My trip to Royal Park Warsaw, Poland

In my recent visit to Poland, many popular tourist attractions have impressed me a lot but none could match Royal Park, also known as Lazienki Park that was a gateway to enchanting beauty of the highest order.

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Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

Placed hardly a kilometer away from the city heartland, this awesome park stunned me with its massive size. I have seen thousands of picturesque parks in my travelling experience spanning almost a decade, some are well groomed and some are shabby, some overcrowded and some serene. They are spread across a number of countries like Singapore, the US and the United Kingdom drawing in tourists from all over the world, but the Royal Park in Warsaw would beat them any time with its sheer size and aesthetic appeal. The park is thick with lush green vegetation and yet meticulously groomed and organized. Water bodies, fountains and spectacular statues just worked wonders to captivate my attention. I could not help but appreciate its overall imposing existence and rate it as the best park ever though there must be still many fascinating parks around the globe that are yet to be scanned by my roving eyes.


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Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

Royal Park too has its share of history. Long back it was a country estate outside the Warsaw city fringes and the name ‘Royal Baths Park ‘ is a direct result of a bathing pavilion that once existed here. The last Polish king Stanislaw August had renovated the estate and given shape to his dreams and Royal Park came into existence.


 Lazienki Park - Royal Park - Warsaw Poland by Dr Prem-003-XL

Source : Dr Prem’s Travel Photography

The park is landscaped with a brilliant design that only a gifted artist can possibly conceive. Its design has an overall classical bend with a gorgeous palace built on the central lake. The palace was awe-inspiring, and its magnificence took my breath away. An amphitheatre, which is quite old and built in the Roman style, is constructed inside the park with an array of wonderfully groomed gardens sprawling over the spacious park area. The gardens were so attractive that I literally had a feeling of camping out in one of them and lie down flat on the carpet of velvet grass gazing at the shroud of blue overhead for a span of eternity.

Another charming feature that the park held was the existence of beautifully sculpted statues. I was tempted to approach them from close quarters with a view to explore the aesthetic beauty trapped inside the stone. The sense of proportion of the sculptor was excellent. He had kept on chiseling the piece of rock until his dreams were realized that would certainly fascinate the posterity.  The statues were throbbing with life. I touched them to feel the pulse beat but no they were stone cold. But the elaborate and fine details of the muscle tone, the folds on the drapery, the gaze in the eyes and mostly their powerful presence compelled me rather to whisper the single and most powerful adjective ” AWESOME”.

Perhaps the most convenient feature about this park is its well organized infrastructure in the absence of which exploring a park of this size would have been a next to impossible venture for me.
A well sculpted statue of Polish composer and virtuoso pianist of the romantic era Fredrick Chopin stands in the park in all glory. It is a big tourist attraction and adds to the glamour of the park. The execution of the statue was however delivered beyond schedule owing to some design controversy. The statue left me spell bound and I took a few quick snaps.

A major highlight of the park is the efficient organizing potential of the park authority. It is very well maintained in spite of its massive size. This I assume is the best park in Europe if not the world for that matter!

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