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Benefits you can reap with raised garden beds

Benefits you can reap with raised garden beds

What is Raised bed gardening?

Raised bed gardening is a very effectual method in the field of horticulture. In this type of gardening soil is formed in 3 to 4 foot of wide beds with its height rising above the surrounding soil at approximately 8 inches to waist high, depending upon the need or the type of plants to be grown.

Mostly, this concoction is enclosed by a frame crafted out of wood or at times by some concrete blocks. Many farmers/gardeners even choose to enrich the soil with compost (an organic fertilizer). The planting is done in geometric patterns rather than conventional row gardening. The target is to achieve spacing, which is such that when the plants have grown fully their leaves barely touch each other thereby conserving moisture.

Benefits of raised bed gardening-

1) Weed Control: In raise bed gardening, the target soil in enclosed in a box at a certain height from the surrounding soil, so one can put weed barriers between the ground and the garden box. This ensures reduction in weed count. Moreover, the spacing between each plant is done in such a way that they barely touch each other, which creates a microclimate that suppresses weed growth.

2) Pest Control: Farmers/gardeners remain scared of the fact that gophers might destroy the plant. But with raised garden beds, one can protect plants from various bugs and insects. The idea is very simple, just put a chicken wire beneath the ground or above the garden box. In both cases, pests are kept away from terminating the plants.

3) Better Soil: In a regular planting style, one has to opt for the best soil for plantation. Most of the times soil might not be ideal of gardening, which needs mixing of several organic components to enrich it. But raised garden beds improve quality of soil which can be used in different types of plantations.

4) Transportability: Movability is another major benefit of the raised garden farming, as you can always pack its content separately whenever you want.

5) Higher Yields: In this type of gardening, the soil is not compacted, as the farmer doesn’t walk over it, which in turn leads to a better growth of roots. Moreover, soil quality increases over a period, thereby increasing the yield.

6) Accessibility: With raised beds, it becomes easier for everyone especially the elderly people to grow plants or to run a check over them without having to bend.

7) Adaptableness: This type of gardening has yet another benefit along with accessibility i.e. malleability. Since the garden is not dependable on the soil beneath the box the whole concoction can be placed anywhere, even at the tabletop. All it needs is proper sunlight and watering and the plant would adapt to the place.

8) Prudence: In raised garden beds, plantation is done in a systematic and geometrical way. This is turn restricts wastage of seeds and money.

9) Extended planting season: Since the whole box is not that big, the soil in the box adapts to a temperature very quickly in comparison to the whole lawn. This leads to an extended growth and therefore a longer growing season.

10) Aesthetically Pleasing: Raised garden beds look very spick-and-span. In case one is creative he/she can make their garden look pretty interesting with their garden becoming the focal point of their whole lawn.

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