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Sex Tourism Guide

Top Sex-Destinations of the World

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These top hot-spots of the world are for the more daring travelers who are looking for that ‘something extra’. Find out the world’s most popular sex destinations. Thailand Thailand has earned international notoriety for itself,  for the incredible and easy-to-procure sexcapades it offers. Whether its Bangkok’s ‘ping-ping’ shows or the not exactly delicate disguise of spas which offer ‘happy endings,’ ...

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Five Asian countries on the top list of sex tourists

Sex tourism is a thriving industry. People go to various places in order to have physical relationship with native people in lieu of money or other material gain. Many places have become favorite spot for sex tourists. The reasons can be many. At many places due to poverty, there is large availability of prostitutes. In many countries, the law enforcement ...

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World’s 10 Best travel destinations for gays

Gay tourism is a niche tourism specially marketed for LGBT community. Many companies and tourist destinations have become aware of the substantial money spent by these tourists and are trying new marketing strategy to attract gay tourists. Many destinations are popular among the gay tourists because of the liberal views of the people towards gays there, as well as good ...

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Top five European destinations for gays to have fun

Europe has a number of great tourist destinations for gay/lesbians. Choosing a right destination is a must for enjoyable and hassle free travel especially for LGBT community. You should feel comfortable in the new place, and the people should be broad minded, and helpful. Europe is full of heritage sites, as well as leads the world in art music, fashion, ...

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Defining sex tourism and its major types

We can define sex tourism as planned travel specifically for the purpose of commercial sexual relationship with the native of that place. Though, many people argue that this is not the only form of sex tourism. Sometimes people travel to another country for business, sports, or cultural activity, and taking advantage of the circumstances may indulge in sex or sometimes ...

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Top 10 European destinations for Sex Tourists

There has been a long history of sex being traded for money and the sex tourism industry has become full-fledged, gaining never-ending revenues from its billions of frequent travelers and customers. Depending on the people’s viewpoints, some countries try to curb this practice of prostitution, while a few other countries have legalized most aspects of it. While in some places, ...

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Top 10 destinations for Sex Tourists across the World

In the past, people did not use to discuss about sex tourism and things were mostly secretive. But now, the sex tourism industry has come out of underground to make some particular countries quite liberal about the idea. Travelers have also been bringing in unimaginable revenues for this industry. Though sex tourism is not openly observed in countries where prostitutes ...

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Sex Tourism: A brief history

Sex tourism generally refers to a travel activity that has been arranged to reach a destination and form sexual relationships with prostitutes at that place. According to World Tourism Organization (WTO), such kind of tourism is organized by sources within the tourism sector or by external sources that use the networks of this sector to make it happen. The main ...

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