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Wild Life Tourism Guide

Top places to do in Kenya Balloon Safari

Kenya is the dream country, the monarch of safari lands offering fantastic hot air ballooning and the consequent aerial photographic opportunities. Vast savanna grasslands with migrating herds of zebras, gnus and antelopes would be simply amazing as tourist spotting, a panorama that would create a lasting impression in your mind. Equally enchanting would be the mid air feel. Here, you ...

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Wildlife tourism near Congo River

Wildlife tourism is a part of tourism, which provides an opportunity to animal lovers to spend some time in the natural environment and explore different animals. When we talk about Africa then it is the most popular wildlife tourism destination. Congo River is an African River and its basin makes up one of the most important wilderness areas left on ...

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Let your wild style go free in the Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary

Alex Griffths opened this sanctuary in 1947 as Currumbin bird sanctuary, in order to stop the local lorikeet population from destroying his flower plantations. Today, the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary is one of the largest houses protecting the native Australian species. Currumbin wildlife sanctuary is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Austalia and is the largest host in feeding the huge ...

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Essential components of wild life tourism

The success of wildlife tourism rests on the basic platform of the resources available, the tourist and the locals who live in proximity of the wild life country. The basic components mentioned should go compatible. The tourist and the host should be complementary to each other, that is, they should fulfill each other’s requirement and strike a fine equilibrium that ...

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Why wild tourism matters?

Wild life tourism is watching the wild animals in action in their habitats. The world that we live in is a wonderful place, and it is some cosmic design that has set everything in equilibrium. It is in fact a mighty piece of architecture where nothing works in isolation. It is a big place inhabited by humans, plants, wildlife, domestic ...

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What is wild life tourism?

Wild life tourism is a great way to be as close to nature as possible amid an amazing mix of flora and fauna. It is a niche tourism whose popularity is immense. It is an eco-friendly venture having huge economic potential. The tourist is exposed to the animal world in the background of nature. He learns about the animal group ...

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