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Seven sinister products you’d never want at home!

Bleeding Lamp

A home should be two things, comfortable and pleasant. It should be a place that one would look forward to returning to. One that helps the Home designers try to outstrip themselves and make a lot of new furniture with eccentric designs that would make jealous guests step aback in awe. But even though we appreciate the big wave of creativity and originality in home decoration, some of the furniture turns out to be really disturbing. What would disturb you in a room – a specific color or a concrete type of furniture? There are thousand things that might perturb somebody. Find out which home furniture pushes you to an edge and makes you think:

1. Human Furniture

Human Furniture

David Blazquez,has a unique way of thinking, he uses nude human body as furniture. From book shelves, sofa, lamp, sofa, bathtub, dining table, he has you covered, quite literally. The pictures arise many philosophical questions. Is the dining table bored of standing there every single day? El Fotomata in Sevilla, Spain exhibited his esoteric designs.

2. Damned Lamp

Damned Lamp

This ‘home decor’ piece is called the ‘damned lamp’ with naked human like figures, twisted and frozen, taking the metaphorical fall from heaven. It is quite a thought provoking piece that can mean different things to different people, perfect for the quirky art lover in you. This ornamental and narrative lampshade is quite exclusive with only 40 pieces ever made, each unit costing $47520.

3. Blood Bath Mat

Blood Bath Mat

Prank your guests with this Blood Bath Mat! The only perfect partner for this repulsive, horror inflicting piece is the famous Blood bath Shower Curtain. Or for the days when you feel like paying tribute to those classic Hammer and Hitchcock horror flicks, just order yourself one, now! Gift it, keep it, brag about it, this shocking ensemble is sure to leave your heart in the throat.

4. Coffin Coffee Table


Having a coffin box in the shape of a table lying around the house may not seem a happiness inducing idea but it sure is different. If you worry you don’t think about death enough in your day-to-day life? Charles Constantine, a Pratt student is looking to change this and inject some morbidity into the daily routine, with his new design for a coffee table coffin. This box-style table can store everything from books and other tidbits like personal mementos, to even YOU!

5. Doll Drawer Pulls

Doll Drawer Pulls

The pulls here are a part of a bathroom renovation for a young girl’s room. Either way, it is impressive seeing the thought and planning that went into this unique DIY project. Spare parts of dolls can be easily dismantled and glued into with rods and bolts. One thing is sure with these pulls, better hold and creepy nightmares.

6. Bleeding lamp

Bleeding Lamp

This blood pool lamp is available at Generate Design Inc, though it may not seem like an everyday lamp shade choice. Suitable mostly for very modern style home decor, this piece is most definite to add an edge to any home. This apparent look of it seems like at first the lampshade is floating, then it seems to be bleeding, a truly ‘thought provoking’ piece of art.

7. Anatomical Print

Anatomical Print

This anatomical designed chair is quite an opportunity to be able to sit in. Strictly for people who love designs for home decor with a certain quirkiness. Appropriately called, ‘Flow’, these chairs are from AK-LH. His off-beat style upsets dogmatic ideas and use of organic matters and unusual silhouettes to everyday artifacts. The entire artifacts range by AK-LH is made in France by the best of craftsmen.

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