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10 Technologically Advanced Gadgets For This Year Holiday Season

Everyone aspire to have highly developed and advanced gadgets to make a perfect holiday gift. With the invasion of technical era, wide range of gadgets falls into the category of most sough-after tools of this year. In recent years, gadgets have evolved as most preeminent choice of countless people willing to gift something luxurious to their loved ones. Every year, some of the most renowned brands come up with updated models offering an exciting option for holiday season. Bearing this in mind, it is always worthy to shop the gadget as soon as it hit the market. This is because popular tech devices sell out very early before holiday season arrives.


List Of 10 Most Enhanced Gadgets

  • Audyssey Wireless Speakers: This is actually a Bluetooth speaker system designed for desktops to help user get rid of typical speakers with plug-in cable. A2DP or “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile” streaming brings in a perfect blend of sound quality and clarity without any requisite of connecting cables. Each speaker is accompanied by separate woofer and 4 inch bass radiator to deliver extra oomph.
  • B&W P3 Headphones: This is an attractive pair of P3 headphones introduced by a popular British Company “Bowers and Wilkins”. Designed as a travel-friendly headphone, this high-end headphone enables an easy storage when you are on the way.
  • BlueAnt Ribbon: BlueAnt Ribbon can be well described as portable adapter that you can use when travelling. Good thing is that this device also supports apt-X to open up ways for high quality and standard wireless streaming.
  • Griffon MOTO TC Monster: This remote-controlled truck is driven using Bluetooth wireless connected to iOS device. Moreover, an app controls this truck to offer manifold driving ways together with ability of storing and recording “Drive Plans”.
  • IRIScan Anywhere 3: “IRIScan Anywhere 3” is portable battery-operated scanner designed for storing scanned documents on “USB Flash Drive” or “SD Memory Card”.  This portable device can also capture letter sized or 1004A documents at an instance.
  • Libratone Zipp: Libratone Zipp is a handy AirPlay speaker designed to deliver 4-hours wireless playback while travelling. Built on PlayDirect Technology, this amazing gadget can be used without Wi-Fi network.
  • Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 By Logitech: This beautifully designed keyboard serves multiple platforms that includes iOS, Android and Windows. Keyboard K810 is incorporated with adjustable illuminating levels whereas slim size allows you to slip it into bag with tablet.
  • SuperTooth HD: This Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone is designed to be used in cars enabling hand-free calls when you are on the way.
  • StarTech Encrypted Hard-Drive Enclosure:  As the name suggests, this is a handy attachment for 2.5-inch hard drive. It comes together with aboard “AES hardware encryption” of 25 bit that works immediately.
  • ZAGGkeys PROPlus Keyboard Case: ZAGGkeys PROPlus is a slim Bluetooth keyboard holder designed for Apple iPad. Made up of aluminum, this gadget perfectly matches look as well as feel of iPad.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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    ‘ll say the Kindle. I give you the link below, you can just press the “Add to Cart” button on the right hand side, then follow the check out procedures. I love my Kindle 2 very much. If you’re thinking about getting the Kindle, I’ll say get it and you won’t regret. Right now I’ve read over 10 books with the Kindle, and I really like the idea that I can bring and store all the books with the handy device. Besides, it uses the e-ink technology, it is really clear like reading books; and even I read with the device for long hours, I don’t feel tired. The internet browsing comes handy as well when I want to look for information on some specific area. My only complaint is the white case, right now all the Kindles are in white color… I think it will be cool if I can have a black or deep blue color Kindle ;) Yes, Kindle books are cheaper than hard copies. I suggest you to read this review from a top reviewer who is also a book lover, it outlines quite a lot of benefits of the Kindle and also why it is worth especially at the end of the review: http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?i… And there are some websites, where you can find more than ten thousand free books for the Kindle, so that’s why you no longer need to get to library, you can actually own these books: http://www.amazon.com/gp/b/?node=2245146… If you need to read PDF with charts and graphics, you may want to go for the Kindle DX. Read this review and you should be able to decide which one to get: http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?i… Hope this helps.

  2. First of all register to arcsoft  software  . its  totally free just do what the site is telling you to do  .  it will ask you to  type serial number which you might have got . just type that serial number in there website and  they will register you as an authentic member . it will help you not even now but also in future updation .  now I should come to your error . it is surely MagCore.dll error . Replace The magcore.dll File On Your PC It’s often the case that the magcore.dll file could be damaged or corrupted, which will prevent your compute from being able to read it. If this is the case, then the error you’re seeing may appear for several programs and will continually show no matter what you do to your system. Fortunately, you can resolve this problem by replacing the magcore.dll file on your PC with a new one from the Internet. You can download magcore.dll from your register login id and password  and then place it into the C:WindowsSystem32 folder of your computer – allowing Windows to read it better. You should also look to re-register the file after this.now the  problem will be solved . 

    Nikon Coolpix S8100 will be a best Digital Camera for your need. It is best in its domain and its prices and feature make it superior to its rivals. Nikon Coolpix S8100 is priced at very competitive range $299.99. its dimensions is (WHD) 4.1 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches, it weight (with battery and media) around 7.4 ounces and it is 12 megapixels , image sensor size  1/2.3-inch BSI. Nikon Coolpix S8100 LCD is 3-inch and resolution is 921K dots. Its lens zoom is 10x, aperture is , f3.5-5.6 and its focal length 30-300mm (35mm equivalent). Nikon Coolpix S8100 supports file format (still/video) JPEG/H.264 AAC (.MOV) its highest resolution size (still/video) 4,000×3,000 pixels/ 1,920×1,080p at 30fps. Nikon Coolpix S8100 has Optical and digital Image stabilization, whereas it consist Li-ion rechargeable Battery, CIPA rated life is capable for 210 shots. Nikon Coolpix S8100 features SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and it is compatible with Windows/Mac, so you can save your images on both operating system. Is battery is rechargeable and gave best results when uses properly.

    I am having good experience with both, I have owned both a Sony 650BC and a Kindle 3, and in my opinion the Kindle is by far the better eReader. It is lighter, faster, lasts longer and has much more content than the Sony. The only drawback (for you that is) is that Amazon does not make them in pink. PS. don’t worry about the Kindle breaking down; mine has never had a problem. A friend of mine had a little issue with his so he sent it to Amazon and they replaced it for him, pre-loaded with all his books. My Sony has more problems associated with it than the Kindle by far. And lastly i wana tell that I mostly read classic literature, and most of them are free.  That is really hard to resist.  I downloaded the Kindle for Mac app along with about 20 free books, just so I could see what I got.  So  i think sony is much better.

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    I had this problem when I was in college and has to work with lot of editing stuff. As now I am dealing with your problem you are already using km player you can use new km player ,which is known as daum potplayer. After installing daum I recommend you right click and change the skin setting to this, (potplayer default skin-original_new_en.dsf) Also right click on aspect ratio and choose (fit to video recommended) then go through and change all the settings to your liking. Also right click on skins and select (always start with video skin) You can manage file associations by, [right click on daum – click on preferances – click on association – to the right click on defaults – click on select all – then apply and close it out, ALWAYS select NONE then APPLY before uninstalling daum or kmplayer: Before uninstalling kmplayer or daum potplayer ALWAYS do this. Open kmplayer right click on it – click on options then preferences – click on association/capture – to the right click on association at top – click none – click apply to system – click close. Now you can properly uninstall it without it leaving file associations. Daum is even simpler than kmp to do this.



    It will be there; as aspect ratio of TV and Projector will be different. However, setting a hotkey for each of the resolutions with Nvidia RivaTuner and programmed the MCE “Red” and “Blue” by using IntelliRemote to switch between the resolutions is a one of the way to do so, but for the permanent solution you need to talk to some technical guy because I think there is some problem with your system.




    Canon Rebel XS is a new budget digital SLR and it is user friendly with amazing results. Your problem is very easy you need to just go to its setting and you will find the date and time setting, just click on it and reset it. If you want to off it you can just off it from there.  Canon Rebel XS is known for its excellent photo quality and solid performance. However for the best result you need to use the lights properly because camera reads the language of light as without light it is blind you cannot use make use of it without proper lighting system. For the best use I would like to advise you to use it on manual mode. Take care of your lens and use the best quality lens for the best result. As bad lens can deteriorate the quality of the pictures. Properly clean your lens and use best cleaning tools for it.


  8. First of all Playing NTSC is not a problem. Most TVs sold in India (even old CRT ones) can play NTSC (and PAL) video. Virtually all DVD players you buy in India or US will support NTSC. Indian ones will also support PAL. And the thing about Sony Camcorder HDR-XR550V is that its features tell us all about it Main Features Camcorder Sensor Resolution 6.631 megapixels ,Camcorder Effective Video Resolution 4.15 megapixels ,Camcorder Effective Still Resolution 6 megapixels ,Camcorder Interpolated Still Resolution 12 megapixels Color Support Color ,Image Processor BIONZ ,Face Detection Yes,Still Image Format JPEG ,Remote Control Remote control – Infrared ,TV Tuner None . Camera Flash Effective Flash Range 1 ft – 6.6 ft Flash Memory Flash – Memory Stick ,Supported Flash Memory SD Memory Card ,Digital Storage Media Hard disk drive – Built-in – 240 GB ,Image Storage JPEG 4000 x 3000,JPEG 4000 x 2250,JPEG 640 x 480 ,Media Type Hard disk drive ,Flash card ,Recording Speed HQ,LP,SP,FH,FX I thk ths will help you.

  9. My suggestion on that case will tthat first you  need to know about both the lcd and plasma tv difference.Plasma screens are more like your classic CRT TV screen than any of the other mentioned displays. It uses chamber of electrically charged ionized gases, very much alike a fluorescent tube. Electronic impulses are sent through the display and then the gases light up to form a picture. It also has a chance to have an image burned into the display itself if the same image is left on the screen for extended periods of time. This display is a no-no.LCD displays use a lot of little pixels, all filled with liquid crystals (from there the name, Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD) to produce an image when electronic signals is sent through them. It must be noted that these crystals can only reproduce colour, and not light. As such, and LCD display has a large panel of light behind these crystal, to enable you to see what happens on the screen. LCD displays are cheaper, lighter and less energy-hungry than both CRT or Plasma displays, and as such it has replaced the older two typesSo, now that you have the explanation, it’s easy to see that I must recommend the lcd tv as the “best”. It’s future-proof, energy efficient and overall marvellous.Personally, I’m a big, big fan of the Samsung 5-series TV’s. They aren’t that expensive.

  10. There are many Noise Cancelling Headphones but if you need best  Noise Cancelling Headphones You could try the Audio Technica ATH-M50, which is not noise canceling, but is a closed-back headphone so will passively isolate you from noise. I travel a lot on planes and I’ve found that a good closed headphone works just as well as noise canceling headphones to cut out the noise. In fact, I’m off on a flight tonight and I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing 6 hours listening to my Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones Anyway, back to the Audio Technica. They’re supposed to be one of the very best headphones available at the $150 level. The headphone addicts over at head-fi.org love them and often recommend them as upgrades for people who are unhappy with the sound of their Beats or Bose. And I believe the Beats Solo headphones have excellent sound, quality construction and sleek design which make them worthy of their price. They are, in my mind, a better buy than the more expensive Beats Studio headphones. Only if you are a frequent flyer who would benefit from noise-cancelling should you consider buying the Studio headphones. Otherwise, the Solo headphones are the ones to get

  11. there are many graphic video cards available in market and all are almost good and worth buying i depends upon the user which he wants to try and make use and one more thing your work also heps in depending what kind of video card will suit u.i am also going to change my graphic card (i have intel gma x3100) but because of my budget its very hardthese are some cards i selected hope u can also chose best one for u in it.Sapphire Radeon HD 2400 PRO 256MB (1GB HM) –Rs.1,890NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT 512MB DDR2 Graphics Card – 3,000/-XFX Nvidia GeForce 9400 GTPalit 8400GS 512MB DDR2 Price – 2,250/-GeForce 2MX 256MB DDR2 Graphics card price – Rs.1,40064MB; GeForce 3 256MB DDR2 Graphics card price – Rs.1,550Radeon 8500 256MB DDR2 Graphics card price – Rs.2,100Radeon 9000 512MB DDR2 Graphics card price – Rs.2,200Zebronics nVidia 8500GT 256 MB —Rs.2690Zebronics nVidia 8500GT 512 MB —Rs.2295XFX 8400GS 512MB DDR2 Graphics card price – Rs.1,800XFX 8600GT 512MB DDR2 Graphics card price – Rs.3,000XFX 8600GT 256MB DDR3 Graphics card price – Rs.3,000

  12. It depends on how much you really need. But keep in mind that 8GB pen drives cannot hold a single file of more than 4GB. This is a design limitation. I am not sure of other 16GB and above pen drives.its better to have two 4 gb pendrives instead of a single 8 gb,,,cuz of design limitation u cant carry more than 4gb of a single file,2 gb pendrives are waste,u cant carry much at a time.also larger the pendrives size,more it gets prone to crashing.U can buy kingston or transcend,,they serve worth their price..from my experiance sandisk is d best…check out this..SanDisk® Cruzer® Edge™ USB flash drive 16 GB ,8 GB ,4 GB ,2 GB and last option is Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Edition Capacity : 2 GB USB 2.0 24MB read/10MB write Secure Flash Drive DTVP/2GB (Blue)Full Encryption 100 percent of stored data is protected by hardware-based, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)Fast data transfer rates of up to 24 MB/sec. read and up to 10 MB/secSecure drive locks down and reformats after 10 intrusion attempts.Supports Macintosh os

  13. I myself has used many dvd burner but for some I paid money and some I got free from internet one  which I got free is the DVD flick which  is free and no watermark. but it’s slow on my computer, and just support few special format videos well, you can try it by yourself, maybe ok on your computer, and I had tried many other free software too, but can’t find out a better one, some poor quality, some even viruses, so if you will, you can follow me to use a cheap software RZ DVD Creator, it can convert any formats videos to video DVD format and burn to any dvd disc(DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, etc), easy to use, insert a dvd disc into your computer dvd burner drive, run RZ DVD Creator, select the dvd burner drive as the target folder, drag and drop your videos into the software, then press the START button, you will get a right video dvd, and you can play the burned video DVD well on your dvd players. You could yahoo or google search and download RZ DVD Creator, only the registered version has no watermark, but so cheap, hope it could help you.

    It is good move to install surveillance cameras at your Grocery store. It will defiantly help you to keep check on the every activity happened in your store. There are numerous type of surveillance cameras are available in the market. The best I am discussing here  for you. One is  Covert surveillance cameras – These cameras look like regular items. A wall clock in a small store, a teddy bear in a baby’s room, a potted plant by the front door—each one of these could very easily be a surveillance camera. You can record without anyone knowing it. Second is Wireless security cameras – These offer more flexibility in set up. They are easy to install, can be moved easily, are often small, have no tell-tale wires, and are very discreet. Third one is Wired surveillance cameras – These cameras are appropriate for permanent setup. If you have one location that you would like to constantly monitor and will not need it to be changed, a wired camera is an option. Some may have to be professionally installed. And fourth is Night vision security cameras – These are ideal for any low-light areas, not just for the night time. The camera records in black and white in order to capture images best. Now it is upto you to decide with whom you want to go. 

    As you want to buy Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset si I am giving you the high point and low point of it .Highs point are as follows It has Excellent build quality features It is great for gaming once settings are adjusted by you .It has Good value for money Its desktop control works great .I must say its awesome It s low point are as follows Its Bass is way too overwhelming. Its volume control works in reverse . Its not good for music playbackThe Cooler Master Storm Sirus gaming headset will be  a fantastic first time attempt for the you .Arguably one of the better looking gaming headsets I have seen lately, the Sirus gaming headset looks like a piece of hardware you would find in a stealth fighter. It’s bathed in a flat matte grey and black rubber coating surrounding a thick and durable plastic shell. The hinges and joints on the  headset lay flush when they are not being used, helping to create a very streamlined look.At an affordable $129, most hardcore gamers will find the Sirus work great, and thanks to their excellent build quality, are sure to last for quite some time.

