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Color palette for your guest rooms

guest room Color palette for your guest rooms When friends, family and relatives visit, all of us make sure that they are comfortable and have the best stay at our homes . It is only gracious of us as hosts to provide them all the amenities for a good stay and over all , a good night’s sleep. A bedroom , especially one meant for guests should have a relaxing color scheme so that the occupier can relax and unwind well. A color scheme is the perfect way to do it.

  • Blue and white – Blue and white is a classic combination which is also very modern and chic. The combination also has the benefit of being very calming , relaxing and gender neutral. No matter who is visiting, this is a no-fail combination for your guest/guests. Using a lot of blue on the walls can be a mistake. So keep it a healthy mix by doing the ceiling up in white against a blue backdrop. Apply the color scheme to the rest of the room , like bedspreads and covers, lampshades, curtains and the pillows.
jeff andrews design guest room twin beds canopy light blue walls slipcovered side chairs
  • Brown and pastels – For people who are wary of using deep colors in the bedroom, this can be a comfort. The combination of brown and pastel colors can be very relaxing and a good scheme for the guest bedroom. Set up bedspreads, pillows and lampshades in pastels against a rich brown backdrop on the walls. Also remember to add whites, against the rich brown, white will standout and make the room all the more crisp and serene.
  • Yellow and other colors – For people who consider yellow only fit for kitchens, this can be a revelation. Use a mellow and light shade of yellow in your guest bedrooms and combine with green accents on headboards , nightstands or artwork. Pay enough attention to symmetry and orderliness and bring on some whites in the linens.
  • A cabin in the woods – To recreate a cabin-like bedroom, all you have to do is paint stripes and wood-like designs on the walls using minimal colors. A combination of rich brown and buttery white will make the room seem like it has sprung out of the woods and serve a relaxing night’s sleep.


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