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Five amazing things that make dogs more sensible

178808585 They know is you are unwell Dogs have a strong sense of smell, which enables them to isolate and identify objects even with just a distant whiff. Doctors have leveraged this quality to train dogs to be companions of people with particular illnesses or special needs. For instance, dogs can alert their owners if they are about to have a seizure, immediately or even a few hours later. They can sniff out cancer and alert patient’s family in cases of emergency. They can spot inequality Dogs know when they are not being favored or if their master or mistress is being more favorable towards another dog. For instance, if you have two dogs and you give only one of them a treat, the other will feel that they have done something wrong or aren’t liked enough. This may result in their not cooperating at all. 5261957772_d2fe982cd0_z They know if you are sad Dogs are intuitive, and pet owners may have noticed how their dogs behave differently when they are sad – they are comforting. Many researches into canine behavior have shown how dogs sense sadness and are attracted to the person who is sad. It has not been proven if this is a sign of empathy, but it is comforting to have a furry friend to hold on to. They sense your fear Any dog owner will tell you that the best way to tackle a dog barking at you is to remain rooted to the spot and not running away. That’s because dogs sense fear and react to it. If you own a dog, you might notice your dog react to your fears by being scared themselves. Unless your dog has been trained to be a guard dog, the best way to allay its fears is by being brave yourself. They know when you are ignoring It has been scientifically proven that dogs can tell when they are or they are not being watched. This impacts their behavior greatly, even the well-trained dogs are tempted to get up to mischief they know will earn them disapproval. Summary: Anyone who owns a dog or owned one in the past would know how perceptive, child-like and innocent they are. Here are some amazing things that dogs can sense about you.]]>


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