    Press Setup on your remote control to go to the system settings menu on your TV screen.Use the left or right arrows on your remote to go to the Preference Page.Scroll down the menu with the up or down arrows until you get to Password option. Choose this option using the right arrow button on the remote. This will take you to the password settings menu on the screen.Use the up or down arrows to choose a setting for your DVD player. Hit ok  to confirm that the DVD player is preset to Level 8 for you.Change the upper  levels whenever you play a new disc. Go back to the Preference Page from your remote. Use the down arrow to go to Password, and then choose the right arrow again to select the password option.Choose your rating level from the right side of your TV screen. Using the up or down arrows on your remote, pick 1 for movie, 4 for songs, or 6 for photos  Press the ok button on your remote to confirm your new setting.Enter a 6-digit password so that any other person can’t access the dvd. Type in any numbers 1 through 9 using the alphanumeric keypad on your remote. Select the ok button to confirm your password. Press Setup to  exit the Preference Page, and then the Setup main menu to start watching your movie.

  17. i am sending you the features of vizio tv 32 inch lcd its Display Features are The Vizio 32-inch LCD TV features a high-definition screen that measures 31.51 inches on the diagonal.The display is capable of an output resolution of 720p, at a native pixel resolution of 1,366 by 768. It has a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and can display 16.7 million colors.its Inputs and Outputsis as follows The Vizio 32-inch LCD TV has two rear HDMI ports for connecting high definition input devices such as Blu-ray disc players and video game consoles. Older and standard definition input devices can be connected via the television’s component, composite and S-Video ports. There is an additional set of component ports on the side of the television, allowing easier access. There are rear audio outputs for both digital optical audio and stereo audio. The Vizio 32-inch LCD TV can be also used as a computer monitor by plugging a PC into the rear computer RGB port.its Dimensions and Weight is The Vizio 32-inch LCD TV measures 31.57 inches wide and stands 21.14 inches high without the stand. The body of the television is 4.11 inches thick. Off the stand, the Vizio 32-inch LCD TV weighs just over 20 pounds.Attaching the included stand increases the height of the television by about 3/4 inch and the weight by a little over two pounds. The television can be mounted a wall, though the necessary hardware is not included.

    If you enjoy drawing or writing on your iPad, you may wish to use a stylus instead of your finger. An iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad touchscreen uses a conductive technology that only responds when you touch it with your finger or another conductive element, so normal styluses do not work with the iPad. Although you can purchase styluses designed specifically for the iPad, you can also create a homemade iPad stylus using a few tools and parts.
    Disassemble the pen completely until you have a hollow plastic tube. On most pens, do this by unscrewing the metal tip, removing the ink tube and pulling off the end-cap on the back of the pen.
    Cut an inch-long strip of conductive foam, approximately the width of the pen tube.Cut approximately a foot of 24 or 22 gauge wire and strip approximately 2 inches of the insulation off one end of the wire using wire strippers.
    Insert the stripped end of the wire through the center of the conductive foam, then wrap the remaining portion of the exposed wire around the foam five to six times.
    Insert the other end of the wire into the hollow pen tube and pull it through until approximately 1/4 inch of conductive foam protrudes out of the tip of the pen tube.
    Strip the remaining bit of rubber off the exposed wire from the back of the pen tube using wire strippers.
    Wrap the exposed wire around the pen, starting at the back and working forward, so that your hand touches the wire while you hold the pen naturally.
    Cut the exposed  conductive foam using scissors to shape it in a “V” shape.



  19. Devante Jennings

    I will suggest you to buy carbon fibre case of guardian company it’s the best one to have it for your iphone . The new Guardian carbon fiber case is hand crafted and lightweight. The new fit and finish provide exotic sports car styling with sophisticated luxury comforts. All while allowing users complete access to the iPhone 4 features.  This real carbon fiber case has an unique appeal unlike any other and is nowavailable in seven colors. Combined with a super strong hand polished carbon shell, an aerospace aluminum closure mechanism, the snug form fitting liner. and our new lifetime warranty. There is no going wrong with this state of the art carbon fiber iPhone 4 case. But I  must tell you that its very very costly . it is  $89.99 . I know you are also amazed but its true . the elaborated details are a s follows . it is Hand crafted with 4 layers of genuine carbon fiber for serious protection. 
    it has Aerospace Aluminum clip secures both halves together.
     it has Hand polished high gloss clear coat finish.
    it has Lined with snug high quality neoprene to provide a supple cushion. 
    it has Super thin to keep the iPhone 4 feel and beauty.
    it has  Intelligent design offers complete access to all of the iPhone 4 controls. 
    it has Removable locking bottom allows for simple  docking
    it has Lifetime Warranty.

  20. As per my knowledge Koss KSC75headphone is the best The KSC75 Titanium headphone delivers unbelievable sound reproduction while clipping comfortably over the ear. Soft, foam ear cushions, guarantee an open, hear-through sound-perfect when you want to stay connected to your surroundings. Pivoting earplates provide a better fit than most clips. The KSC75 features dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response from 15-25,000 Hz. A 2 mil. titanium coating on its diaphragms increases the rigidity of the element, minimizing mechanical distortion and ensuring exceedingly accurate sound reproduction. Computer-optimized neodymium iron boron rare earth magnet structures allow the KSC75 to deliver greater volume, even with low-voltage portable devices. Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer sound. Perfect for travel, the KSC75 includes a straight dual-entry four-foot cord, and a gold-flashed 3.5mm (1/8″) plug. A popular model in the Koss headphone line-up, the KSC75 delivers outstanding sound at home or on-the-move.Built to last, the KSC75 is covered under Koss’ Limited Lifetime Warranty –  the only warranty of its kind in theheadphone industry.

    Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 will be a good buy for you. Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 is equipped with a wide-angle lens; it has in-built USB cable, and consistently good automated behavior. Typical for their price class, the no-frills Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 produce generally subpar HD video, but if you’re not picky you’ll probably be fine. The CX130 is the best buy of the three, as long as you go cheap on the memory card. It is well under your price list and its advance technology made it favourite among other competitors. Sony Handycam HDR-CX130 produces pleasing and sufficiently saturated colour, if a bit coolly white-balanced, and while bright highlights get blown out, that’s an acceptable trade-off for the price that most users probably won’t mind. Moderately low-light video looks decent, albeit a bit soft and noisy, and in very dim living-room shadow-level light, the camcorder trades off colour for visibility and sharpness, producing usable video with a not-unpleasant graininess reminiscent of black-and-white. Sony camcorder will be helpful to produce a quality documentary and for your random video it can make movement felt.

  22. you want a wireless adapter  then i will  suggest you to buy pci  stands for “Peripheral Component Interconnect,” an industry standard for connecting devices to a computer’s central processor. PCI works by establishing a common interconnect called a bus that all connected devices share for communication. PCI is the most common interconnect used in desktop personal computers. A PCI wireless adapter card connects to a desktop computer’s PCI bus. Because the PCI bus is contained inside the computer, the unit must be opened and the wireless network adapter installed inside. An example of a PCI wireless adapter card  is the Linksys WMP54G. This unit is more than 8 inches (200 mm) long in order to accommodate the standard connection strip required to electrically join to the bus. The unit attaches and fits  inside the PCI, although the wireless adapter card antenna stick outs out the back of the computer.These adapters are 802.11g Wi-Fi compatible and provide high speed data rate of up to 54 Mbps. Using these wireless adapters is easy as these allow seamless internet connection anywhere. We follow international quality standards while fabricating these wireless  adapters. 

  23. according to my suggestion u must go with  16GB Spy Camera Pen with Voice recorder ahich is Ace 16GB Spy Pen Hi-Resolution Pocket Video Camera Model: 16GBSPYPEN – US Supplier.This brand-new Ace 16GB Spy Pen is also a Hi-Resolution Pin-Hole Pocket Video Camera with a Voice Recorder. It is an actual pen, so it’s small enough to fit in your shirt pocket while in use. This is not a toy but a real spy pen similar to those used by law enforcement officers. It is fully functional and comes with a 1-Year Warranty.Features Include:
     World’s smallest mini-digital-video-recorder (DVR), Pinhole camera with microphone (audio capture) hidden inside,High definition camera (640×480 pixels),Built-in Microphone can record clear audio within a 10-foot range,One button recording,Smooth writing,Rubber finger grip,Universal replaceable ink cartridge,USB 2.0 interface,16 GB Built-in memory flash drive,Charge using included power supply or with USB, High reading & writing speed: 900 K/700K bytes/sec, Supports Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS and LINUX,Built-in high-capacity lithium battery lasts for up to 2 hours,352×288 CIF file in MP4/AVI format,Sleek silver design
    Package Includes
    Ace 16gb Pen,Manual,CD-Rom,Wall Charger, USB Extension Cable,1 Year Warranty

  24. Devante Jennings

    I think your receiver is not new and might be having some technical fault. I wonder why you opted for the eBay for electronic stuff. Tell me more about your problem; is the problem common to either channels or just one? If on both channels, does the noise appear simultaneously on the other channel? A likely cause could be a dry joint on the pre-amp board and most likely limited to the stage after the volume control as you have suggested. Check all the connectors are firmly seated as they may have come slightly adrift during transport. Anything is possible and as you can appreciate, diagnosis via proxy isn’t easy. Dry joints and/or leaking electrolytic capacitors are the likely suspects. Look for any bulging caps or black sticky stuff. I think you need to clean it if you can’t do it yourself then contact any good technician, he might help you better.

    it is not the problem of windows 7 may be you are doing something wrong try to follow these steps . Double click the downloaded Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000  Click the white circle next to the “Typical installation (recommended)” option to place a dot in it. Click the “Next” button in the lower right-hand corner. Click the “OK” button if you are alerted that there is a newer version of QuickCam available for download.Click the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” option on the next screen that appears. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen to continue the installation.Choose whether you would like the software to install the “Logitech Desktop Messenger” program during the installation. Click the “Next” button to proceed. The installation wizard will begin copying the software’s files to your computer automatically.Connect the provided USB cable from your QuickCam Pro 9000 camera into a USB port on your computer when prompted. Ensure that the camera is capturing video in the installation window. Click the “Next button to continue.Click “Finish” in the window that appears alerting you that the installation of the QuickCam software is complete. Select your computer’s default microphone and speakers in the “Audio Tuning Wizard” window that pops up. Click the “Next” button to continue to the “Microphone and Speaker Placement” screen.Click “Next” on the “Microphone and Speaker Placement” screen. Click on the “Play Sound” button and adjust the slider on the screen to set the volume at your preferred level. Click “Next” to continue.Speak into your computer’s microphone and use the slider on the screen to set the volume at an appropriate level. Click “Next” to continue. Click the “Finish button on the next page that  appears.

    I must tell you that iDump is FREE but it does not support ipod touch. So I personally use this iPod to Computer Transfer software. It helps me to transfer my songs/videos/photos/playlists/books etc from my ipod touch to my computer directly and safely. It is a paid one but works pretty well for me. Free download it at: http://www.ipodtocomputercopy.com/ipodco and i Hope it will help you.
    You can even Transfer Movie, Music and Photo from iPad/iPhone/iPod to Mac With iMedia Transfer for Mac, you can easily transfer Movie, Music, Photo, TV shows, Podcast from iPad / iPhone / iPod to Mac. Or Transfer from iPad / iPhone / iPod to iTunes directly, support latest iTunes 10.2. I hope this will help you out”!

  27. The XviD codec stores high-quality digital video in a compressed file format. Videos compressed with XviD will play on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers, along with a variety of portable media players and cell phones.Its Features are as follow XviD, which is based on the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG-4 Part 2) standard, can compress digital video at ratios of 200:1 or higher. The codec will compress both standard- and high-definition video and supports a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It uses the AVI file container format to store compressed video files. XviD also supports MP3 and AC3 audio.The Benefits are XviD can compress a 4.7 gigabyte DVD movie to fit onto a single 650 megabyte recordable CD with minimal loss in picture quality. The codec offers better compression and faster encoding times when compared with other MPEG-based encoders, including MPEG-2 and DivX. The developers offer XviD for free under the General Public License.   Download the latest version of the XviD Codec by following the link in Resources.Install XviD Codec by opening the downloaded file. The first window will prompt you to press Next to begin the installation. Read through the license agreement. When you’re done, choose I accept the agreement and then select “Next” to continue. Read the important information on the current version of XviD Codec being installed and the bug fixes. Choose “Next” to continue with the installation. Select “Browse” to place the XviD Codec software in a specified location. By default ,the software will create its own separate folder. Choose “Next” to continue on with the installation.Place a check mark next to Decode all supported FourCCs (DivX, DX50, MPV4). This will allow the installation to also decode videos so the program may read them properly. Choose “Next” to continue with the installation.Select Install  the software will complete its installation. To confirm the completion of the installation, choose  Finish.

    the 32 bit Saber DAC sounds very good. It only took a couple of seconds into the first song to recognize it sounds significantly better than the built-in DAC in my Marantz cd-6000 KI. Where the Marantz sometimes can sound harsh and in-your-face with violins/crash-cymbals the 32 bit Saber DAC just sounds relaxed and displays those sounds with a better depth in the sound-stage, and not harsh at all. I think the (slight) harshness is what also makes the cd6000 ki sometimes sound up-front and hence obscuring the soundstage.Wider and deeper soundstage, better micro dynamics, effortless with complex sounds. Relaxed without being laid-back. Maybe that is what others describe as the 32 bit Saber DAC being transparent or not adding anything of itself to the sound.Some weeks before I completed my 32 bit Saber DAC some friends came over to compare the DAC of the Marantz with the Benchmark (non USB, earlier analog circuitry). The Benchmark just barely “won” over the Marantz and it took some careful listening to selected recordings to hear the differences. We were expecting a much bigger improvement than what we heard to the big disappointment for the Benchmark owner. All of us thought the benchmark was better, but not worth the investment.

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  30. If you want the best Surveillance Camera  in less price then I will suggest you Costar CCC3400 Security Camera it is the best in the market yet and even its price is less The Costar CCC3400 is a black-and-white security camera designed for surveillance. It offers basic video surveillance through constant recording without the high price tag of more complex models. The security camera has the basic features expected in a mounted camera, along with several image adjustment controls. its Core Specifications The camera has a 1/3-inch interline CCD Sony image sensor, which produces 380 lines of resolution. Its shutter speed ranges from 1/60th to 1/100,000th of a second, and its white balance scale ranges from 3,200K to 8,000K. Its minimum illumination is 1 Lux at f/1.2. The camera is equipped with a standard 75-ohm cable ouput. its Additional Features The camera is powered by a 24-volt AC source and consumes a maximum of 4.5 watts. It operates best at temperatures from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of less than 96 percent. It is recommended to be viewed on a 14- or 21-inch monitor and weighs 14.9 ounces.
    let talk about Pricing and  Availability The camera costs about $150 new and can be found used, on average, for around $60. Because of the camera’s specialized nature, it most likely will be sold online through a dedicated security device store.

    Even i faced the somewhat similar problem when i bought laptop with a Nvidia optimus graphics card five year ago. So i must tell you that new Nvidia updates its driver regularly. And you must update them because Additional Software includes 3d Vision which is needed for better gamming performance and Application manager helps you to configure driver settings, which is useful for some application trouble shooting purposes. Finally I suggest, do all Windows Updates, including Software and Hardware, not just the Critical Updates. You must Download the Device Drivers, and any additional software, directly from your Nvidia website. Or Visit the official Nvidia website and i am sureThis link will automatically detect and install, the latest device drivers for your nVIDIA products.

