and how their lives are much different to that of the normal male. Instead of following what’s trending, these tend to make their own space. They do what they want, and in a way that’s very singular to themselves. Moreover, they never concern themselves with either social failure or personal rejection. What they focus on most is their own needs and satisfaction. They simply can’t be stopped by anyone’s judgement, opinion or even mockery from getting what it is that they are after. In addition, they don’t even wait for anyone’s permission to get intimate. When they feel the need for intimacy with someone, they’d all the skills that are there in their arsenal to make it happen. Such men are driven by desire and not insecurity.

4. The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

The Natural How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want

Richard La Reina makes it sound pretty easy to pick up hot girls, but I think this book also deals very well with how to live a happier life by interacting with not just women but everyone. This is a one-book course on how to enjoy and appreciate, and communicate with, all people. Good advice for every guy, especially the introvert. In in a broad sense, it really is one of the best books on seduction out there.

In this book, Richard La Reina expounds on how people aren’t really drawn to perfection, as nothing is perfect in the world. They are instead drawn to one’s energy, their common interests, and the problems that they might be having. It’s because the desire to seek a deeper connection is an inherently human impulse. When we hide our essential human nature and project an image of perfection in its place, most probably we’d appear very uninteresting, vague, lifeless, and slippery.

5. No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The purpose of the book is to boost confidence and help men reclaim power in their lives, it does not make men jerks. The author points out that you are the only person on this planet responsible for your needs, wants, and happiness. By boosting a man’s confidence and ensuring the man’s needs are met, women are naturally more attracted to these men. The greatest aphrodisiac is self-confidence.

6. The Art of Seduction

The Art of SeductionIf you are just looking for a good book to help you get laid with minimal effort, then put this book down. There are books that are much easier and will get you results much faster. This book is about helping a person fall deeply in love with you, and this is better. A person in lust for you is wild and not concerned about you. A person in love with you will go to the ends of the earth for you.

In this masterpiece of seduction the author Robert Greene comments on how most of us live our lives half asleep without being aware of things while going about our day to day tasks. The only exceptions to these might be our childhood and the moments when we fall in love. Both of these preclude that are emotions are more active and open. This is something that makes us feel much more alive.

7. The System

This System tackles an interesting challenge. How can you pick up a girl, have sex with her, yet do it in a respectful way. I like this book because it’s the only pickup book that I’ve read that actually shows you both sides of the coin. Women are not featured as targets or victims. They are featured as powerful and intellectual individuals who are capable of making decisions about their own sexuality.

8. Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

Dressing the Manis the definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish without becoming fashion victims. As much as you’d like to think that looks are not relevant, they are when it comes to how much you take care of yourself and your personal appearance. 

9. How to Become an Alpha Male: Attract Women and Become Successful at Seduction

Attract Women and Become Successful at SeductionIf lack of confidence is your problem, this is one of the best books on seduction you can have. It constantly stresses that you have to be confident in yourself and love yourself before you can be successful with women. If you have low self-esteem and are frustrated, then this book will help. Apart from that, practical seduction advice is useful too. 

10. Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way

Scrawny to Brawny The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way

A healthy and fit body is essential in boosting your self-confidence and being more attractive for the opposite sex. Combined with a healthy and productive lifestyle, a great body will improve your chances with the woman that you desire. The material found in this book is great and the advice is sound. I’ve learnt a lot from it and it has helped me organize my schedule to find time for creating my meals and having them. It has also successfully motivated me to start working out again. 

Final Words

These are just the best books on seduction by contemporary authors. But seduction by no means is a modern practice. From Cicero to Casanova, there is no limit to authors who have written on it. However, if you want to become a deadly seducer, just reading won’t do, you need to act accordingly. As once you know how to do it, no one would be able to resist charm.

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