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Five people that came back to life after being declared dead

little-boy 1. Dead boy wakes up at his own funeral, asks for water and dies again 2-year-old Kelvin Santos apparently died in a hospital in Belem, Brazil after receiving treatment for pneumonia. Grieving relatives laid the boy’s body in an open coffin and held a wake through the night. An hour before his funeral the day morning, the boy suddenly sat up, asked his father for water, laid back down again and died for real. The boy could not be revived again. newborn 2. Dead preemie found crying in the morgue by parents Luz Milagros Veron was stillborn three months premature. The preemie spent 12 hours inside a sealed coffin in a cold morgue. Her parents insisted they wanted to say goodbye to their baby before the funeral which is when they heard her cry and move. The name they gave her means “miracle light” and she perfectly alive and healthy today. coffin_main_1700589a 3. Sex worker comes back to life after dying during a romp A Zimbabwean sex worker apparently died during a romp with a client in Bulawayo’s Manor Hotel. The client called the cops to report the shocking incident. However, just as paramedics were loading her body in am metal coffin, the girl woke up screaming that they were trying to kill her. Woman Climbs Out of Coffin After Being 'Dead' for 6 Days, Liulou Village, Beiliu, Guangxi Province, China - 26 Feb 2012 4. Chinese grandma returns from the dead after 7 days and cooks lunch Li Xiufeng, a 95-year-old Chinese grandmother was found dead in her bedroom. As her family prepared for her funeral, Li was placed in a semi-closed coffin where she lay dead for six days. The day before her funeral, her relatives found the body missing from the coffin. A frenzied search ensued and the dead grandma was found sitting in the kitchen making lunch. She claims that she slept for a long time and was hungry when she woke up. article-2254595-16AF0920000005DC-462_634x467 5. Russian grandma wakes up after 3 days in the morgue 61-year-old Lyudmila Steblitskaya is one lucky Russian grandma. In a previous episode, the woman died for a few hours following a heart attack though doctors were able to revive her. In October 2012, the woman apparently died once again and spent 3 days in a cold morgue while her 29year old daughter spent over 60,000 rubles preparing for her funeral. However, when she went to the hospital to collect her mother’s body she was informed that her mother was alive! Summary Whether these incidences are miracles or freak occurrences, we’d never be able to know. But such happenings do make us believe that the process of life and death is a lot stranger than science has been able to explain so far.]]>

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