  32. Don’t worry I will provide you each and every details of ipod so that you can take the right decision .First of all let talk about display details it has 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen with multi-Touch display and has 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch . now come to audio features 
    Its Frequency response is  20Hz to 20,000Hz
    The Audio formats supported with it  AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV .it has User-configurable maximum volume limit. Now come to headphone features  
    You will get Earphones with it . 
    Its Frequency response is 20Hz to 20,000Hz  
     Its  impedance is  32 ohms TV and video features are as follows 
    It support H.264 video up to 720p, 30 frames per second, its Main Profile level is 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats .
    It also support MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file  formats

  33. I will suggest you the Nikon Coolpix P500 Digital Camera. It is equipped 12.10 Megapixels, 36.00x zoom and 3.0 inch LCD. It is also priced at reasonable $395.74 that is very competitive to its nearest rivals like Sony and other well known brands. The Nikon P500 is like having a digital SLR and a very large bag of lenses and adapters, all compressed into one small, light package. While long zooms used to be limited at the wide-angle end, the Nikon P500 sports an ultra-wide-angle lens, starting at 22.5mm! That means less stepping back to get it all in; in fact, many users will do well to zoom in a bit for most photographs. That’s made easier thanks to the inclusion of an additional zoom control on the side of the lens, which helps you remain a little steadier as you zoom all the way in to 810mm equivalent. That’s such a long zoom that though Vibration Reduction helps, it’s hard to keep on target without a steady hand. Its continuous mode can capture up to five frames at eight frames per second, as well, making the Nikon P500 a great choice for casual sports shooting. Video is another major feature of the Nikon P500: it can record Full HD movies (1080p) with stereo sound.

  34. I hope my suggestion will help you in this problem so you just try looking in the device manager for the monitor and make sure the “allow Windows to turn this device off” option is not set, it will switch it off to preserve power if Windows decides it is not power efficient especially when running on batteries only with the laptop. Plug it in and then connect the cable and see if it behaves as it should, if not then as above, if still no change then check the power option settings in control Panel and your issue is in one of the settings for when the monitor is set to shut down.  Possibly even update your VGA drivers as the issue may be the graphics card is not coping with the HDMI output.


    The Zune HD delivers one of the best portable music and video experiences money can buy. At a time when many people have shifted their focus to games and applications, providing a killer media experience may not be enough for potential Zune buyers. The Zune HD (32GB – platinum) is a brilliant OLED display with HD Radio tuner. It has long battery life and movie rentals, and its subscription music integration finally give iPod expatriates something to shout about. But still I would like you to know its shortcomings too as still you can’t use the Zune with a Mac, Marketplace purchases require “Microsoft Points,” video format support is limited, audio quality lacks advanced controls, you’ll need to purchase a dock accessory for HD video output, application and game selection stinks, and the recommended music subscription plan puts the real-world cost higher than the iPod. However it is still one of the best products in the market. There are so many retailers in Detroit city even you will find at least one in every corner, but I will suggest you to get it from the online store. You can trust them and need not to worry as company’s service centre give full guarantee as any store give.


    Get decent cables but you don’t have to get rs 450 a foot Monster cables or anything crazy. Avoid cheap stuff with generic parts like the ones at Banjo Deopt which are about rs100 for a 20 foot cable. Making your own cables is easy to do and is a skill. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve created a cable that Ineeded in the middle of a session so in summing up (and keeping it simple- guy’s he just want’s to get recording!)……You can’t go wrong with any of the cables mentioned. Get the mogami if you can afford it. Have fun!Then later when you have some spare time, learn to solder. It’s easy, and will make things cheaper for ya in the long run.But it’s obviously not what you wanna do right now, so don’t sweat.Also, I’d like to add that personally, I prefer to buy alot of cheap cables and replace as needed, rather than a few expensive ones. In my experience, the midrange-expensive cables wear out almost as fast as cheap cable

    I had the same problem so I followed this procedure: Step1: i dismantled the left ear cup. There’s a total of 4 screws to take apart the left ear cup in which two of them are hidden within the thin sheet of padding that surrounds the plastic of the ear cup (not the outer foam part of the ear cup which can be taken off the ear-cup quite easily) and the other two are visible once you take off the foam part.  Step2: I tried to determine the source of why the sound was cut off only on the left ear cup but fiddling around with the speaker wires inside the ear cup to see if I get any sound out of that action sorta got me to conclude that it isn’t due to any of those speaker wires. Step3: i then reflected back on how when i press on the foam towards my ear, there’s a momentary sound. that gave me the idea to use my little screwdriver to press down on the actual plastic covering of the speaker where the bare conductor runs through it. When I pressed down on the plastic covering where the bare conductor is passing through it, the sound came back like there was no problem at all.  the thing is is that i thought about going further and dismantling the speaker itself out of the ear-cup and then had second thoughts to it because thats really getting into dangerous territory where i could possibly seriously damage the speaker. Anyhow here’s the solution: I added a little cotton pad on that area where the bare conductor runs through the plastic covering of the speaker, so that when the foam part of the ear-cup is applied to the ear cup itself, the cotton pad presses down on that plastic covering part. This gave me my sound back just like there was no problem to begin with. This was how I fixed up the problem. Hope u’ll do the same.

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  39.  I do not have that camera in particular, but I do have the Canon PowerShot G9, which is very very similar in terms of the options/settings it has available. They are both excellent cameras, with the primary difference being that the S5 IS does not support the RAW file format, but it does have the tilt/swivel rear LCD. Anything in particular you need help with?I would start by familiarizing yourself with the basic settings on the top dial…namely auto, landscape, portrait and sports mode. Once you’re comfortable with when to use each of these, you can move onto understanding shutter and aperture priority mode (and the concept of aperture and shutter speed in general). Take a look at the tutorial on this website for an overview of the basics of camera lenses. The manual for this camera is actually pretty decent as well, so that’s worth reading through.Overall, I prefer to learn by necessity rather than delving into the camera manual right off the bat. For me, this would involve just playing around with the camera in auto/portrait/landscape/sports mode, and then looking at the resulting pictures to see why they did not did not turn out well. Get comfortable with when to use each mode. Then once a problem is identified, I would dig into the manual to find an answer. This way it does not seem so overwhelming, and there’s a hands-on experience to relate to what you read.

    It is very easy mate; I have also did it for my 2 GB micro SD card. First you need to put your microSD in a cardreader connected to your computer. Then make a folder name on your desktop so that it do not misplaced or something. After it you need to copy the entire contents of microSD card to that folder you have created on the desktop. Make sure and do a cross check that you can see hidden folders, as some time it can create problem. Insert new microSD into cardreader, copy entire content to new microSD. And if the computer asks you to format the microSD, choose FAT/FAT32 format, not NTFS. And when you connect your phone to your computer just select “disck drive”, copy all the contents to where ever on your computer. Swap out to the new SD card, copy all the data back. Now your new microSD card is ready for use with all your data. And make sure that your system has extendable memory capacity only then bigger micro SD card will work efficiently.

    There are so many good armbands for iPhone available in the market and I am suggesting you few good one. ProFit Armband is one of them and is high quality & most comfortable armband for iPhone 4. It is so comfort that you will feel as if you have not wear it. It’ll cost $39.99. Dual Fit Armband is highly comfortable and provides full protection no matter whether you are exercising or n the go. These are made using lightweight material and having Velcro closure so you adjust it as required. It will cost you $24. EcoRunner Armband is eco-friendly iPhone 4 Armband. This has been designed for people who are having active lifestyle.  It is priced at $34.99. SportShell Convertible is kind of stylish and multipurpose Armband for iPhone, as you will have great combination of a tabletop viewing case, a hard shell case, a belt case and an armband case. It is priced at $44.99. Another one is FastFit that is custom designed and comfortable Armband for iPhone 4. This is lightweight armband made up using breathable stretch material. It is having slim design and will cost $29.99. MapMyRUN is a tablet spectator application and is best in its category so don’t worry.

  42. The PerfectWave DAC will change the way you think about digital to analog converters forever. It accesses high-resolution digital audio data from multiple sources such as a CD transport, CD player, computer, network, or the Internet and converts the data to the most musically natural sounding analog audio ever produced. The PWD is the first high-end product to fully transcend the limitations of traditional digital to analog converters by providing uncompromised performance for any media delivery or storage system possible. This means that it no longer matters how the digital audio data is stored or delivered, the PWD produces the same high performance audio sent over a network, taken from a hard drive, a CD or even downloaded via the Internet. As a music server, the PWD can access and control any compatible network source such as a network hard drive (NAS), or stream music directly off the Internet.
    PerfectWave System is the PS Audio brand trademark for a high-end digital audio system consisting of either, or both, the PerfectWave Transport and the PerfectWave DAC
    PerfectWave products are engineered to provide exceptional audio performance regardless of the digital data transmission method, including data over Ethernet, SPDIF, aesebu, Toslink, or wireless.   Very close performance levels without regard to transmission of data methods are achieved through the use of PS Audio Digital Lens technology acting as a buffer and data regeneration point.


  43. There is a lot talk about the trouble shootin problem in bose wave radio as in your case you r facing with the problem of sound it means that tere must be some problem in your bose wve radio system or the plugs were you r atttaching them so the best thing to suggest you is that pls chk your bose wave radio by some electric enginner or contact the company for a solution because your question is not upto the point and there can be many reason for ths problem which will make it for the best solution you get.but you can even check the sources or the bose company forums where you can get a proper answer for ths question other wise it can happen due to the bose company fault because sometimes they Bose uses very, very cheap drivers in their speakers. They also use cheap materials with which to build the cases. The band pass designs that they use basically amplify certain frequencies over others, effectively creating a physical (and unadjustable) equalizer. You end up hearing frequencies that may sound good to you at the moment, but that don’t really do any justice to the music or represent the full range of the signal. I hope its benifited to you.

    From your tests it sounds like you have definitely shown that the cable is broken since your friend’s cable worked. I’m guessing that probably one of the wires in the cable either broke or was disconnected from the plug part. This can happen if there was any crushing force applied to the cable. Or maybe the plug was broken from being inserted incorrectly. It is hard to say. There is most likely no way to fix it. I recommend just buying a new cable. This cable is only $3 including shipping and it works great with Xbox and PS3.Have you tried hooking anything else (cable box, PS3, Blue Ray) up to the TV with an HDMI cable and has it worked? Have you tried all three different ports? Or you can give call to your Pioneer Vsx-1020-k operator their customer service will be pretty good and they may be able to assist you further.

  45. If you want to upgrade the mac book hard drive  then i am giving you the instruction which you should follow while  upgrading your mac book hard drive sata II 2.5 from 160 gb to 500 gb
      Make sure your MacBook laptop is turned off and turn it upside down. Insert a penny into the groove in the lock in the plastic battery cover and turn counter clockwise to release the battery cover. Remove the rectangular battery by lifting it up and sliding it out of its bay.
    Locate the metal L-bracket which runs along the inside of the battery bay. Remove the four screws which hold it in place with your phillips screwdriver and remove the bracket.
    Locate the small white tab that sticks out of the shorter side of where the L-bracket used to be. This is the hard drive tab. Gently pull this tab to release the MacBook’s metal hard drive from its slot and remove it from the computer.
    Unscrew the two pegs on either side of the old hard drive which secure the metal housing over the device. Remove the metal housing from the old hard drive and fit it over the new hard drive. Secure the housing with the pegs you removed from the old hard drive.
    Slide  the new sata II 2,5 hard drive into the slot, with the metal connectors facing inward and the plastic tab facing outward. Replace the metal L-bracket and the battery. Lock the battery cover in place and turn on your computer. Your hard drive is now upgraded.

  46. I to bought an Aspire 7720 about 3 weeks ago, and have been getting gradualy more and more annoyed by the Acer Notebook Restart ProblemAs stated by the original poster, sometimes it wouldn’t boot from sleep after being off for a while sometimes it would seemingly random.Mine was shipped with version 1.35, have just updated to 1.43 – fingers crossed, it’s booting as I type!!Twice, mine has also given a blue screen of death during boot from total power off…… this was however after having to force a switch off during the failed boot from sleep. It said (briefly) something about a memory dump then closed down.Again, it was fine when booted again, so perhaps it was just a dodgy file that had been written when I powered it off while the screen was blank (does that make sense?) and if does not help then  you should probably try reformatting the entire system.  Ths might solve your problem tc.

  47. I have this problem some years back with my gaming equalizer I have made it right by checking the manual but it was not solved completely so I went through some forum and and picked one suggestion from it and it really worked which I must share with that is, If you can see there are options in the audio property (on-board audio / ATI HDMI). Try uninstalling Realtek HDMI driver and reinstalling AMD HDMI audio driver for XP(download from AMD official site). Then restart your computer, select “ATI hd audiorear output” in the sound property. and then you can have a test of the system’s main sound volume, see if there’s any sound outpput. And also please do remember to change the playback plug-in while using some music players. I and if you want to download it than there are many sites available on google which will help you on it. Or else you can Download the AC’97 driver for Windows 7 (ZIP-file) Extract ONLY rtlcpl.exe from the directory for your system (“Vista” for 32-bit Vista/7, “Vista64″ for 64-bit Vista/7)  ,Run the file and do your thing , If you want to save the settings for later installations, the Equalizer presets are saved in the registry under the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAvanceAC97 AudioEq

  48. As far as my knowledge  you cannot load armagetron in windows 7 . but  if you are getting an error message that means your graphics driver is inadequate  it may happen that your graphics driver is broken or ot it is not supporting open gl which is very much needed .  many  times it may happen that open gl is not supporting for awhile due to some unknown reason so try to run it again .  if you will disable fancy desktop effects  it may  help you .  if all this help is not working then its sure you cannot load armagetron in windows 7 . so you have to install vista again or install ubuntu which is best for armagetron  . 
    Armagetron Advanced is a 3D game based on the light cycle racing in the movie “Tron”. You have to control a light cycle that can only turn in steps of 90 degrees, leaves a solid wall behind and can not be stopped. The aim is to survive the longest of all players by not crashing into any walls. This version of Armagetron Advanced can only be used as a network game server. It does not have graphical output and can be controlled via the text console. The normal Armagetron Advanced used for playing is also capable to serve games, but will require X to display its graphics, will provide a player and is therefore unsuited for  a permanent game servers. (dpkg package description)

    To install this package in Ubuntu,
    $ sudo apt-get install armagetronad-dedicated
    You can use dpkg to know more about armagetronad-dedicated after installing it
    $ dpkg -s armagetronad-dedicated

  49. look there is no big deal in it these problems occur frequently because sometimes its the user fsult or the system i will tell you a simple procedure how to  do it.UAC, otherwise known as UAP (User Account Control/User Account Protection) in previous builds is another one of those features that just seems to get in the way of doing your work. This feature is designed with the average user in mind who needs this kind of protection to keep themselves out of trouble. If you are reading this then chances are you know how to manage your own system. Here is how to disable UAP:Press the Windows Key + R (winkey + R).At the run prompt, type “msconfig” without the quot Go to the Tools tab, scroll down and select “Disable UAP” and click the run button.You should see a command prompt open and it will say “Command completed successfully”.Reboot and enjoy the freedom to control your system as you wish.That being said, no problems with iTunes itself. My 30gb iPod works fine. my 8gb Nano isn’t recognized.I’m sure there’ll be a new iTunes version within the next month or so bye

  50. I think you avg antivrus  got corrupted  so install it manually .try to follow my step to install it manually 
      Download the latest version of AVG Antivirus Free Edition from the AVG website. Save the file to your computer and do not run the installation program from the Internet. Save the file to a location that you can locate easily, such as your desktop.
    Restart your computer.
    Close all open applications. Find the AVG installation file you downloaded and run it.
    Choose your preferred installation language and click Next.
    Choose Basic Connection and click Next. The AVG Download Manager downloads the latest program files. When the download completes, it prompts you with the license agreement. Click the box next to “I Have Read the License Agreement” and select Accept.
    Select either Typical Installation or Custom Installation. Click Next. Make any desired changes to the username and click “Next.” Click to select any of the optional toolbars you want to install and click “Next.” The program now installs. The installation program automatically deletes any previous versions of AVG. Instillation takes several minutes to complete.
    Restart your computer to complete the installation.
    now update it . it will work fine

  51. Devante Bradley

    Hi Leonard! I will try answering your question in a good way and the best of my capabilities. A USB Ethernet adapter will allow you to use and share files within a network at very high speed that will range upto 100mps! It is a device that will help you to connect to various devices via an Ethernet cable with no usb cable required. To tell you these usb cables are shorter and less reliable so you are choosing the right thing for you. It will allow you to experience the plug and play technology that will give you the liberty to simply plug in the device into any usb port and connect Ethernet cable to it. You don’t have to buy a docking station for that. For an Ethernet adapter for your inspiron you can visit sites like homeshop18.com and dell.com. These will help you  buying one for your duo. And you don’t have to worry at all about the eorking as its gonna work all good. Rather you will enjoy it as a device I must say. Hope you have got a good answer to your question. Have a nice day ahead my friend!   

