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5 Incredible Photographs in the world

It is said that photographs tell a thousand stories. A very true saying. And all the more so when one comes across rare and incredible photographs that you never thought existed in the world. Making your heart skip a beat, a pause in your breathing and a momentary phase where your mind can’t think of anything else. Here are 5 of the most incredible photographs of the world.


Omayra Sanchez in Colombia Volcano:

The Nevadodel Ruiz volcano that erupted on 14th November 1985 in Colombia took 25000 lives. Omayra Sanchez, a 13 year old was trapped amidst water and concrete for 3 days before she died and the photograph was taken shortly before that. Though igniting controversies regarding the photographer’s action and the Colombian government’s inaction in such times of tragedy, the photograph was published worldwide after the girl’s death.

The Last Jew in Vinnitsa

This incredible photograph shows anEinsatzgruppe D member moments before shooting down a kneeling Jewish man into a filled-up mass Jewish grave in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Found form a soldier’s personal album with the phrase ‘Last Jew in Vinnitsa’ written at the back, this photograph dates back to the times of the 28,000 Jews Massacre at Vinnitsa and its surroundings   in 1941.


The Power of One


Yet another incredibly powerful photograph,this won the Pulitzer Breaking News Photography Award in 2007. As the citation of the photo reads, it is an incredible picture of a single Jewish woman resisting the Israeli security forces as they came to remove illegal settlement on the west Bank.


Vietnamese Monk’s Self Immolation


One of the most incredible and famous photographs is that of ThichQuangDuc, the Buddhist monk from Vietnam who on 11th June 1963, burned himself to death on a busy road intersection at Saigon in order to protest repressive policies of the Catholic Diem reign. The Buddhist monks had protested against the regime’s ban on the lifting of the traditional Buddhist flag and the religion enjoying equal rights as Catholism.  Like the still photograph, ThichQuangDuc never moved a muscle while he burned making him and the photograph one of the most famous in the world.

Stricken Child and Vulture:

A 1994 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken by National Geographic photographer Kevin Carter during the Sudan Famine shows a stricken and almost skeletal child crawling towards the UN Food Camp while a vulture awaited at the background waiting for him to drop dead so that it could eat him. An incredible photograph that shocked the entire world since nobody knew what happened to the child since the photographer also left immediately after the picture was taken. Three month later Kevin Carter committed suicide out of depression.


Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

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