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Excellent Tips to Decorate a Rental Home

Staying in a rental apartment can be cost effective. However, it would impose many restrictions when it comes to decorating the home. Most of the times, you would need to adhere to the landlord’s wishes and avoid certain decorations. Nevertheless, that doesn’t need to stop you from decorating your home as you like it to be. Better yet, some of these decorations can come along with you when you change homes.


Accent Walls

If you are not able to repaint the entire house, try for accent walls wherein you can paint just one wall in a bold contrasting color to make it the focal point in the room. This would enable the room to look stylish and inviting. It would also save you money in repainting the entire room. Some landlords would also want their houses to be returned as they were when you rented them. So this would save you time and money in repainting the walls again when you move out.

Wall Decal Stickers

If your landlord doesn’t permit you to paint the walls of the rental home, consider alternatives like wall decal stickers to decorate them. They are easy to stick as well as remove, and would not leave any marks on the walls afterwards. You can choose different styles of stickers and opt to change room styles often, or combine all of them to create your own creative style. Incorporating 3D elements into these wall decals would also give a quirky twist to the décor.

Decorative Furniture Sets

You cannot control the way you decorate a rental home. However, you can control the type of furniture you choose to decorate it with. If you are forced to leave the wall blank and dull, consider opting for decorative furniture pieces that can draw the focus away from the walls. Opt for complementing and contrasting colors for creative touches to the upholstery for that extra sparkle. This way, you can keep the home stylish and sophisticated even without touching the walls.

Lighting Options

Though changing the position of the light fixtures is not an option, you can choose how you want to decorate them. For instance, you can switch basic lamps with artistic pieces, and use candles, lanterns, chandeliers, orient lantern balls and even statement pendant lights to spruce up these otherwise ordinary looking light bulbs and fixtures. This in turn, would make your rental home stand out in spite of minimal wall and floor decorations.

Modular Storage Options

Staying in a rental home may impose some space restrictions on you. So consider opting for modular storage options that can be easily installed and then removed at a later date when you move out. For instance, you can opt for different colored cube bins to store different items in the house. Consider open modular storage options as these would enable you to personalize the decorations even more.


These tips can definitely come in handy when you choose to move into a new rental home. So make use of them and get the home of your dreams without angering the landlord in the process.

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