  52. Actually both of them Polk audio and Martin Logan are the best in the industry. Yes its true that martin logan definitely needs a lot of room and power as compared to the Polk audio as it is electromagnetic and needs a lot more power than the conventional woofers and if anywher u lack to provide the power supply it needs than you are compromising with the sound quality which will be degraded due to this. Now when we talk about the Polk Audio the only problem which i see in these speakers are that they have a side firing woofers, if you are an music lover and you are buying these speakers just for the sake of best sound quality then you should definitely aim at front firing woofers. Just because martin logan has an higher bass than the polk audio because it is electrostatic it gives martin logan an edge over the polk audio. Also not to forget Martin Logan are a bit costlier one than the polk audio. And before investing an amount close to $1000 just for the sake of improved sound quality one should go audition of both of these products for their personal satisfaction..

  53. Extron ISS 408 is definately one of the best HD capable switcher which can be used for routing and switching. I own an Extron ISS 408 and its truly seamless, glitch-free switching between eight inputs, each of which is fully configurable for all video types is just an experience of a lifetime which makes is a lot more easier for the production team to handle. With features such as 16 auto-memory presets per input, test patterns for projector setup, and Ethernet control, the ISS 408 is the ideal solution for professional AV applications but not to forget it is the best application for incorporate digital projectors and displays for sure. Now as far as Extron Matrix 6400 series is concerned, Its user-friendly front control panel, MKP 1000 remote keypad, or MCP 1000 Master Control Panel, its matrix switchers provide totally customizable and modular switching of composite video, S-video, component video, RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV, and one or two channel audio. It also has an RGB bandwitch of 430 MHz, which makes it capable of maintaining the integrity of any routed signal makes it the best suited choice of an HD capable switcher for live recording. Extron Matrix 6400 is surely a better choice over the Extron ISS 408 due to its cost effectiveness.

  54. Sony BLU ray player model BDP-N460, do not have a built in Wi-Fi which obviously makes it difficult to connect it with the wireless network. But it definitely has a USB port which helps you to connect to a network using cables. The built in Ethernet port along with the built in software makes it easy for you to connect the blu ray with your wireless network. But for this you have to buy a Linksys Wireless Ethernet Bridge (WET-610N) adaptor which is sold separately and it makes a lot more easier for you to connect the network to the player. But this adaptor is not provided along with the player and you have to pay extra pennies for it. Except this there is no such problem with the player once you have the adapter connected to it, otherwise if its comfortable for you to connect it through wire then no extra cost would be required for this.

  55. With Xplorer360 you can access the content of your XBox (original) and XBox360 hard drive and memory card. Sometimes even one prepares its pen drive to be capable of holding this kind of material even then certain times the pen drive does not respond to such files. Recently I had the same problem but the only difference which was there was that i was running the program on windows Vista, and it was not so easy but as I made Xplorer run as administrator it worked. But your problem is completely different as you are using Xplorer 360 with ubuntu but that really doesn’t seem to be the problem. But as you stated the situation the problem seems to be with the pen drive which may not be compatible with the Xbox 360 ,i suggest you to buy a 8 or 16gb flash drive xbox 360 from Amazon because there are situations even if you prepare your pen drive to hold this kind of material even then it does not respond to the program so its better to opt for an pen drive which can easily make up to the task without any efficiency problems.

  56. I am a proud owner of Zune HD (32GB – platinum) and have also heard the iPod Touch 4G and really guys after listening to both the players I came to a conclusion that Zune HD delivers one of the best portable music and video experiences money can buy. If you are an die hard music lover and planning to choose between the two players just for the sake of music than Zune HD is definitely a better choice than Apple iPod Touch 4G. But now at a time when many people have shifted their focus to games and applications, providing a killer media experience may not be enough for potential Zune buyers, as the fourth generation of Apple’s iPod Touch offers nothing but improvements, including an HD camcorder, front-facing camera, integrated microphone, FaceTime video calling, Retina Display, gyroscope sensor, and a slimmer, lighter design.On the other hand, the sleek design of Zune HD will definitely attract you towards itself as the Zune HD’s slender body (0.3 inch thick) and anodized aluminum construction has the futuristic and industrial look of a sci-fi movie prop. But if audio quality is the only concern to you than Zune HD just try to maintain its edge over the Apple iPod 4G.

  57. Smartphone is now one of the basic need of anyone who is a professional. 3 months back i was in a same kind of a fix while I wanted to buy myself a new smartphone whether which way to go. But my choice got stuck to HTC Touch HD T8282, Its 3.8-inch display is the biggest in this field and its WVGA (480×800) resolution is amongst the sharpest. The Touch HD feels fantastic to hold.It has an auto-focusing 5-megapixel camera that sadly lacks a flash. A second front-facing camera lives above the large touchscreen and is used for video-calling.It has HSDPA technology, Wi-Fi, a built-in GPS receiver. The Touch HD also makes use of the same excellent Opera Mini web browser. And its price is as exciting as it range starts from $437.63. And if it doesn’t clears the doubt in your mind than you should have a look at the Samsung Galaxy SL I9003, a LCD touch-screen display Android Smart-Phone, .It is powered by a 1GHz processor and features high speed connectivity 3G and Wireless LAN Wi-Fi and its range definitely fits in your budget with its starting range starting from $400. Also with a starting range of $412 the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, could be a good choice. It is the first android phone from Sony Ericsson. Its 8.1-mega pixel camera with autofocus remains its prime attraction. Nokia, Blackberry and LG also serves as some of the best smartphone producers.

  58. I am a proud owner of Samsung Vibrant. It boasts a brilliant Super AMOLED touch screen and comes preloaded with a number of entertainment goodies, including a full-length copy of “Avatar.” The Android-based smartphone also offers 16GB of internal memory, full wireless options, and great call quality. Vibrant’s 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, display supports 16 million colors and has a WVGA resolution, making it sharp and yes, vibrant. Vibrant runs on Android 2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 interface. The camera is located on the back as usual, but alas, no flash. To start, there are new widgets, including one called Feeds & Updates and another called Buddies Now. Feeds & Updates streams updates from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, and you can choose to display content from one, two, or all three of the social-networking sites, as well as set the refresh rate, ranging from 30 minutes to once a day. The only drawback one feels with this handset is that the handset feels plasticky and slick. I wouldn’t say that it’s fragile, but it definitely left a lot to be desired, especially compared with the solid and durable Nexus One, which was also one of my choices. The battery also will not give you a great experience due to its short life.

  59. Apples black Friday sale is one of the most lucrative and seeked upon sale in the US market. And as happened in the past this year in Apple Black Friday 2009, apple will be trying to keep up the promise with the type of deals which offer discounts on its products. To go back to the same examples they used for the U.K. and Australian Apple stores, the base model 13-inch MacBook Pro is $1,098, down from $1,199. In fact, it looks like all MacBook Pro models are exactly $101 off, while the $999 white MacBook is not discounted at all. This sale has been good online and in Apple’s retail stores and runs until 3 a.m. EST on November 28. And as you stated you are interested in Buying An Apple iPod Touch, it is expected that the the 32GB iPod Touch will be $268, down from $299. In the past Apple has surprised its users with its discount on the Apple black friday, as last year Apple offered a $101 discount on the unibody MacBook, a $51 discount on the white MacBook, $51 and $101 off the aluminum iMacs, plenty of iPod discounts ($11 off 8GB iPod nanos, $21 off iPod classics, and $21 off iPod touches) and a $21 discount on Apple TV and 500GB Time Capsule.

  60. FlippingBook Publisher allows you to build stunning flash flip books for both online and offline use in minutes. FlippingBook page flip engine – the best way to create digital editions such as any type of publications, magazines, brochures and catalogs. But the problems with its limitation of usage makes it a difficult task to cater with. Some months I also had to go through with the same problem, after extensive research I came with a solution to my problem with Axmag, aXmag offers a free “on the fly” – turn PDF to flash page flip conversion service. The only thing you need to do is to upload your file, and it will convert it for you. Or download the desktop converter to get PDF to flash page flip magazine files created on your local machine now. The biggest advantage of aXmag over the FlippingBook is that aXmag is also available online for its usage and its usability is not limited to PC. Also I considered Martviews which is adviced for Windows and Mac, it is a desktop/laptop/touch-screen friendly FREE eBook/PDF reader that is compatible with PDF and MART file. But aXmag is the only possible solution for the problem.

  61. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is an add on to your browser which provides the libraries, the Java Virtual Machine etc. which helps applications written in Java language to run on your browser. No it is not a browser it is just an add on to your browser. The application which are written in Java language and which usually needs plug ins to run on browsers needs Java Runtime Environment to run on any of the popular browser. The reason Java Runtime Environment is talked about is because of the two key technologies deployed in it ie, Java Plug-in and Java Web Start, which makes all the applets written in Java language to run on your browser. It is compatible with all the operating systems like Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7. JRE is also available for on-line download on cnet and many other websites.Yes, Java Runtime Environment download available on cnet is the official Java download from Sun Micro systems. This latest Java Runtime Environment Download is definetely a much needed application for any of the browser to make sure that any application written in Java language doesn’t need a Java plug in update to get installed in your computer once you have JRE in your pc.

  62. For any business professional smartphones is an must needed gadget. Apple iPhone always remains a first choice for any smartphone lover due to its amzaing features. But Palm pre definitely has some features to look forward for and give a stiff competition to the iPhones. Palm Pre may not be an ideal choice for the professionals but its well integrated features and and excellent multitasking capabilities makes it an appropriate option for gadget lovers. I own a Pal Pre Sprint and the only problem which i see in this smartphone is its sluggish keypad and the quick drainage of its battery. But the operating system on which it works it just gives a whole new way of working to the smartphones It even lacks the expansion slot for the small qwerty keypad. It also has a 24-bit color HVGA display is vibrant and sharp with its 320×480-pixel resolution, the touch screen is smaller than that of iPhone and Samsung Omnia but surely the brilliance is shown in the quality of the screen. If you are an buisness professional than you really need to give a second thought to Palm Pre but if you just love to have a well organised multi tasking smartphone than Palm Pre is the better choice.

  63. The unregistered version of Hypercam 2 is easily available for free download and its not a problem at all for one to get it installed into your PC. The quality of recording is not so good and also the unregistered or the downloaded version is also a mess to get it installed into your computer, because the downloaded version of the Hypercam 2 comes along with the installation of spyware into your computers and it makes a hell lot more difficult for you to get rid of these Spyware. Sometimes it even installs and spyware tool bar into your computer even if you opt for the no option. The licensed version comes free of these unwanted spyware but the poor video recording quality gives it a thumb down for its quality. It definitely is not a difficult task to find out the downloaded version of the Hypercam 2. And also one of the main problems with Hypercam 2 is that sometimes it even change your browser into Somoto and you don’t even find a way how to change your browser to the previous one. It is highly compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and the only solution for this software is buy the licensed version instead of the downloaded one.

  64. In the recent past Sony had been the undisputed champion in terms of production of Blu Ray Players. But with the interception of Panasonic, LG and Samsung in the blu ray manufacturing market it has been a tough competition for Sony in the market. Even tough there is stiff competition for sony but still it rules the Blu ray players market with Sony BDP-S580, its built-in Wi-Fi and more streaming services outcasts all the other competing Blu-ray players. And with its availability in the market under the $200 range it surely is the best choice in Blu ray players among all the others. Another extremely featured Blu ray player available in the market is LG BD670, its built-in Wi-Fi and an excellent suite of streaming-media services, including Netflix, Amazon Instant, Vudu, MOG, Napster, and vTuner makes it an exciting product but it is definitely missing with some features like Pandora, Skype, Hulu Plus and MLB. Now here is an expensive Samsung BD-D6700 which has dual HDMI outputs, built-in Wi-Fi, and one of the most extensive suites of streaming video services in comparable Blu-ray players this year, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, Vudu and Cinema Now. It is definetely the most seeked about product in its range. But its cost do remains a problem with your budget as its range starts from $210 in the market.

  65. Buying a Samsung Omnia II was one of the most efficient decisions of my life. As it boasts a spacious and sharp AMOLED touch screen. Samsung’s TouchWiz 2.0 user interface gives the Omnia II great customization options and is easy to use. The Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone also has advanced multimedia features, Wi-Fi, 3G support, Bluetooth, and GPS. And here is a list of all the possible wide range of applications which work on Samsung Omnia II, Mobiward Pocketkeeper, LogMeIn Remote Control, AE Button Plus, Resco Explorer, Google Maps, CotullaCode WVGAFIX3, Quick Menu, and Exidler FingerKeyb are the productivity applications and other than these productivity applications Pointui Home 2, BlueOcean PointSenseSuite, BlueOcean Point Sense HomeScreen, and DJXFMA PointSenseMusic in user interface, and Skyfire, Opera Mini 4.2.13216, and Opera Mobile 9.7 beta are the web browser applications supported by Samsung Omnia II. Along with these wide range of applications supported by Samsung Omnia II one will be happy to know that Samsung Omnia II is a Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition device. And yes with these features one also has the liberty to use apps like Google maps, eOffice, Google Reader, which makes it the most handsome smartphone in the market.

  66. Considering all of the demands put forward by you while buying your brand new 32 inch 3D tv with all the latest technologies and features, Toshiba 32TL515 proves to be the perfect choice for your new house. Toshiba 32TL515 has a LED-LCD screen which is 32 inch big, its latest technologies like its 3D compatibility, 1080p, 240 Hz, LED Backlight technology, Edge Light with local dimming makes it a big hit among the television with 3D compatibility range of tvs. And also the most seeked about feature in LED-LCD tvs these days are the Net tv feature, which is also featured by Toshiba 32TL515. Although it has some of the most attractive features, design, and passive 3D have merit, the picture quality issues of the Toshiba TL515U LED-based LCD TV lessen its appeal in the face of the stiff competition. Its starting range in the market starts from $750 and ranges to $950 in different stores. Toshiba 32TL515 is a perfect choice of TV which fits into your range and you doesn’t even have to compromise with its features.

  67. Yes, Apple was planning a recall of the iPhone 4 owing to the antenna problem, but they later found that the reception problem was some software glitch. To solve the problem, Apple, yes, did provide with free rubber bumper cases and they were useful. These rubber cases did actually solve the antenna problem caused by the hands coming in contact with the antenna on the side skirting of the iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 4 isn’t flash compatible, so in case you want flash you’d either have to hack the phone or go in for some other phone. There are no other major problems with the iPhone 4, it is selling in millions, and if you actually want to buy one, please go ahead and do it without a second thought.

