9 – Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Your Pets


It is the season of love! But who said that true love can only exist between two humans? Love is an emotion that can be brought to life between humans and animals too! If such a love exists, it can also be celebrated. This Valentine’s Day, if you are in love with your pets, go ahead and celebrate it! Here are ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pets:

1. Head out for lunch at a pet-friendly café:

Almost every living person on this planet loves food as much as he/she loves love. Your pets are probably no different. The best way to spend some sweet time with your pets is to take them out for lunch at a pet-friendly place. Bond with them over delicacies and watch how magical your day of love turns out to be!

2. Make paw prints out of clay:

Who doesn’t want their Valentine’s Day to be memorable? Well, if you want to make this day a special one for yourself and your pets, get their paw prints! Go with clay ones – they last for long, long time. Clay is also a safe option with pets around you. The idea is simple, yet brilliant. You get a memory that lasts a lifetime. Your pets feel special. Wonderful, isn’t it?

3. Plan a small holiday:


Couples plan a weekend trip around Valentine’s Day almost every year? So what if your significant other isn’t a human being? If your dog is your soulmate, then don’t think twice! Plan a small vacation on Valentine’s Day with your dog. Stay at pet-friendly hotels. They are sprawled all over the world.

Spend the best moments with the best company that you have. Go swimming with your pets if you like. Roam around with them and explore breath-taking destinations. Or, book a boat and take them out into the sea.

4. Take your pets to a pet spa:

Your pet is your soulmate. Your soulmate deserves a special treatment this Valentine’s Day. Pamper your pets. Take them to a pet spa. Book a luxury bath for them, get their nails filed or get them a new haircut. Your pets will love the makeover and you will fall for them all over again! Nothing’s better than that, is there?

5. Get gifts for your pets:

 gifts for your pets

When no one’s around, your pets are. They snuggle with you, cuddle with you, love you, lick you and, in a nutshell, make your life heavenly! Just for this, they deserve a gift on Valentine’s Day. You know what is best for your pets. Head to a pet store and get it for them. If you wish to spoil them, choose more than one gift. There’s no doubt that you will!

6. Take your pets for a pet event:

If you are planning to pamper your pets like never before, take them to a pet event or a championship. Different cities in the world host many such pet-friendly events throughout the year. Not only will your pets have the time of their lives, but also you will get a chance to witness how pets affect human lives globally.

7. Organize a photo shoot:

Organize a photo shoot

It is a special day for you and your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be unfair to you and your lovely pets that the moments you spend together on Valentine’s Day aren’t captured for eternity? A great idea to relive your unique Valentine’s Day with your pets is to organize a professional photo shoot with them. Pose in love, pose with fun. Go click, click, click- and capture the beauty of love.

8. Catch up on a pet flick:

Pay a tribute to your kind of love! Catch up on a good old pet flick. Grab some popcorn, put on a pet flick, curl up with your pets on a sofa, and enjoy! There are countless good flicks to choose from – Marley and Me, Homeward Bound, Hotel for Dogs, and many more. You can later dine out with your pets for a perfect ending to a love-filled day!

9. Get your pets medically checked:

pets medically checked

There are different ways to express whole-hearted love for your pets. Ditch brainstorming for sweet, romantic ways to let your pets know that you love them. Instead, be a little practical and get your pets medically checked. February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Take your pets to a vet or a pet dentist. Give your pets the gift of health this Valentine’s.

Final Words

Being single is not reason enough to spend your Valentine’s day alone.  If you don’t have a pet and are wondering if you should own one or not, here are some reasons why you should own a dog.  If you have one go ahead and celebrate this Valentine’s day with your pet. We assure you, you would not be disappointed.

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