How to make your small room seem bigger

It needs a lot of patience and creativity to make a small room appear bigger than it is. You can come up with some space saving device without compromising on the interior decor. If you have small rooms in your house, then this is the time for you to put on your thinking cap and get to work. Decorating a small room can be quite challenging and rewarding when you do manage to create an illusion of space. Regardless of your entire house design you can bring about space enhancing tricks to your small rooms. Here are some ways in which you can make a small room to appear bigger in size.

Small room designs

Clean out the clutter

First of all, you can clear your room of all the clutter and mess accumulated over time. If your room is full of unnecessary stuff lying around it, your space will appear more cramped. Therefore, sort out those things which need not stay and arrange everything neatly in respective storage place. Improve the flow of the room by removing clutter from the walkway. By moving the furniture around or removing some of the excess furniture you will be able to open up the space walkway. Make sure that your floor can be seen rather than hidden in the mess. An open floor will naturally create the illusion of more space in the room. Another idea is to have a floor to ceiling cabinet on one side of the wall for storage and display. You will have a more open and neatly arranged space once you have removed all the clutter. Choose smaller pieces of furniture rather than cumbersome pieces which will swamp up the room.

Lighting can open up space

If you have a really small room, you can make use of the windows liberally for letting in the natural light. When light is cast into the room, it can reflect out more light even from a small room and make it appear bigger. If you have just one window then you can replace it with a large window with full glass panes. By being able to see the outside view, your room will have the illusion of continuity into open space and open up the room. By evening you can have more light for the room with recessed lighting or use of standing lamps, which draws the eye upwards. This will make the room appear bigger than it actually is.

Create space with mirrors

Mirrors have always been magical for making a room appear larger and brighter because it reflects both natural and artificial light to reflect back into the room. When you have a large mirror positioned on one side of the wall facing the window, your room will take on the appearance of having depth. Using glass table tops along with the mirror will make the flow of the room more fluid and open.

Color your walls for effect

Colors play a big role in the appearance of a room as it can make it look larger or smaller depending on the hue and shade chosen. For making small rooms appear open and spacious, brighter hues can really create a difference. You can maximize light reflection into the room by selecting soft tones of blue and green. Just stay away from dark colors for small rooms as it will only cramp up the room.

You can finally accessorize your room with just some striking pieces rather than a whole lot of display. This will make the room appear minimalist and large in its dimension.

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