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Tips to decorate your living space if you have a huge home

Very few of us are lucky enough to have homes that have sprawling spaces, not only do you have plenty of living spaces, there are a ton of decorating ideas that you can experiment with. Here are some ideas that you can try if you have a big home: living+areas Living areas; The living room has changed over time from being a very formal parlor to a space that is especially used for entertaining guests, it is also a place where the family can relax and be cozy as well. In larger homes, the living room is used mostly for entertaining guests and for hosting company. So make sure that there are ample seating arrangements that offer plenty of space to move around, if you have a fire place, the mantle can be used to house family pictures or trophies. If the living room is facing the front lawn or garden, think of installing big windows that offer a beautiful view and let in a lot of sunlight- the main idea is to make the room comfortable so that guests feel welcome. bedroom cupboard designs pictures. Bedrooms: Big bedrooms can have as many kinds of floor, wall and other décor in it, but the principle of comfort and functionality still has to be maintained. Since this is a private room, the person who will spend most time in it should determine what kind of décor they want, so that they feel at ease. Bedrooms need a theme that will add character to the room and plenty of accessories so that the room does not look bare. Certain furniture will have to be complemented so that they do not look lost in the room, maintaining a theme will add uniformity and prevent the room from looking too cluttered. 169_01 Colors: Big rooms can be colored in darker colors and can have decorative wall décor and other wall décor that will liven empty wall spaces. To make a very large wall seem interesting, wall paint and the wall décor should contract each other so that they attract attention of guests. To add functionality, add wall shelves that can be used as storage spaces. Light colors should only be used in the kitchen and the living room and dark colors can be used in the private rooms.]]>


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