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Top things to avoid in your terrace garden design

styleathome_may08_Terrace01 Poor Plan of the terrace garden: If the garden plan is not in order, you will have lot of problems. For instance, if it is not properly planned and does not have proper layout, it will difficult for the water to flow out in the drain. This also leads to other problems like leakage in the roof water seeping down from the roof tops, this can result to bad odder near and around if the water accumulates in it. terrace-garden-ideas The common mistakes: There other common mistakes made by the designer or even the homemaker who designs the layout. He should  be careful about the textures like for example the space set up ,the foundation if not properly designed is going to take away from the beauty or the attractiveness of  the whole garden. NY_Roof_Garden_Design_1_8 Nevertheless, to say you can take reference from the mainstream garden designer or even look on to the websites for clues on how to design a terrace in a minimalistic way. However, things in the garden may be designed the layout may be very small or very big you to always make sure that part of the garden surface should be left plain or without any grass or plants planted in it. When you decide after some time that you like to change your layout or the look of the garden completely, this empty space will act as a lay out for your design or it can be used even as a play area or party area. Contemporary Small Patio Garden Types of plants on the terrace garden: On the terrace garden there always should be seasonal plants like it not be left barren during winter and rain season .There should a plant for very season even for that matter winter. Nowadays, gardens are a sense of pride, and if it is a terrace garden, the pride increases double fold.]]>


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