  68. Sennheiser has product that meet your criteria fully. It has new RF 900MHz wireless headphone specially designed for those of us who want to watch TV or listen to music at night without disturbing the rest of the family. There are two Sennheiser wireless headphones available. The expensive one is RS140 that has a closed-back design (no sound leaks) and slightly better sound quality, while the RS130 has an open-back design. Both incorporate SRS Headphone virtual-sound technology for movie listening and come with a base station that recharges the included nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Its special closed-back design assures no sound leakage and has 900MHz wireless, so no line of sight required. It is equipped with intelligent tuning system that chooses the best of three base-to-headset channels available. Both headphones using integrated nickel-metal-hydride batteries and work up to 23 hours from single charge. As you wanted the eBay link http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=Sennheiser+RS130&_sacat=0&_odkw=Sennheiser+RS140&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=Sennheiser+RS140&_sacat=0&_odkw=RS140&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313

  69. Sony DCR SR68E and Panasonic SDR H85 are good Camcorder in their respective domain. Sony DCR SR68E is the advanced Camcorder for an outstanding photography experience. Sony DCR SR68E price is most favourable and makes a great buy. The Sony DCR-SR68E camcorder is light and compact with built-in 80GB hard disk drive with drop sensor for super long recording. It comes with touch screen controls. The Sony DCR-SR68E comes with a fully functional 2.7-inch touch screen that’s quite vibrant and crisp. Whereas, Panasonic SDR-H85 is like having a small telescope that is able to capture standard-definition video. With its 70x lens you’ll have no problem getting closer to your subject, and its optical image stabilization is very good even if you’re moving. You get full manual controls, too, as well as an 80GB hard drive for storage and the ability to expand that with SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. But it has also some issues with it like: Low-resolution LCD; dated user interface; poor low-light video; no external mic, headphone jacks. Both are good enough to look at and which one you want is your personal choice.

  70. Intermatic EJ500C Indoor Digital Wall Switch Timer is electronic and works well with incandescent lighting. I used different timer and found it better than them. It is programmable 24-hour timer; mounts flush to wall, replacing standard switch, it allows 7 on/off settings per day; for 2-way and 3-way switches; 4 programming options; 7-day timer. It has 2 backup battery and coming with 6-year warranty. I don’t think you want more than that. Intermatic digital wall switch timer is a replacement for your standard indoor wall switch. The optional self-adjusting features automatically change with daily sunrise and sunset time changes. Set it once and no resetting is required. Intermatic EJ500C Indoor Digital Wall Switch Timer accepts 120 Volt voltages. It also offers Battery Backup Yes and Digital Display. However, its small display is an only drawback, otherwise it is worth to own.

  71. MilleniaOne series paradigm speakers are good economic speakers and giving good results. However, as you said that it was working good at store and when you tried it at home it was not giving desired result. I think you need to reset it and also try to adjust it again. Check its position as well, speaker should not be positioned toward the wall and downturn, it can also decrease the sound of speakers. Make sure that you are using good wire as old and tampered wire can also cause the problem. Check out the voltage as well lower voltage could be the reason.

  72. The remote may already be set up to operate your brand of TV, VCR, or Cable Box. It is pre-programmed with following codes- TV-000, VCR-000, Cable Box-000, AUX is programmed with VCR code 037. It was an difficult task for me to code my new RCA remote to code it with my Samsung Cable box. Because the above pre-programmed did not responded to my new cable box, therefore it needed a lot of research so that I could program my remote to work even with the new cable box and i was lucky enough to to reach Thompsontv website where i found the codes for my RCA remote to code it with a wide range of TVs, VCR, Cable Box etc. For brands that require programming, there are two ways to program: Using Code Lists or Code Search. Use Code Search if the code lists are not available or if the codes from the lists do not operate a device. Most of the time TV’s and VCR’s will not need to be programmed. In the event that programming is required, the code search method is suggested. I suggest you to use the web page of Thompsontv find the respectable code and program your device along with your RCA Remote.

  73. I have a 73″ DLP 3DTV, if you are having problems with the 3D on PS3 you should try resetting the video settings by running the Display properties settings. Gran Turismo wasn’t working for me, but after I did that, no problem. But overall, I have no problems ever using the 3D modes and it is an amazing upgrade in games/movies where it is implemented well. The Last Airbender is underwhelming, but that is because of it just being a conversion, not native 3D. Native 3D material is a game changer whether anyone wants to admit it or not, it is almost the equivalent B&W to Color. while searching for a solution to my own ps3 not detecting my 3dtv, and the solution I found was to turn the ps3 off, then turn it on via the button on the console but hold it in for 5-6 secs til you hear a beep. This is the process of resetting the output of the ps3 (usually for switching from hdmi out to av out) but when I did this it recognised my tv as 3d, perhaps if you use the same process through your system it might work.

  74. App BrainAndroid doesn’t have a simple desktop solution for finding and downloading apps from the Android Market. App Brain is as close as you can get. This fantastic app lets users search the market from AppBrain.com, filter out spam apps, find recommendations, and mark apps that you wish to download. Then open up the App Brain market sync app and start downloading apps.FringVideo chat is available on the EVO with Qik, but the problem with that app is that it requires your friends to have Qik, too. Fring makes it possible to have live video calls on your phone using a platform your contacts probably already have: Skype. Fring takes advantage of the front-facing camera to do Skype video and audio calls, and it also supports audio/instant messaging on several protocols, including AIM, Google Talk, and MSN.Mobile DefenseThe EVO is the only phone I use regularly. You know why? Because I’m an idiot who turned off the tracking software that would have helped me find my lost/stolen phone. Mobile Defense is a great system that allows you to go online and track your phone if it is every lost or stolen. The phone can be plotted on a map, locked to prevent compromised data, and wiped completely if you can’t recover it. Download Mobile Defense right now and minimize the risk of losing your phone.TV.comSprint TV is included in your phone, but it doesn’t have all the content that you might desire. Take advantage of the EVO’s 4.3-inch screen and get more video programming from CBS-owned properties. Watch full episodes or clips of How I Met Your Mother and 60 Minutes, and get plenty more video clips from CNET, CW, or CBS News/Sports.-”Photoshop Express” is a decent free photo editing app. -”Angry birds” is an extremely popular game that is free in the Android market. -”TuneIn” Radio is an application for listening to local radio stations, it uses the internet to get them, unlike the FM radio app that requires you to use headphones as an antenna, which doesn’t work very well. -”Shop Savvy” is a good product search/barcode search application.-”VoterMap” is a cool app for political discussions if you are interested in that sort of thing.-”Runkeeper” is a really nice exercise management application.-eBuddy is an IM client that can connect to anything from AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN,Facebook chat, ect.Those are some of my most used free applications.

  75. The RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 boasts world-roaming capabilities as well as Bluetooth, GPS, and a 3.2-megapixel camera. The smartphone features a high-resolution display and an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard. Sprint offers a number of services for the handset and it also supports BlackBerry App World.Though it almost shares its looks with the Blackberry curve, tour has better QWERTY keyboard and design. Tour leaves us with a charming first impression. Though, slightly higher in weight compared to other Blackberry devices it didn’t take me much of a time to get used to it. Its wider dimensions has made it possible for RIM to have a well placed QWERTY keyboard. The rubber finish on the backside of the device made me hold the device even when I went to sleep, it’s really really smooth and satisfying to hold. My only concern is the silver lining on the device might wear out just like other devices.

  76. Dell Inspiron 1525 was an upgrade to the hugely popular Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop. Dell brought about slight changes in its design and looks more than the configuration front which was much required to the Inspiron 1520. It looks like they have taken the last criticism seriously, and have worked a lot on the new designs and looks. It looks stylish, Sleek and an ideal notebook for those user who look for Music, Multimedia playback and day today PC usage. It comes with pre loaded installed Windows Vista Home basic Service pack 1 edition, which can be upgraded to windows vista home premium and ultimate editions. inspiron 1525 is equipped with the following specs:• 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) CCFL TrueLife (glossy) screen• 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo T7250 processor• 2GB DDR2-667 SDRAM (up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM available)• 120GB 5400 RPM SATA HDD• 8x Dual-layer DVD±RW drive• Video: Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100• Wireless: Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Mini Card• Mobile Broadband: Dell Wireless integrated mobile broadband mini-cards Sprint and Verizon serice• Media Card: 8-in-1 flash memory reader• Input and Output Ports: 4 USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, IEEE 1394a, RJ11, RJ45, 2 headphone, 1 microphone, 1 ExpressCard 54mm slot, 3 mini-card slots, consumer IR, S-Video• No webcam (optional Integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam available)• Dimensions: 1.00″ – 1.48″ (height) x 14.05″ (width) x 10.08″ (depth)• Weight: 5.9lbs with 6-cell battery• Approximate price: $1,024 The Inspiron 1525 is definitely a solid notebook. It won’t win any awards for performance since it doesn’t offer the fastest processor or dedicated graphics. It is good for those that want a quality computer that performs well on office tasks and multimedia, but don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. I really like the fact the Inspiron 1525 is relative light and thin for a 15.4″ screen notebook. It has most of the port options you could want too. The lid design offerings are nice, though the actually look and shape of the notebook is pretty sterile and nothing as cool as the XPS M1530. Overall the Inspiron 15 is a good buy, will get the job done.

  77. Finding the home theater speakers that are right for you might feel like a game with too many options to consider. If you are a casual listener, almost any of the top-notch speaker systems will serve you well. The basic components of home theater system speakers have remained the same over time. The design of the speaker’s enclosure and the quality of the voice coil, cone and surround material are crucial elements of a quality speaker. I will recommend wireless surround sound speakers that I have just recommend to somebody else. These speakers are by many believed to be the best in the market for the price. Yamaha NS-SP1800 has everything you require, a 5.1 wireless surround sound and the sound in this wireless surround sound is just so good. Owners who’ve purchased the 5.1-channel Yamaha NS-SP1800 as a budget or secondary home theater speaker system seem pleased with its value and overall performance. Construction is solid, most say, however some complain that the included cables are flimsy. Sound quality is great considering the price but is really no match for more expensive systems such as the Definitive Technology ProCinema . Power is adequate for filling up a smaller space with sound, though the subwoofer is too low-powered to provide much of a kick for action films.

  78. The Sony BDP-S580 is a faster-than-average Blu-ray player and its exterior design is one of our favorites. The BDP-S580 has built-in Wi-Fi and the best current lineup of streaming-media services, including Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Slacker, and CinemaNow, and the free iOS and Android control app can search some streaming services. Among the four blu-ray players in Sony’s 2011 lineup, the Sony BDP-S580 is the best and comes with a full set of mouthwatering features. It comes fully equipped with the latest in home entertainment such as a full HD 3D feature and built-in Wi-Fi for streaming multimedia content. In addition, unique features such as Media Remote and Sony’s Gracenote Metadata Service go beyond what a normal blu-ray player does to bring you a complete and interactive user experience. It delivers a solid performance when it comes to playing movies, be it 2D or 3D. You can also turn your iPhone, iPad or compatible Android phone into a versatile remote control with search functionality when you download the free “Media Remote” app. Add compatible Sony HomeShare network speakers for multi-room wireless audio streaming throughout your home. Simple in its design, the BDP-S580 has made a conscious effort to conserve energy and the environment. Found on the front is the disc loading tray, display screen, basic control buttons and a USB Port. All other connections are located at the back of the player, including another USB Port.Price you should look for when purchasing – Under $200.00

  79. The brands you have mentioned are good but the best among all these is ASUS Eee PC 1215N .The ASUS Eee PC 1215N is the latest netbook to offer a 12-inch HD display and a dual-core Intel Atom processor to deliver multimedia entertainment and multitasking productivity. While this isn’t the cheapest netbook on the market, the 1215N promises to be the most powerful. The ASUS Eee PC 1215N is the latest addition to the “Seashell” line of Eee PC netbooks and features an attractive wedge design with a very thin profile at the front that gradually thickens towards screen hinge. This shape feels nice in your hands and looks even nicer when the computer is resting on a desk. ASUS claim up to seven hours of battery life, despite the 1215N being capable of full HD playback via its HDMI port. Other connectivity includes WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, three USB 2.0 ports, VGA, gigabit ethernet, audio in/out and an SD card reader. Some SKUs will also get USB 3.0. Storage is courtesy of a 5,400rpm 250GB hard-drive – with a bundled 500GB of ASUS’ online WebStorage – and there’s a 0.3-megapixel webcam which can be physically blocked with a sliding cover for those particularly paranoid about being secretly observed.Despite the price, build quality is strong. The brushed-metal effect lid is plastic, of course, but the chassis is generally creak-free and the battery locks into place without wobble. The chiclet-style keyboard is well spaced – the 12.1-inch 16:9 display leaving a decent amount of width for it – with plenty of well-labeled shortcuts. However, the Eee PC 1215N also comes with a rather heady price tag of $500, which some will say instantly prevents it from being called a netbook at all.

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  112. Normal



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    {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;
    mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt;
    mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    The Case should be fine.Specs for drive bays are as follows: External 5.25″ Drive Bays 3 External 3.5″ Drive Bays No Internal 3.5″ Drive Bays 6 and your Motherboard should have 6 SATA ports/connectors not including any PATA connectors you may have, so as far as 5 Drives & 1 optical, shouldn’t be a problem.cooling shouldn’t be a big issue either, don’t know what kind of 3.5″ drive cages it has, if it uses a 3 drive cage like most cases do like this, where it has a removable/movable 3x drive cage, if it does, maybe see if a 2nd cage can be bought & installed if only one is available.i know my Thermaltake Armor case which appears to be much bigger than this case, came with a 3 drive cage for the front, and pretty sure I can buy a 2nd to add more to the front, but not an issue for me since It has a 3 drive cage for the rear already, so technically it came with 2x 3 drive cages… but thats my case anyways, not sure how the Antec is configured?but if it is anything similar, or can have ordered to upgrade it, would look into that.otherwise all that stuff should fit in perfectly. also looks like the case is reasonably wide too with that 200mm top fan, not bad at all.

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  115. Maybe something in windows turns the monitor to sleep. You can exclude this by booting into the bios setup which operates at a lower level then windows. If your monitor works wel in the bios setup (normally you enter this by pressing F1 or delete or another key or key-combination during a certain moment while booting, for details look at the manual of the computer or mainboard) then it’s very likely windows itself is the cause and in that case maybe reinstall windows.When the problem also occurs in the bios setup then the problem is either a faulty monitor (like a defect on/off button or some other defect) a faulty videocable (try replacing it) or some other hardware defect, or a problem with the bios powermenagement settings (try switching it off), or even a slightly corrupt bios (you might try flashing it to the newest version although this is a risky procedure especially when your monitor ain’t working wel).You can exclude a faulty monitor by temporarily using another monitor and check if the problem persists (for this kind of tests it’s always handy to keep at least 1 working piece of old hardware when you replace it with something newer) Or you could try out your monitor on a different computer.

  116. first of all you should check that whether your desktop model no ds5g can work with ddr3 ram or not . ddr3 ram is a new version of ram and most of the desktop do not support ddr3 ram . as you are saying that your system is an older version of dell computers and your previous ram was ddr2 so i don’t think that ddr3 can support your system . even thought it might happen that your system can support ddr3 ram . you check it by visiting cruitial company website for all ram details . they will tell you whether your desktop model no ds5g can support ddr3 ram or not . it may happen that your desktop can support 1gb ddr3 ram but not 2 gbddr3 ram as every desktop has different capacity to support different type of ram . it the cruicial company website say you can support 2gb ram to your desktop . so do what i am saying . first of all close your desktop fully and then remove both rams . first fix the first 1 gb ram . and then start your computer. if it is working fine then alright otherwise remove it and clean the socket with ram cleaner solution . it will now definitely work . then fix other ram socket like this only it will also work .

  117. u can download that frm t following sources. just ask ur seniors/staff for prev yr projects.Else consult project centers.Source(s):http://ieeeprojects.218070.free-press-re…http://in.88db.com/chennai/Discussion/Di…www.thinkpdf.com/ie/ieee-projects-list…

  118. I have a Boss Rev-535. I bought it at a show along with a box with two American Pro 15” subs. It pushed them pretty well. I sold the speakers to a friend of mine and he hooked up an Sony Xplode Xm-2165GTX. My Boss says 800 watts peak and the Sony says 1000 watts peak. The Sony drives them but it does not do as well as the Boss. The bass is destored and not nearly as clear as my Boss amp. I now have 10” MTX subs in a closed box and went out and bought an MTX Thunder 342 Amp for them. I have since hooked up the old junky Boss again. Both hit well BUT the MTX is heating up and shuting off. So, all I can say is that I am not a big Boss fan BUT, it is better than the Sony Xplode and the MTX. Which both are suposed to be better. I paid rs 10000 for the Boss. The Sony was rs 15000 and the MTX was 21000

  119. I had the same trouble but think I have finally figured out how to wear this thing. First of all, most of the illustrations I have seen show the loop in the earpiece sticking out on the side of the unit where the volume control is located; this is evidently for placement in your right ear. I prefer mine on the left, and to wear it there you will need to rotate the earpiece 90 degrees so the loop is on the USB connector side. Either way, the small protrusion on the earpiece goes into your ear canal, facing forward and slightly up; the loop faces back and slightly down, hooking under the lip of the bowl-like structure that makes up the central portion of your ear. The earpiece should be sized so that it is slightly bowed and there is light pressure between the two ends — it’s that pressure that keeps in in place. When you get it right, it kind of screws in, and when you pull it out there is a definite release, like it’s popping out of a detent.

