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My trip to Prague – City review

Czech Republic

My recent visit to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic had been of immense pleasure. The austere beauty of a stunning city that straddles the river Vltava had been a very popular tourist destination past few decades and it captivated my mind as well. I have read much about this city, but now it seems that those words fell short in drawing the real picture. European landscapes have always drawn visitors in herds, but Prague has something exquisite to offer. The city had simply fascinated me and had occupied my dreams and waking hours as well since the completion of my trip.

Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

The awesomely splendid central plateau of the country with its great landscape is cris-crossed by the rivers Elbe and Vltava merging near Prague had given the city an exotic appeal that I found powerfully mesmerizing and thoroughly gripping. Of the many European cities I have visited, Prague occupies a special place owing to its unique character and pristine beauty. The city is vibrant with life and when it comes to nightlife it is sizzling hot!

With my eyes experienced and seasoned due to years of travelling around the world, I found that this is a city not to be covered in a rush. To appreciate its splendor to the fullest, one should take short breaks, focus all the senses, look around with a profound gaze and absorb the boundless beauty and music that is in the air. Plainly, the gracefully decked city struck a deep chord of admiration in me.  The wonderfully poised gardens, the majestic palaces and the exquisitely built walkways made me literally wonder who could have been the master planner who designed this city with so much of symmetry and elegance and elevated it to an unparalleled magnificence. May be this was the most striking feature to me.

Some of the places in Prague worth a thousand visits not just one, and I have seriously given a deliberation about again visiting these specific Czech destinations in Prague on my next visit to Europe.

* The old – new Synagogue:

Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

I took a bus ride to the oldest Synagogue in Prague located amid a vibrant Jewish settlement. This was probably the oldest preserved Jewish monument of worship in the entire Europe. It is among the most notable and the oldest preserved gothic structures in Prague as well. The building was so old and yet its imposing structure demanded reverence.  The entire structure and its ancient design was a feast to my eyes for sure. Instinctively, I held my camera and took a few selective shots from different angles. My deep appreciation for this wonderful work of art will now be preserved permanently in my archive.

* The Jewish museum in Prague:
The Jewish museum in Prague was equally magnetic. The Jewish presence in Prague in the form of colonies can be strongly felt bathed in a shroud of enigma. The myth of the Golem, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues is pleasantly infectious, and if you are inquisitive about learning more about Jewish culture, a visit to the Jewish museum is the first thing that comes in mind.

* The Powder Tower:
My visit to the famous Powder Tower was quite eventful. It is here at the base of the tower where I lost my expensive Swiss watch, but to my surprise it was returned back to me hardly five minutes later by a local who somehow traced me from the crowd. This tall structure is the original gateway into the old town of Prague. The tower was used for the storage of gunpowder and hence the name. It’s here where the coronation route of the Bohemian kings lay. The tower is well connected by a bridge, which is covered and on one side stands the gorgeous palace of the king Vladislav II providing an excellent viewpoint. The name Powder Tower surprised me, but the visit was no doubt wonderful.

* The Dancing House:
My next trip was to the dancing house, which is an eloquent piece of architecture. It is a typical example of Czech building design that enchanted me the most. The structure is a wonderful mix of static and dynamic design. It has a striking similarity with a female dancer swaying gracefully in turns and twists in accompaniment to the dancing rhythm of her male partner. This place was startlingly beautiful.

Exciting Cruises:

Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

The boat rides and cruises are as exciting as the city itself, and I felt my trip would be incomplete without including a cruise in my itinerary. In general, I tried out steamer rides across the Vltava which is an unforgettable experience. The refreshments on board were great and so was the scenery on either side of the river. The atmosphere was tranquil with a slight chill.

* Cruise to the zoo:
The cruise to the Prague zoo started from the Rasimivo quay and the steamer sailed across the Vltava and headed towards Troja where the zoo is located. The excitement was slowly building as we approached the zoo and the great sunny weather added to the excitement. It was a welcome break from the monotonous bus journey.

* Prague lunch cruise:
The Prague lunch cruise offered a different kind of flavor. The river was the same Vltava, but the steamer provided a luxury ride with piping hot Czech delicacies waiting on the table. The lunch was exotic and delicious to round it up with the choicest brands of Czech wine. A great way to enjoy on a foreign soil!

Prague grand city sightseeing tour:

Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

This was a memorable bus ride that covered the entire city. Prague was opulent where both the old and the new blended wonderfully. The historical monuments and sites are well preserved together with the striking modernity of a fast and gadget savvy city. The bus offered a very comfortable ride and the interior of the vehicle had a space age look.

Prague Night Life – Vibrant and Dynamic:

While the heritage monuments and old buildings may take you to the past with a chequered Czech history revealing its rich culture, simultaneously modern night clubs and wine bars of Prague’s night club district would take you the psychedelic world of rock and roll. It is maddeningly vibrant with the participants from all age groups and different national backgrounds go neck deep in the ocean of mirth. They practically bubble with enthusiasm and to add to the mood headiest of drinks and choicest of delicacies from the Czech kitchen are right on your table. Night clubs are in plenty and all of them are gorgeous. I was in a dilemma which one to choose. After deliberation, I opted for the Aloha club for its Hawaiian cocktail bar ambience. The dance floor had a limited space but lively with an animated mix of tourists. The club was only a couple of minutes walk from the old town square.

The ambiance was friendly and warm charged with an electric flavor. They served us authentic Czech cocktail. It was a weekend night and the DJ crooned numbers from the 90s setting our moods right. Loaded with drinks, people gyrated in graceful twists on the dance floor and yet everything was so organized. I patted myself and joined the crowd as well.

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