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Beautiful murals for your living room

Retro-Wall-Mural-Design1 Beautiful murals for your living room Murals are a hot trend right now. They add an element of interest to the whole room and most of times, steal the entire limelight itself. The reason why murals are becoming increasingly popular is because they are minimal , tasteful , easy on the eyes and are so easy on your pockets. Murals are a way of putting on the walls the kind of person we are inside.If you are thinking of getting your living room redecorated, check out these amazing mural designs that will add interest to your space. ???????????????????

  • Achromatic Black and White Mural- The beauty of murals is that they are understated but offer elegance to any wall. If you have a mural on your wall, chance are you will not have to think about any other decorative item at all in that room. A wall mural of  white bicycle and a streetlamp on a black wall or vice versa can add a touch of contemporary ambiance to your living room.
  • Lustrous tree Wall Mural- Add a touch of nature to your living room by adding a mural of a beautiful tree. It will have a calming effect on the whole room and the people sitting in it. This is perhaps one of the most popular and easiest murals to DIY.
  • Bohemian Wall Mural- All of us have a streak of bohemian in us. A colorful bohemian inspired mural on your living room wall will be an assortment of colors, a wide array of beauty and cheer put together on the same wall.
  • Eclectic Wall Mural – Bring a hint of eclectic by getting a bright colorful wall mural to the room. It will beautify and steal the show completely.
  • Abstract Wall Mural- If you do not like designs that ‘define’, go for an abstract wall mural for your room. It will serve as the centrepiece and focal point for the whole room. Abstract wall art has always been a favorite for people of all ages and getting a mural wil definitely jazz up the entire room. It is ultra modern and so very stylish.
  • Oriental Wall Mural – If you have always been a lover of the Orient, get a wall-mural which does the trick for you. Orient-inspired mural are contemporary and very sensuous.


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