  120. I think that this is a systemic problem, not an isolated event. I have Garmin Nuvi 1300 models that have BOTH stopped responding at the same time. This sounds like a recall issue to me. I could understand one failing, but not both.i made an updation in the firmware,but it did not helped a lot or niether the unitThese are the steps I tookI recommend you calibrate the touchscreen on your devices, and then test the unit out. To calibrate the touchscreen on a nuvi 600 series: Now start with the power unit turn it On. From the Where to? / View map screen, touch Settings (wrench icon).I recommend you calibrate the touchscreen on your devices, and then test the unit out.To calibrate the touchscreen on a nuvi 600 series:Power the unit On. From the Where to? / View map screen, touch Settings (wrench icon). Touch Display.Touch Recalibrate.A new screen will display that says Press DotTouch the center of the dot.Keep touching the center of the dot as it moves around the screen.When Calibration Complete appears on the screen, please touch OK.The touchscreen will now be recalibrated.If your touchscreen is not responding to any touch and preventing you from recalibrating the touchscreen using the instructions above, please follow the steps below:Connect your nuvi to your computer with a compatible USB cable.Open the Garmin Nuvi drive located in MyComputer/Computer)Open the Garmin folder.Locate and delete the GUPDATE.GCD file.Safely disconnect your nuvi from your computer.Power the nuvi Off.Power the nuvi on by holding the power button.Continue holding the power button down for 1-2 minutes until the screen calibration option displays.Touch the center of the dot as it moves around the screen.When Calibration Complete appears on the screen, please touch OK.The touchscreen will now be recalibrated and should respond properly.

  121. Here are the best scanners for photos (and other things that might interest you)Epson Perfection 3490 Photo (RS 4500)Reviews say the Epson 3490 scanner is the best choice for most homes that need occasional scans of text, photos, slides and negatives. It isn’t as fast as more expensive flatbed scanners, but its 3600-dpi maximum resolution and 48-bit color depth ensure good results. An adapter is included for scanning film and slides. Reviews praise the scanning software, which comes with this model, including Epson Easy Photo Fix for repairing scratched or dusty originals. Reviews say the Epson is easy to use, and scan quality is better than other inexpensive scanners. The Epson is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Best multimedia scanner:Epson Perfection 4490 Photo RS 7000If you want to convert slides and negatives to digital in addition to regular document scanning, reviews say the 4800-dpi Epson Perfection 4490 is an excellent choice. With higher resolution than the budget Epson 3490, you’ll have more latitude to enlarge and crop photos and slides without loss of detail, and it has Kodak’s highly regarded Digital ICE technology for repairing image defects like dust and scratches. A built-in transparency unit holds 35mm negatives, four 35mm slides, or medium format transparencies. The Epson flatbed scanner is both PC and Mac compatible (OSX only).

  122. Actually, I own the Jawbone, Jawbone 2, Jawbone Prime, Jawbone Icon, Jabra BT250 Freespeak, Jabra BT540, Plantronics Voyager 510, Voyager 655, Voyager Pro, Plantronics 975, Joby Zivo Boom, Motorola H9, Motorola HX1 Endeavor, Blueant Z9, Blueant T1, Blueant Q2, Etyblu2, and have the Plantronics M1100 on order.Standards are great but it is how you implement them that matter. You have bluetoothprofiles, the software stack, and even the chipset used in the phone that will impact performance. So for the iPhone 4 the prime and icon have issues that I believe are related to the phone that is why I asked originally.In terms of wind I disagree I think the icon is way better than the other Jawbone’s, but not what I consider good. I use my cell phone for 4,000 minutes a month of use and a lot of it is on the street going between meetings in New York City. There is a lot of wind and I find the Jawbone’s not able to handle anything more than a subtle breeze. The Plantronics 975 with an etyblu windsock over the end is a good solution for wind, but not great on noise cancellation relative to the jawbone. I love the etyblu2, but would not want to be caught dead wearing it in public.Hope this helps. And if you come upon a better solution let me know as you can see I am constantly looking for the best headset so my clients can hear me loud and clear..

  123. if your nikon coolpix L100 camera is under warranty then you should first of all try to consult the company without opening it and trying any sort of tricks to it because if it is under warranty and if you will open it then they will not repair it as it will not be considered under warranty any more . if it is not under warranty then you could try different tricks . first of all change your old batteries to new ones and then press the power button and menu button together for 1 minutes . if still the problem doesn’t goes of try to open it with different company battery. it may happen your battery charger is not working. try to change the battery charger..if it is not working now also then it is sure that there is some problem in wiring inside the camera which it not allowing to get the sufficient power to the camera to get open .

  124. Normal



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    If you have configured the WNDR3700 as described in How To Convert a Wireless Router into an Access Point then you don’t have anything connected to the WAN port. That’s how the router communicates with the NTP server. Connect a computer that is set to obtain its IP address information automatically to a LAN port on the wireless router that you want to convert to an AP. If you don’t know how to do this, Figure 1 shows the applicable Windows XP screens. (Get to the Network Connections window by Start > Settings > Network Connections.) For simple, one segment LANs, there must be only one DHCP server. Your LAN’s router has a DHCP server and you don’t want the two to conflict. So turn off the DHCP server on the AP. In Figure 2, you can see that the DHCP server in the WRT54G AP has been disabled. Find your LAN Router’s DHCP server range. Figure 3 shows the Basic Network Settings page of the D-Link DGL-4300 that is my LAN’s router. This is where the DHCP server controls happen to be. Different routers might have the DHCP server controls on a separate page, so you may have to poke around a little.ths might help you

  125. as you only want graphic card for playing game i will suggest you to have Pine Technology XFX HD-577A-ZNFC RADEON HD 5770 (Juniper XT), (1 GB) 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP PCI Express graphic card or EVGA 01G-P3-1158-TR GeForce GTS 250, (1 GB) 256-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP. these two graphics card are mainly meant for pc gaming . with the help of this card you can start multiple game at the same time without any disturbance . if you pair them with AMD x4 black then there will not be any game which you can’t play at decent to high setting . you will be very satisfied for your performance and quality of your purchase. you can also use it for video editing it will be very fast as compaired to other graphics card .

  126. I also have Dynex 42″ 1080p 60hz LCD tv in my home its a great tv . it has build in hdtv tuner . we can add an hdtv tuner antenna to receive over the high definition broadcasts . we need to have an optional set top box for high definition cable or satellite programming. its great 42 inch screen bring your movies and games to life.its 1920 x 1080 resolution supports 1080p signals for a great image clarity . its 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio delivers a cinema-style entertainment experience.High brightness (450 cd/m²) and incredible contrast (2500:1).Wide 176° horizontal and vertical viewing angles: Make every seat the best in the house.3D Y/C digital comb filter: Delivers state-of-the-art detail and color enhancement.Two 10-watt stereo speakers: Deliver simulated surround sound for a lush soundscape.3 HDMI inputs: Provides an uncompressed all-digital audio/video link for the highest quality connection and supports copy-protected HD broadcast content.i would suggest you to take only Dynex 42″ 1080p 60hz LCD tv . its best

  127. RCU303 AND CRCU303 do not have much difference in their functioning .if you have the manual of crcu303 then you can work from it also . there is no difference in both the manual of rcu303 and crcu303 . but if you really want a separate manual for rcu303 then you i can tell you where you can get the manual online . you can download it from remote controls website there is a link which is actually rcu303 manual and your problem of setting the codes will also get solved from there .you will not face any problem . every thing is neatly written at their website so go for it and if you will face problem revert your problem here only i will solve it .bye

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  129. as you are saying that when you zoom from your SVP Cybersnap – 901 camera you get blurry image so do one thing go to menu option .at the zoom section select the option static zoom . it will maintain your zoom resolution and help you to get still photo correctly .and if it is showing blurry image even without zooming then open the menu option then go to file still photo corrector it will correct the blurring of your still photo . if still the problem is not rechtified then i would suggest you to zoom very slowly and try to stay still while zooming and clicking to photo . or consult company technicians only they can help you better

  130. bose home theater speakers are very reliable speakers and double-cube bose speakers are even better speakers . don’t worry if you listen in very high volume it will not effect much to the speakers .if you will listen in your maximum value that is 80 then it will not effect much as compared to 76 .if you like to listen in high volume its your wish . i will recommend you to listen arounf 40 as 76 can hurt your years badly. try to listen as low as you are able to clearly listen otherwise its your wish listing to high misic does not effect bose home theater .

  131. if you have the money then i will suggest you to surely buy bdp-s570 blu-ray disc player . as your sony bravia led tv is a good one but bdp-s570 blu – ray disc player is awesome . it has an awesome blue ray image quality . it is 3D blue ray compatible . it has built in Wi -Fi . it has amazon vox , netflix,youtube ans slacker media streaming.it has the fastest operation speed that i have tested . it had SACD playback . the best thing in it is iot has 1 gb onboard storage. the bad about it is that when you are using wifi it has inconsistent streaming performance. sometimes it has very minor image quality nitpicks . it has about all the features of any other blue ray disc player of its range . it has best in class operation speed . its streaning video performance over wifi is spotty . so i will suggest you to buy it

  132. If you  have  bought a stereophile magazine of august 2011 and you have problem with the product published in the magazine you can simply try to have the email id of the editor publication or each search the name of the product on the internet you might get full detail of the product  and if you r still not satisfied with it than do one thing chk there customer care no and register your complaint there you might get prper info in there next publication and and an apolgy to because ths same incidence happened wuth me but the problem was bit different they really help with ie because it is one of the leading and growing magazine publication with everything just inbuild in it.and one more thing and the easiest way you can buy some other magazine which deals with electronics and gadget news in there publication and by the way there r many present in the market which might help you to reach to the product you r in need off I hope the info is of great help to you bye and have anice.

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  135. as far as your problem is concerned I think that this is the problem of your computer which is not compatible with the world of mine craft software because if it is downloading with other computer and running in that computer but not running in your computer then surely its a problem of your computer which is not compatible with world of minecraft software . first of i will suggest you to go to internet explorer and find whether world of minecraft is compatible with your computer configuration . if it shows yes then its a problem of your internet then go to control panel internet option and allow every sites with pop up to enter your firewall or disable your firewall an antivirus (only if you think that the website is authentic ). so after doing it ,you can download the software. it will get downloaded with any problem .

  136. i can understand your problem as the gift is from canada and you are in newyork so it is difficult to connect with your dealer and also you don’t have and service center nearby where you can complain . so i will suggest you to first of all try to get the detailes of your graphic card and then look at system requirement lab website for technical details whether you can run inigo montoya with the graphics card card that you have .and also check your computer processor compatibility with your game specifications because sometimes new games do not support all processor even if you have a good graphic card which is compatible with your inigo montoya PC game.if graphics card and processor is compatible with your inigo montoya PC GAME and it is still not working then you can .then go to control panel of your windows . from here go to display screen option . go to screen resolution make it large than recommended do it only when you are playing the game . or if you are comfortable with the same resolution remain at same resolution .

  137. surely you can copy or move videos from that spy cam to your mobile connecting usb cord . it will not cause any danger to spy cam or mobile if you directly connect both of them together by usb cord for video transfer . yes it will also get charge when you connect to your phone via usb cord for transferring videos but the most important thing is that for transferring your videos to phone you have to make your video into 3gp format beacuse your mobile will only take 3gp video format . you can convert it with the help of xilisoft website 3gp video converter this converter help you a lot to convert your video to 3gp so that they can run on any mobile .you can conert AVI , MPEG and MP4 file to gp from this xilisoft 3gp converter .it has 400 percent high conversion speed .

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  139. These thing happen with the vintage watches many time so you don’t have to worry about it because it can be due to its oldage problem the best thing to do is to get a new one and leave ths one and keep it as a vintage piece at your home and one more thing heat and temperature does not effect the wrist watch.Temperature has nothing to do with the crystal oscillator keepingan accurate time base. Sure, heat can have a little variation, but said variation is so  minor that you will not notice it. That’s a veryinteresting phenomenon, the minuet hand lagging. Try setting thetime two minuets faster. I know that sounds silly, but that maysolve your problem. I have vast experience in watch repair. Theonly thing Ican think of would be to carefully remove the minuethand and orientate it so it’s just slightly ahead, then put it backtogether. It’s really something that I would have to see up closeand personal. A reputable jeweler would be able to do this for youat a fair price. I hope this is of some help to you.

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  145. may be your camcorder has got some virus . first of all you should consult your camcorder company customer care for it because this a core technical problem . i t is aproblem which cannot be rectified by any normal person for dealing with this problem you should be a technical guy .or you can do one thing which i wil sduggest you to go to menu and refresh all the setting to default that s asll i can tell you

    Bose wave radio is known for its quality and if it is not working properly, Boss technical support staff will be happy to get out from the problem. Boss is very reasonable for service, and their quality is one of the highest in the industry.  Call them, get an RTA number, and send it in to them for service. It does not sell or distribute parts or service manuals to outsiders so you should not give it to any other electrician as they can damage it further. Unplugging and restarting the system will not able to gauge its problem and if it is not producing any sound from its built-in speakers it might be having some technical glitch and that will be solved at Bose wave radio service station. You need to check its warranty and if it is coming in that period company will replace it for free of cost. And if it is out from that period you have to shell out few bucks.

  147. Hey I do have the same problem as it is yours my canon1d was also giving the same problem as yours and for your info That’s not dirt, but not normal noise either. Do you have sample shots taken at shorter exposure times?Is the noise reduction for long time exposure activated? It looks like “hot” pixels, and perhaps it works against those as well. If it doesn’t, then you should give Canon’s support hotline a call about it – your sensor may be about to die.so it reminds me of something that once happened on my camera and I thk it was due to I shot it raw and had exposure boosted in post processing. A seriously underexposed shot, when boosted to a normal exposure during RAW conversion, can look just like that. I thk you get it and will be able to clk photo with out any bluury images.

  148. I also sometimes have ths problem of deciding what color should I have of my headphones but now I have a solution for ths problem as if I always I have this problem, and I usually always choose either white or black since most clothes match with them. True, they are easier to get dirty. But that’s why you take good care of them. Also, why don’t you buy which one you like the most first. If it doesn’t suit you, try returning it. Depending on where you buy it, there should always be a money back guarantee for product unsatisfactory.but now the new beat headphones come with external pieces which might get attached to your headphones which comes in many colors such as red orange blue green and ths gives the user to have a change in case of headphones and he can chose best out of it you can chk them on there website too.

    To set the time on Sony iPod dock you need to go through the manual processor like you have mentioned. User needs to press the ‘CLOCK’ button for approx 4-5 seconds and then its system will allow you to set its time. Then you can select its time and dates by its Time Set rocker and when you done with it you need to just enter button and Sony iPod dock will automatically set its time. This is the only method to set the time and dates and if it is not working, in that condition, your Sony iPod dock might be having some technical problem. Which only technician can solve. Sony iPod dock is known for its good quality radio reception through the Sony ICF-C1iP, and it also offers a decent amount of features such as auxiliary line-in, presets, and a remote control. I have not encounter such problem, but as you said that it is not able to reset the time and date automatically and after resetting it, it still showing the problems you need to get it check by the technicians he an only tell you the exact situation.

