Green Fashion

Five celebrities who promoted the green cause with weird green fashion

Green Fashion

After years of reckless damage to our environment, it is time to save our source of strength from getting spoiled. Sustainable development and sustainable living are the need of the hour and that’s why ‘Green’ is the buzzword of the present era. Everyone is promoting green campaigns in his or her own ways. One very often hears terms called Green Information Technology, Green Companies and Carbon Credits these days.

When so much is the hype, then why should the glamor world be out of it? Celebrities have been known to be associated with various fashion labels. Many celebrities support the green initiatives in their own strange ways. Let’s check out the ‘green’ efforts of some celebrities:

1. Livia Firth


Remember the Oscar winning actor Colin Firth! His better half Livia Firth is known to be closely associated with green initiatives. She has been spotted wearing green designers in almost all star parties. Even while walking the Oscar Red Carpet, she was wearing a custom made black dress. The specialty of the dress was that it was made entirely from the recycled fabric. The designer certainly deserves compliments for bringing out a fashionable piece from rags.

2. Jason Mraz


He was nominated for Grammy awards in the year 2010. In the event, he was spotted wearing outfits from Green fashion designer Bahar Shahpar (Best of Green). Mraz was wearing ECOGIR suit by Simon Carter made from recycled polyester and wool. His shirt was designed by Culturata who did not use any ant pesticides or fertilizers. He also carried a tie made out of recycled cassette tapes.

3. Natalie Portman


The celebrity has been known to support green causes. She is remembered for her Save Gorilla’s initiatives in state of Rwanda. She is a great promoter of green fashion and was recently seen in the Oscar nominated movie black Swan, taking a stand on the animal rights. She designed a line of vegan shoes which have been made mostly from environment-friendly materials.

4. Robert Kenner


The well-known director of the famous discovery show Food Inc also seems to have been showing interest in the green cause. He was wearing a custom made Loomstate tuxsedo during the event and walked the red carpet in the dress. The specialty of this tuxedo was that it was made from organic fabric. Although, many celebrities spot organic fabrics, what distinguished him was that his tuxedo was claimed to be made of 100% organic material. So, no mix and match with nature’s outfit.

5. Suzy Amis Cameron


The wife of the known and famous director of the movie Avatar James Cameron, Suzy wore a blue dress, very similar to the color of his fictitious Avatar’s character. The dress was created by a new designer who was winner of American red carpet green designer contest. The dress had almost 85 percent sustainable material in it. The content was mostly silk which was a combination of hemp and peace silk. She also tried to use natural and non-toxic dye for coloring the costume.

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