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Incredible Circus Stunts

Alar (1)

  • Flying Zedoras- Pansy Zedora , popularly known as Alar, the Human Arrow captivated audiences with her incredible circus performance. She arranged herself on a giant crossbow above the audience and was shot into the air. Like an arrow, she used to hit bull’s eye of a paper target, only to be caught by her sister on the other side, who would swing on a trapeze while doing so.Thus they earned the name of the Flying Zedoras. They were loved by the American audiences when they toured during the 1890s.
  • La Roche – The real name of La Roche was Leon Roche and he was a famed Austrian acrobat and a contortionist and performed during the late nineteenth century. La Roche used to place himself inside a metal ball, two feet in diameter and hold two flags out of two holes to indicate that he was indeed placed inside it. What was mystifying about his act was that he used to ride up a steep, spiraling track 30 feet high and the ball seemed to move of its own accord. La Roche earned great favor of the audience and till now no one knows exactly how he managed this feat. He called his act La Sphere Mysterieuse.
  • The Human Fly – Richard Sands aka the Human fly was a circus owner and a skilled acrobat. The press named him ‘antipodean pedestrian’. He performed his cat of walking upside down across a ceiling, literally, hanging by his feet from rings. He then proceeded to ‘air-walk’ across a Drury Lane theatre’s ceiling wearing only rubber suction cups on his feet. However, he met his tragic death in 1861 when he fell and broke down his neck in the middle of a performance.
  • The Man with the Iron Neck – The Great Peters thrilled audiences during the 1930s with his terrifying act of being hanged from a noose while he was suspended in mid-air. This acrobat used to climb seventy-five feet, wear the elastic noose around his neck and swan dived to the ground. He met his death in 1943 in the midst of a performance when he was 45 years old.


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