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  152. i am going to tell you all the setting you need step by step so follows these setting and you will never face any problem . turn off the modem and wireless router . for turning off modem and wireless netgear router you have to unplug both of them properly . this is required because router can fail to connect to the internet when it is plugged into a modem which is on state . now remove the ethernet cable from the ethernet port which is located at the back of your computer . If the computer is currently not connected to the Internet, skip this step.check your modem if the other end of your ethernet cable is connect to ethernet port . if the other end of your ethernet cable is not connect to ethernet port connect it .turn on the modem and wait for sixty seconds until the modem get full power on . now turn on the netgear router and wait until wireless light turn on .

  153. if your speaker started smoking then its a big reason to worry . no doubt that your speaker can be repaired but it will cost as almost the same as a new one . so now a days nobody repairs speakers which gets burnt . so i will suggest you not to spend so much of money for repairing . you can get a brand new speakers in the same amount of money . if you think you can repair it , its a waste of time, money and energy . before installing new speakers check all your connections . there should be a line level signal coming from head unit to the amplifier. you have to check that polarity should be correct positive should be with positive and negative with negative and they are connected to correct output of amplifier . if your output amplifier is adjustable start with the least setting .

  154. first of all you should press and hold the code search button until you see a red indicator then release the code search button . press and release the desired mode button . until the red indicator blinks you should stay on . enter the code which is of 4 digits . when there will be a correct entry then red indicator will turn off . if the code entered by you is not correct then red light will flash . when your device is on press channel up . if your device is responding no further programming is required every thing is all right . no need to do anything else

  155. the best noise cancelling headphone is sony noise cancelling headphone model no mdr-nc33 . its a earbud noise cancelling headphone which can decrease 90 percent of noise . mdr-nc33 has artificial intelligence technology which means if there is any disturbing noise then it will automatically opens the noise cancellation mode . It is a lightweight noise cancelling head phone with 1.1 ioz design, which is making it easy to transport and making it comfortable to wear. it has 13.5mm driver units which can handle up to 50 mW of power. in addition to it the unit comes with an in-flight plug adapter which has a 1.5m cord. si will suggest you to buy only this .

  156. i am describing all the steps which you can try to fix your computer speaker noise problem . first of all make sure that there should not be any loose connection between the speaker and your computer port . this a big problem for noise . if even after tight connection there is a problem of computer noise . then remove the speaker connection from your computer and fix it to another friend’s computer . if the speakers work well with another computer than proceed to next step . Open your start menu right-click on the Start button and choose explore there you find sound driver update option connect your internet and update the spund drive . and also download and run the sound driver maintainance software

  157. Under 70C you’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ve even seen some cards run fine in the 90s. Actually, from what I have seen the temperature thresholds for most cards is usually set to around 120C. My GeForce 6800 is set to 125C but it has never gotten hotter than 75C and that’s in a crappy Dell case. I say as long as you are under 100C you are fine. If you get higher than that become concerned.The thing with temps is that they will always change from user to user since not everyone will have the same case set-up. Guy X will have 3 120mm fans and never get above 60C, but guy y only has one and may see his get to 90. Your temps are all relative to how well your case is cooled and not to how hot other peoples cards get. it’s normal, I don’t know if you hear an accelerating fan by then but it should be beneath 75 degrees at all times.i’ve had a xfx gts 250 and it rose every time i played a game to 70 degrees within minutes, then it started to accelerate the fan so it stays beneath 70-75 degrees.i don’t know what kind of case you have/ which coolers you have installed but if you can, add some extra fans in your cas have anice day.

  158. i will suggest you two sony home theater bdvesiz1000i and bdv – e1v970w which can play 3d content from blu-ray via the latest 3d-enabled bravia tv 5.1 channel it has auto sound calibration . it has front left and right speaker sport two 2.6 inch woofers and a 2 inch tweeter the center speaker and it has a single 1.3 inch by 2.5 inch full range driver and the surround speakers each have a single 2.6 inch full range driver. The speakers and subwoofer use spring clip connectors to grip the speaker wire at the other end of the wire is a jack that plugs into the receiver dvd changer.

  159. .trashes is surely a virus file . that’s why you are not able to delete your file . it is stopping your flash drive programming to delete the file . unless you will not format the flash disc you will not be able to use your flash drive properly . try to first scan the flash drive in your computer then store your all the data which is in flash drive to your computer . and scan that folder also in which you are sending all this data in your computer because some virus are hidden in flash drive and they get activated as soon as you will store them in your computer . now format your flash drive .it will work fine

  160. The best thing u can do is be careful about the lighting, as it has no flash like the iphones, and just under 1 megapixal so pics are only meant to be snapshots, for small screens or wallet-size photos. i use a camera app called Camera Plus Pro on my iPod Touch 4G. it has features like exposure control and anti shake and white balance lock. these features actually help in capturing proper photos. also you get lots of photo editing features in the app. Plus you can even do video recording using this app.This is unusual because i have an iPod touch and it takes good pictures. the only time my pictures come out fuzzy is when there is not enough light. maybe you should take your iPod to an apple store and ask the guys there.yes u can do all that there is also a camera in the front of it so there r 2 cameras and if there apple stores there im sure they have iti hope you r satisfied with the response have a nice day.



    Right now Arcsoft and YouTube have compatibility problems and in this condition it will not support its services. Companies are working o resolve the issue and we can hope that   it will be sorted out shortly. However for the self generated solution you just check this forum page, hope you get some good temporary solution to your problem. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/search?q=Arcsoft. But for the permanent solution you have to wait to resolve the compatible issue.



  162. Devante Jennings

    Best digital camera there r lots of digital cameras in market which you can buy but there are lots of online resources are available to find these kinds of information’s and suggestions where we can check complete range of products. You should go for Canon or Nikon cameras I’ve been using Nikon for my professional job.Nikon made a great advancement when it introduced the first DSLR with video capture—the Nikon D90. For some, this is a feature that can save them the cost of buying a separate equipment for video capture. Canon immediately showed with an answer in just three weeks. The EOS 5D Mark II is even masterfully crafted; equipped with a 1080p video capture. U can go for Canon-SX110 or SX100 Powershot. I ve used Nikon and Konica but i believe Canon is much better. I would strongly suggest SLR but with 20K budget i think Canon SX110 or SX100 is a good value for money.i hope the info is inough for u you can chk many reviews which r available in market.

    It is a weird problem, I hope it will work in your case, first of all click on control panel then click on default programme. Click associate file type or protocol, now you need to wait to programme to load and as it loaded click on icon you would like to change. Then click on ‘Change Program’ in top right corner, choose your desired icon. Hope it will solve your problem and if it did not correct it you need file Association Fixes for Windows 7.
    To fix the association for a particular file type you need to download the corresponding fix from the above table. (Use Right-click – Save as option in your browser to download the fixes.) Unzip the file and extract the .REG file to Desktop. Right-click the REG file and choose Merge. Alternately, you can open the Registry Editor and then using the Import option from the File menu, to merge the REG file contents. Note that you need to be an administrator to apply these fixes. For Windows Vista, visit the File association fixes for Windows Vista page.

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    Hi dear,If it isn’t an OEM version, yes, but you really need to read the license of the software to know what you can and cannot do. You can buy MS Office Student version from amazon.com for just under $120 USD with free super saver shipping in the US.In the meantime, you can download and use the free alternative OpenOffice 3.3 program.You can buy it from http://office.microsoft.com/en-in/home-and-student/  or you can download a trial version from http://office.microsoft.com/en-in/home-and-student/ Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 gives you the tools you need to complete school and home projects efficiently — from creating outstanding class presentations to managing household finances. In the meantime, you can download and use the free alternative OpenOffice 3.3 program. http://www.openoffice.org/. As it has worked for me and some of my friends and I hope it will work for you also.

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    A DSL modem is the connection between your home computer and the telephone line through which Internet service is provided. Most DSL problems are really modem related problems. Here are some tips on troubleshooting DSL modem problems. The problem might be a hardware or software related one. To troubleshoot any DSL problem effectively, you need to diagnose the root cause of the problem first.Check Connections & Restart: Sometimes, the reason for a DSL modem problem may be loose or ripped connections. In some cases, it may even be the result of wrong connections. Get hold of the manual provided by the manufacturer and check the connections. Plug in loose connections properly and try connecting to the Internet after restarting your computer. Modem Reset: Sometimes, simply resetting a modem can solve your problem. Most DSL modems come with a reset button. Just press the reset button and check, if the Internet connection is restored. This simple trick might solve the problem for you. Check Modem Lights: There are several indicator lights on a modem that show the status of the modem connections. If the DSL status light is red, there is a problem with the telephone line that connects your computer to the Internet. In this case, you might want to contact the service provider as the problem may need telephone line fixing. This is one of the most common DSL modem problems. Also check the Ethernet connection light indicator. If it is red, that means there is a problem with modem’s connection with the computer. Check, if the Ethernet cable line is connected properly. You may need to replace the Ethernet cable if it is no longer functioning properly.Modem Incompatibility: Sometimes the reason why a DSL connection won’t work is the incompatibility of the modem with the Internet service provider’s requirements. Check with the modem manufacturers and service provider for compatibility issues. You may need to get the modem replaced. Inappropriate Modem Driver: Sometimes your computer’s operating system may not be compatible with modem driver software. Update the driver software by running the modem installation CD and reinstalling the appropriate driver for the modem. Check Router Connection: If you are using a router, you might want to check the router – modem connection for any problems. Check the router lights to see the status of its modem connection. One way of verifying, if the router itself is the culprit of your trouble, is to connect the DSL modem directly into the computer Ethernet port and see, if the connection works. If it does, there is a problem with the router and it may need to be repaired or replaced. Check for DSL Filters: Since DSL operates through a telephone line, there are separate DSL filters into which the phone jacks need to be plugged in to separate the internet traffic from the voice signals. Make sure that the phone jack is connected with such a filter. If it isn’t there, make sure that you get it installed.

  166. Devante Jennings

    Hi ,Sure i can help you for same because i have recently downloaded drivers. Drivers are snippets of software that are needed for your Windows operating system to communicate with each of the hardware devices that are connected to your computer. Like any software, drivers are upgraded and updated by the manufacturers, to remove bugs, add extra functionality to the hardware or to improve the performance of the device. Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face problems ranging from the relatively minor, such as having hardware that seems buggy and poorly performing, to the more major such as hardware failures, conflicts and complete system crashes.Here are drivers for Hawking Tech. HGA32T. Please select the driver to download. Additionally, you can choose Operating System to see the drivers that will be compatible with your OS.Go through the mentioned link http://www.liutilities.com/products/campaigns/affiliate/cb/offer/driverscollection/ds/TL1/http://driverscollection.com/?H=HGA32T&By=Hawking%20Tech.I hope this information will work for you or else do let me know if you still dont find it.But i am sure you will get all drivers in mentioned links because even i have downloaded them from these links.

    Hard drive camcorders give more internal storage, meaning you’ll be able to record for longer than with internal flash before having to copy the video over to a PC. However, hard drives have moving parts, meaning they’re more susceptible to bumps and dropping. Flash memory has no moving parts. There’s a reason why mp3 players have slowly moved from HDD to flash memory. Also, camcorders with a removable SD card slot mean that you can swap in and out additional memory as needed. You’ll be kicking yourself in a few years if you don’t get an HD (high definition) camcorder now. HD video can be downconverted to DVD fairly easily, but a DVD will never look as good as original HD video. I like the Canon VIXIA line. The HF M300 can be had for under $400, although you’ll have to add the cost of SD cards to the price. You can check these links: http://www.google.com/products/catal…7797#scoring=p,http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content…view-37761.htm…..

    Hi dear, The IdeaPad S10-3t is a multitouch convertible tablet that functions equally well as a netbook or a tablet, with its 180 swivel screen and ultra-slim design under an inch thick. With the Lenovo NaturalTouch Panel, the S10-3t responds to the lightest of touches, making it fun and easy to use the range of NaturalTouch multimedia touch-optimized applications. The S10-3t also features DirectShare, so you can quickly synchronize your files with another notebook without connecting to the web. When you do need the internet, Quick Start 2.0 will get you online in seconds with its ‘instant on’ function that lets you access the web, multimedia files and other applications without booting to the desktop operating system. However you use the S10-3t, you’ll find it easier, more interactive and more adaptable than any netbook you’ve ever seen. Best of all, it’s from Lenovo, makers of the award-winning ThinkPad business notebook.The 3T uses a capacitive touchscreen, so you’ll be looking for a capacitive stylus. The easiest way to find one would be to search for a stylus for an iPhone/iPod touch because they are the most common type of device that use the same type of touch screen. It’s capacitive so it would only be a capacitive stylus anyway. not suitable for notetaking or drawing. I wonder you have got a answer you were looking for.





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    dear friend,
    Okay, so, I’m so not even close to computer savvy but I had the same issue with my TV/PC hook up. Nothing I did with HDMI cables worked at all. My TV came with a VGA hook up on the back which is what I ended up having to use. But after all the nonsense with the HDMI cables my realtek had put digital audio as my default so I had to go back in, hook up normal speakers and set the speaker setting as the default before I could hook up the audio to the TV… But of course I had to spend an additional $30 on those cords… I hope this helps, and I’d like to know if you ever figure out the HDMI cable thing because it would save cable room behind my TV.. Or you can try this; Download the 3D Vision DLP Hotfix Windows Vista 32-bit DLP Hotfix, Windows Vista 64-bit DLP Hotfix. Connect your PC’s analog audio into the analog input on the back of your DLP. Mode DLPs use left and right RCA audio inputs so you will likely need a cable called “3.5mm Stereo Headphone To RCA Adapter Cable” to connect your PC to the DLP. Run the 3D Vision DLP Hotfix. Make sure you are running this as an Administrator on your PC. Follow the onscreen instructions to disable HDMI audio. Note that this DLP Hotfix will also toggle the HDTV Resize Desktop compatibility mode. For more information on that mode, please read this Knowledge Base article. Reboot your PC. If your DLP requires any changes to its settings, use your DLP remote to configure the audio input. Start up your media player and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Bye..

  170. Cristopher Oliver

    Hi dear,To my knowledge there are no standards that prohibit what you see. Good practice? I would say not but I have seen this and worse multiple times. They should be anchored in some fashion as to not fall thru the ceiling and kill someone. Check out NFPA 70. I was too lazy to read and decode it all for you. ;) But from the little bit of what I gathered, which goes along with what I thought, it is against code to have an exposed electrical outlet in a plenum ceiling. All cabling should be plenum-rated, and is supposed to be in raceways and supported by metal trays (within reason). Powered devices have to meet special guidelines, which I’m sure the switches do not. Your boss might not see any reason to change this layout, as it would cost a few thousand dollars (or a LOT of your time) to re-do this properly with no immediate payback that they’ll be able to quantify. But it would definitely be worth it in the long haul to do this over properly, even if you put the switches in enclosures or suspend them under the ceiling in their current locations..

    Hi,How to hack the Nextar W3G Auto GPS system in order to install another navigation program on it such as TomTom. The one you see in this video has been loaded with TomTom Nav. These instructions might work for other Windows based GPS systems as well although I have not tested it. DO NOT ATTEMPT unless you’re comfortable with this sort of stuff….you may brick your device. I hold no responsibility. look at this site: http://www.patcoe.com for my method: replace the address with explorer.exe (I’ve created a registry file to do this…read blow) but backup the original address first. This is IMPORTANT: Always backup anything that you are modifying Download this: rapidshare.com make sure your windows folder has those startup, documents ….folders before you point the shell addresses to them. OK, open the CERegEditor and save the registry file on your computer so you can have a backup. connect the device – make sure active sync is running – open the CEregEditor program – press F1 – select the hkey_local_machine folder – click edit then export save the file to your desktop. Download: rapidshare.com extract the registry file to ur desktop in the CEregEditor click on edit – Import – select the registry file you extracted to your desktop Everything should be written in the registry so you won’t have to create any registry entries.I have tried this procedure and it really works try it.

