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Bedside Water Reservoir: The smart substitute for the odd glasses of water!

How many times do you wake up at night and curse your thirst as you drag yourself to the kitchen for a glass of water? Or how many times have you sleepily stretched your arms in bed and knocked over the glass of water on the side table? So many times we think that one glass of water is just not enough for the night. We have all been in such situations.

Bedside Water Reservoir by Patrick Tweel

Now there is an answer for your worries: the bed-side reservoir! Now you can say good-bye to the glasses of water lined up in trays or carafes that clutter the table. It is similar to a camel-back or a platypus. You can either hang it on the wall or on any piece of furniture next to your bed. It will need just two hooks- one for the reservoir and one for the attached tube. Whenever you want water, just take the tube and sip some on it. When you are done, simply put the tube back on its hook. There is no need to worry about water leakage. You can install it at a safe distance from the bed so the bag won’t fall over by accident.

There are other advantages of the water reservoir. You are freed from the duty to keep refilling your glass of water; instead, fill this reservoir and it shall last a good deal. Apart from this, it does not require any plumbing. All you have to do is choose a place for the water reservoir and it is ready for use! If you have any ill or bedridden person at home, the water reservoir can be a boon. If you think that it will disturb the decor of your room, then do not worry, because it design-savvy .

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