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Guide to deal with crack addict and addiction-related health issues

crack addict

It is not easy to fight off an addiction – be it of any type or manner. But with the right kind of support and guidance, addicts can eventually get rid of their lethal addiction. However, if you want to deal with a crack addict or help him/her overcome the addiction, read the following lines very carefully. Before getting ahead in dealing personally with a crack addict person, you should be sure about how long he/she has been into this addiction. A person who has not been into it for very long can be cured by attention and care but the same is not the case for someone who has been smoking crack for a while; in such cases, medical attention becomes a necessity. Here are some ways to deal with a crack addict.

Guide to deal with crack addict and addiction-related health issues

  1. How to Start dealing with yourself first?

  2. How to find a middle ground?

  3. How to Stop enabling?

  4. How to be patient?

  5. How to stay cautious?

  6. How to take help of family and friends to deal with a crack addict?

  7. How to not use a lot of emotions?

  8. How to Visit a rehabilitation center?

  9. How to help the drug addict to relax?

  10. How to confront and discuss things?

  11. How to deal with addiction related health issues?

Start by dealing with yourself first



Once you hear that someone in the family has become a cocaine addict, the family bonding gets affected immediately. Therefore, one would not be able to help the addicted person in the family until and unless he helps himself first, so that the initial shock of the addiction news gets passed away soon. Usually, after hearing such a news, rest of the family members alienate themselves from the person who has become a cocaine addict and this is where they falter big time. The family becomes too shocked to approach the addict in such a scenario. It is absolutely true that the way one deals with his own emotions during such circumstances would directly affect the way he approaches the cocaine addict in the family. Therefore, the foremost thing which needs to be done is to get over the shock. One might definitely not accept or like the fact that his son or brother has become a cocaine addict, but it is what it is and needs to be faced boldly.

Try to find a middle ground

crack addict

One should always remember that cocaine addiction has nothing to do with the family. Both are at different ends of the field. Therefore, finding a place of commonality is the best way to ensure that one is able to communicate with the cocaine addict. One should start looking for something that is common with him and the addict and thereby use it as a tool to win the affection back. Do not wait to find this commonality as the longer you wait, more difficult the situation would get. Re-establishing the bond is definitely a wonderful way to bridge the void between addiction and understanding. Be sensitive to the strange behavior of the addicted person. It is to be realized that he is not the same person or rather in the same condition as there have been various chemical changes in his body and mind.

Stop enabling

start counseling

Everyone must have heard of the tough love. The most appropriate way to describe tough love would rather be the love that won’t be compromised ever nor can’t be taken any advantage of. Once you are sure that one of the family members has become addicted to cocaine, it is high time to exhibit that tough love.  If you already know that your son has become an addict, you should immediately stop giving him any bucks. Although, this would hurt you, but if you continue contributing to this ill cause, it would only enable your son to continue the addictive behavior. You should rather start become tougher and tougher with him when it comes to money so that he realizes that the way he is spending on this addiction is truly bad and extremely injurious to his health. Start counseling him as soon as you can so that it doesn’t get too late to get him back to normal.

Be patient


This is going to be the most important trait in your dealings with a crack addict. You have to show the patience of a mountain otherwise it is going to be hard for the person whom you are trying to deal with and even much harder for you. Every addiction has a lot of withdrawal symptoms which should be properly understood and taken care of by the people around. A person trying to avoid the usage of cocaine can behave erratically and get irritated at very silly things. It is completely up to you how you can pacify the situation without losing your endurance and with continuous support towards the drug victim. This is as much your war as is his/her. So you need to persevere and face the same.

Stay cautious

crack addict

You will have to keep a continuous watch on the person who is under rehabilitation process. There will be frequent temper attacks and annoyance faced by a crack addict trying to get rid of the addiction. This can be either due to the change in physical systems or due to the urge of smoking cocaine. Such people can be really hard to handle and if you quit keeping a watch over them, it won’t take much time for them to get back to their habits. You have to stay extra cautious during to first few months where withdrawal symptoms are at peak. If the addict, with your continuous shore up, is able to overcome them, half of the battle is won. Now, the only thing needed is to try to keep him/her away from any such situation which can cause a want of crack.

Take help of family and friends to deal with a crack addict

Ask for his help

Form a little group of your closed ones who can be as concerned about the addict as you are. Make a plan and divide the tasks. Remember, how much you want or need; you cannot be present at all the places. With their support, your task becomes easier and doesn’t take a toll over you. Sometimes, during the process of getting the person out of this addiction, you will face severe mental disembowelment but presence of your loved ones around you will definitely reduce the pressure. You all can even manage short discussions with the victim to let him vomit out whatever is going inside his/her mind. This will make clearer on how to approach the next phase and might relieve the person from what can be really bothering.

Do not use a lot of emotions

 emotional blackmail

The worst mistake anyone can do while dealing with an addict is trying to use emotional blackmails. It won’t help; rather it will ruin your relationship with the person who can be one of the most important humans in your life. Maybe you can force your wishes through this leading to a temporary detachment from cocaine, but it won’t take much longer till he/she returns back to his/her ways. And then you will be left with no other outlet. You should always keep in mind that the person is not a criminal who can stop committing crimes because of the love and concern for you. An addict is suffering from a disease and diseases cannot be cured by emotions. They need proper treatment.

Visit a rehabilitation center

rehabilitation and psychological counseling

Crack is far more dangerous but is as easy to consume as tobacco. Similar to a smoker, a person addicted to crack can consume it regularly and heavily. While normal smoking only affects the body of the smoker, crack can challenge the mind and body of the addict. In a few cases, it won’t be a good idea to intrude an addict’s life alone. You might need proper professional assistance to deal with a crack addict.

This can be provided by many rehabilitation centers around your location. Contact any of them and speak to the counselor about your problem and adhere to the advice provided. For some days, you can be asked to stay away from the addict based on his/her mental condition but this will be fruitful in the long run. With continuous following and usage of prescribed medication, you can help your loved one get out of crack addiction.

Help the drug addict to relax

Help the drug addict to relax

Many people consume drugs or alcohol to escape from anger, tensions, frustration, or depression. It is therefore important to make them aware of other alternative means to relieve their tensions or frustrations in life. You may need to make them learn various skills to lead a happy and content life instead of brooding over their past or present.

You can take crack addicts to a meditation center to relax them. Relaxation is one of the essential parts of recovery, but only if the addict adopts and implements the right relaxation method. There are simple techniques that one can follow to relax like performing yoga, meditation, listening to music, exercise, etc.

You must also try to maintain a consistent level of compassion and love with crack addicts even while they are under the influence of any particular drug. In the meanwhile, you can teach them to meditate which will positively and gradually help them drop the consumption of their drugs.

Ultimately, all that matters is a little patience to make a person realize his/her mistakes and the adverse consequences of becoming a crack addict.

Confront and discuss things

Confront and discuss things

It is essential to confront and discuss issues openly with crack addicts. It is also important to discuss with them about their ill health and mental agony too. Deep within even crack addicts are well aware of the problems that they are undergoing in their life. Nevertheless, it is their ego that is ultimately preventing them from accepting their faults or discussing their innermost fears and complexes with their friends or family members.

You will also have to make the crack addicts realize the fact, how their debilitating behavior is strongly affecting the other people around them. This will help them to acknowledge and comprehend their mistakes of getting addicted to crack.

Nobody willingly gets addicted to crack. But if you learn to remember that the crack addict is as human as you are, you can help him/her fight off this deadly addiction.

Dealing with addiction related health issues

addiction related health issues

There are many different addictions that people are afflicted by these days, and it can be very difficult for those affected to give up the thing they are addicted to. It is not just the person who is affected but generally his or her family and friends too, which is why it is important to take action.

What can you do?

When it comes to getting help for addiction, there are places that can provide you with the support and assistance that you need. Counseling is generally the most common type of assistance, and this works through changing the way you think which in turn can help to change your behavioral habits.

Those who suffer from addiction will not always reach out for help themselves, so sometimes it is up to the family members and those close to the person to encourage them to get help. Once the person starts to get the help they need, it is far easier to overcome the addition. Many struggle to do this on their own despite repeated attempts to do so. Like other types of addiction, such as alcohol addiction or drug addiction, outside help is often necessary to combat these issues.

What are the signs?

If someone close to you has some sort of addiction, you can look out for a number of signs. This will make it easier for you to identify it. Some of the signs that could indicate such diseases include:

·         Continually associating

connected with drug

Someone who continues displays behavior connected with drug despite attempts to stop may have a drug addiction. In a study, around 9 percent admitted that they had tried to stop repeatedly but had been unable to do so.

·         Cravings and hostility

Those addicted to drugs may display cravings to look at or engage in harmful behaviors on a regular basis. In addition, when asked to engage in drug rehab activity they may become angry and hostile.

·         Being secretive about it

very secretive

Many of those suffering with drug addiction will be very secretive about their use of drug misuse. It is something that they may hide from loved ones and this leads to a lot of secrecy within the relationship.

·         Prioritizing addiction

Some addicts will prioritize drugs over and above everything else in their lives. For instance, it may have already led to relationship issues and breakups but they will still continue using it.

Drug addiction can have a big negative impact on their lives. Also getting porn addiction help does require both bravado and determination, as it is something that has a real stigma attached to it.

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