  172. Cristopher Oliver




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    hello friend..
    First of all, in the router, give your network a unique SSID. Do not use “linksys”. If you are using “linksys” you may be trying to connect to your neighbor’s router. Also set “SSID Broadcast” to “enabled”. This will help your computer find and lock on to your router’s signal. Also, in the computer, go to your wireless software, and go to “Preferred Networks” (sometimes called “Profiles” ). There are probably a few networks listed. Delete any network named “linksys”. Also delete any network that you do not recognize, or that you no longer use.   Delete your current network (this will remove any old settings).  Reboot computer.  Return to “Preferred Networks” and re-enter your current network info (SSID, encryption (if any), and key (if any) ). Then select your current network and make it your default network, and set it to automatic login. You may need to go to “settings” to do this, or you may need to right click on your network and select “Properties” or “settings”.  Reboot computer.  Your computer should connect automatically to the router (it can take up to two minutes). If you still have trouble connecting, temporarily turn off your computer software firewall, and try again to connect. Are you using encryption? For WEP, enter WEP “key 1″  (found in the router)  into your computer, not the WEP password or passphrase. For WPA or WPA2, enter the “key” (sometimes called password or passphrase) into your computer. If you are trying to run WPA2  (=  WPA with AES  =  PSK2 ) , note that Win XP requires SP3 to do this. If the above does not fix your problem, download and install the latest driver for your computer’s wireless adapter. Bye…

    I’ve had a Asus notebook for a couple years A3J if I remember right (my partner stole it from me :lol: ). It’s run flawlessly, so I haven’t had to try out the warranty. Places like newegg will let you return it if it shows up doa. But tech support is basically a forum, and answers aren’t quick in coming. Essentially, I buy another one, but I also am real comfortable trouble shooting my own rigs. Another one to keep in mind is that it seems Asus is trying real hard to break into and maintain a strong presence in the notebook market… so my experiences a year ago may not even be issues anymore (support may be a bit more robust). I trust Asus more than say HP, but less than Dell. They are a good value, come in an attractive package (like remotes, decent carry bag, etc.), but aren’t the top performers. I do like them though and would still recommend them. I think I was able to provide u some feedback….

    Hi there,You may connect up to two external USB hard drives to the Boxee Box, though the Boxee Box can only power one; a second USB drive would need to have its own external power connection. Alternatively, you can also use a powered USB hub to connect your external drives.
    Boxee Box supports the following formats for external USB drives:

    NTFS, FAT32, FAT16
    EXT2, EXT3, EXT4

    Before connecting an external drive to the Boxee Box, make sure that it is already formatted.
    Note that if you want to write / copy files to these drives from other computers on your network, there are known limitations:

    NTFS and FAT partitions can be accessed/written to via SMB (Windows computers)
    HFS+ partitions can be written to if journaling is disabled using the OSX’s Disk Utility and if the drive has read/write permissions set to “everyone”. **
    EXT2/3/4 partitions can be written to if the uid is 65534 or the partitions have world write (o+w).

    To access the external drive(s) over your local network, go to Settings>>Network>>Servers and “Enable Windows file sharing”. (See the Server section of Settings>>Network page).
    **In Finder, right click on the USB disk and click “Get Info”, at the bottom part you will see the section “Sharing & Permissions”; make sure you set “everyone” to have “read & write” permissions.I hope it will solve your problem.

    Hi,long time back even i have faced this problem of sound than one of my friend who is techie told me about these procedures and they really worked for me , you can also try them i am sure it will work for you. you can download the driver from http://dell.com/ and then install it or Go to settings/control panel/system/device managerand delete the sound device and shut down. Reboot and you should get the message “new device found” seeif windows can install it from the windows files. If it is not there you will have to download the driver and install it manually.Try http://www.driverguide.com if the above doesn’t work.You can also see and skim THIS thread. Are you seeing yellow icons in device manager too? in any case, do the same as in that thread and go to dell website to try installing, in your case, audio drivers for your pc. I am sure one of these procedures will work for you.

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    You don’t need to use any fancy BT software. Simply point a browser to to access the config pages. If Sonos is on channel 11 (you can check via the Desktop Controller>File>Preferences>Advanced) then I suggest you fix the HomeHub on ch 1 or 6. Do you have a cordless baby monitor that operates in the 2.4GHz band? Some microwave ovens are bad neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, close neighbors could be using an interfering device. This is why keeping a log can be valuable. I once had a similar issue where there were “random” dropouts. After a few days of logging it was obvious that the events were not so random. They occurred in mostly in the evening and Sunday afternoon was clearly the worst. My neighbor used a 2.4GHz phone, traveled during the week and called Mom on Sunday. Due to multipath and signal strength changes, moving a unit a few inches can cause dramatic changes in performance. I can also imagine that one location could be physically shielded from the interfering signal. If you are using a baby monitor, your son moving around could cause the monitor to transmit. In an already marginal situation, it is possible that a body moving around could block the signal. Revert and tell the issue was solved or not..

    Hi,If you really need the peace of mind, there are much cheaper alternatives than the over priced, over hyped “Monster” brand. It will protect your TV, but it probably will make little or no difference in picture quality. The markup at stores like BestBuy on accessories is much higher than what they make on TV’s – that is why they push them so much (and maybe a little white lie or two). I would recommend getting a good entertainment center power protector that includes a protector for cable or satellite (probably less than $50). HOWEVER they do make the TV work better with noise reduction for AC power which can radiate onto your interconnects. By eliminating the noise at the strip it doesn’t get passed on. Therefore you must have a lot of noise in the first place to see a difference. Monsters power makes sense without the sales hype. I wager you got a overenthusiastic member of either BB or CC or maybe a low rent commissioned sales place right??

  178. Hi, the best all-purpose turntables have to be the Technics SL-1200, as praised by most people. they can be found from around $350 to $600 depending on models and packages offered. If you want something cheaper, there’s a ‘portable’ turntable by Numark called PT01 which is around $100 and offers very decent quality for  the price.And you you want a mid ranged turntable go for a Audio-Technica AT-PL120 Professional Direct-Drive turntable. “Too Slow” sounds like you are trying to play back either singles 45 RPM or albums 78 RPM at a slower setting (either 33 or 45 Revolutions Per Minute). You can connect a turntable to your computer’s sound card line/microphone input with a stereo Y-adapter cable to record your albums or singles to either MP3s, Wave files, or to byour computer’s CD-recorder/rewriter. You can find it on  http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT-PL120-Professional-Direct-Drive-Turntable/dp/B00012EYNG/.  For its specs you can check out http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/resource_library/literature/9c88e62be89b0c74/at_pl120_om.pdf . Direct drive record player are always better the belt drive ones cause te belt always cracks slips and wears out. So are the cartridge needle which can break and require replacement. There are many other good Direct-Drive turntables (Technics, Sony, …), just make sure that they have 33, 45, and 78 RPM settings.

    Hi, I was also facing same problem have you tried Fn + F5?If you have installed Access Connection, a window came up with Fn + F5 keys and you can turn on/off Bluetooth Radio .If its not working for you than You have to go to lenovo’s support site and download the hotkey driver. What’s happened is that somehow or the other, lenovo turns off the bluetooth on an even deeper level than Windows. When you install the driver and the wireless manager, you can press Fn + F5 and you will be able to turn on bluetooth. After this, its smooth sailing. Installing hotkey driver will help:- http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-68000.html Also remember, installing lenovo drivers is a two step process, the first setup file extracts itself to a given or default folder in C:drivers you subsequently have to go there and run second setup from there. The instructions are given on the above link. it will definitely work for you..

  180. Normal



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    Hey fella!!
    I am facing the same problem and I was also unable to find any solution for the said problem..I am sharing some links with you. You can check these: Nokia 2330c local mode test mode charging not supported solution. http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2710/localmodetestmode.png,(http://img707.imageshack.us/i/localmodetestmode.png/),Nokia 2330c charging no response. http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/1671/chargingnoresponce.png,(http://img683.imageshack.us/i/chargingnoresponce.png/), Nokia 2330c charging not save.fake charging solution. http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/9285/chargingnotsave.png,(http://img109.imageshack.us/i/chargingnotsave.png/)..tell me if it works or not..

    USB turntables are designed to transfer records to digital recording software by connecting to a computer’s USB port, making them suitable for use with almost any modern computer. They usually also include an line-in input for connecting tape decks, radios or similar sources. Recordings can then be burnt to CD. In order to stream music from your computer to your stereo or powered speakers, you would need an Apple TV or Airport Express (AX)…The Airport Extreme does not have AirTunes which is now called AirPlay. I have 3 Airport Express units setup and connected to 3 different stereos and they work great. If you are going to buy an Express unit, make sure you buy the newer “n” version as opposed to a used older model. Note the 802.11n model listed here: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB321LL/A/AirPort-Express-AirTunes?fnode=MTY1N DA0Mg&mco=MTA4NTc4MTE…………………………………………………………………………………………………..hope i was able to provide some feedback…

    Hi, I think your idea of shifting to solar charger will be your best call. There s plenty of sun in the african continent and you are never gonna run out of it. But you might face a little problem while visiting in the monsoons but its already gone so its gonna be good. Its also a clean way of extending your batter life. A lot of research has already been done and a lot of products are out there in the market. First one is solar rolls which come in three different sizes depending on how much output you need. The roll that is powerful enough to charge a laptop has an output of 14 watts. It provides a trickle charge, or can provide a full charge in 5 to 10 hours, depending on the quality of sunlight. Multiple rolls can be linked together to get even more output.
    Another great solar charger would be the voltaic generator which is a charger with batteries in a sleek bag which could carry a 17″ laptop. This is on the more powerful end, generating up to 15 watts. It takes about a day of charging, though. These chargers are completely safe and provides a very low energy cost or say free energy.

    EAGLE is a Layout editor for circuits and PCB layout,it is a free software (for smaller projects) and not so difficult to use.There are several ways to turn an Eagle design into an actual printed circuit board (PCB).I’ll show you how to save Eagle designs as industry-standard gerber files that are accepted by any PCB manufacturer. You can use the gerbers to order a single prototype, or a full panel. And about your problem to input the schematic: Run Eagle and open your schematic file. Then click on ULP button and choose file “Eagle_to_DipTrace_SCH.ulp”. It is usually in “C:Program FilesDipTraceUtils” folder. Software will ask you to save the ASCII file, you should enter file name and path.Then close Eagle, open DipTrace Schematic, select “File/ Import/ DipTrace ASCII” and choose the file you saved before.
    And since you mentioned that you need the g-code output There are a number of Gerber to G code programmes for isolation milling of PCBs. There is an add on for Eagle which has good reports. The add on is not free but the trial works fine for simple circuits. You can download it from www.galaad.net. I hope this helps      .

    A digital TV converter box hooks up to a traditional analog TV set, allowing it to receive digital broadcasts. The price is expected to be somewhere around $60. But because the federal government will provide coupons worth $40 off the cost of a converter box, the consumer’s share should come out to about $20.
    For the models you can try DTA800B1. The DTA800B1 has an excellent remote with jumbo-size buttons, a basic electronic program guide (EPG), solid video quality, and it even works with new Smart Antennas that automatically align themselves to get better reception. Nother good choice would be Dish Network TR-40 CRA. It has the best electronic programming guide which is very detailed and displays program for so many days in advance. One good model is the Zenith DTT901, which actually has the best image quality of any of the boxes available around, and the Apex DT250, which is loaded with features but doesn’t pull in quite as many stations as the other boxes. The GE 22730 Digital Converter Box comes in a distant last and should generally be avoided, as its video quality is poor, it’s difficult to use, and it also pulled in fewer channels than the other boxes we tested. 

  185. Hi, yes its true iPod is one  of the most popular choices available in the market. It is a very good product and features a very sleek design. The audio quality is also unbeatable and probably one of the best out there. And there are a few chooices foryou too depending on your need and your budget. On popular product is the iPod touch which has a touch screen as the name suggests.It has 3.5″ display and has a 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch. It has a very powerfull battery which offers a 40 hours audio and 7 hours of video play.It also has a blue tooth. Its available in 8gb, 32 gb and 64 gb models. If you want to play only audio files then you can go for Ipod shuffle which is cheaper and very small in size. Its available in a 2Gb model only. Ipod nano is another product which has a wider range then the shuffle. Its available in 8 and 16 gb models. And the last one is iPod classic which offeres audio and video play and apples most sold iPod. It is available with a big 160 gb space. You can also check http://www.apple.com/ for more.

    Hello, I would like to tell you that buying yourself a QAM tuner will not solve your problem to any level. Comcast as proposed by them is moving all of their cable only channel which you were also mentioning to their encrypted channels. The QAM tuner works only for the cable only non encrypted channels, and comcast won,t have any of those when they are done completely done with their installation. So getting a QAM tuner would ratherbe a bad idea.
     What you can do is upgrade to a digital channel package and buy a digital receiver or a DVR or you can also get the free digital to analog converter that comcast offers to the customer who have lost the above mentioned channels.Other options to consider are a TiVo HD or Premiere, which can manually get QAM channels, but can have a Cablecard added, should channels encrypt.Most TVs these days have QAM tuners, and some (not many) can have a Cablecard added.
    Some DVD recorders have a digital tuner, often QAM capable.Some OTA tuner boxes can tune QAM. If you want to own equipment, get a TV with a cablecard slot or a series 3/4 Tivo.

  187. Hey mate , I know that you ll be facing this problem again when you visit US and its very sad. In the United states there are different frequencies which are used. Not only the frequencies are totally different the spacing between the channels is also different from the European standards. When the digital TV signals were invented they invented their very own american digital standard which is again completely different from what you guys have over there. So its like the rest of the world uses a standard and america follows a completely different.Even within that
    there are country by country feature differences implemented/channel numbering. So you can infer from this information that American TVs and European TVs use completely different TV systems. They are not interchangeable. So if you need a TV that you can watch round the globe there is something for you. You can get a usb DTV tuner stick for your laptop or several. You need a stick for each standard. 

  188. One of the best things you can do is to call the company on their helpline number. You can call and ask them about the same problem.
    The phone number to call is (800) 883-8895.Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. (CST) 7 days a week.
    For a long time I wanted to return a game title for PS3 which I already passed. They told me that they can give me the same game back or give me some store credits which can be used again later for some different title I suppose.
    It’s a 7 day return policy. BUT if the product is open (like a game) it can only be returned for the same game. You can return anything for cash back or credit if it is unopened.If the game was unopened and you bought it at gamestop you would get full credit for it, but if you got the game at Target or Walmart etc. they treat it as a used game. You can also read the terms and condition on their website to which I m providing you a link. http://www.gamestop.com/gs/help/Returns.aspx
    So my suggestion would be call and contact those guys. Something can be worked out with them I guess.

    Hi. Those are a lot of brands that you have mentioned and I ll talk only about mirage since you asked about them. It appears that Mirage has started to go small in recent years, promoting OmniSat or some new variation of it.Reading Mirage website, they seem to suggest that OmniSat performs almost to the level of OM speakers. It is hard to believe that the alumnium cased little speakers could perform to the level of wood cabinet of the OM speakers. The OM series speakers referred here are OM-6, OM-5, and OM-9. There is a huge difference when comparing OM series speakers to the small Omnisats, even above and beyond the lack of bottom end. I’m looking forward to see their new offerings at CES. According to their site, they will be introducing a variety of new products.I find the newer Mirage speakers to be “brighter” than the Mirage of a decade ago. Mirage used to sound very laid back. Whether you like the new sound, you’ll have to determine for yourself, but I kind miss the old Mirage sound myself.
    I think if you made the change, the sound will definitely be different, whether it’s an improvement is up to your ears.

    Open the internet, Hit menu, Click MORE, Go to SETTINGS, CLEAR out all history, cookies, temp pages…EVERYTHING. Problem is with your computer. USB device driver: Probably the most common cause of USB problems involves the USB device driver. The driver can be: Missing (never installed, or accidentally uninstalled), Improperly installed, Wrong version (e.g., old version, incompatible version), Temporarily malfunctioning, Permanently corrupted. USB port on connector is defective: The USB port hardware on the computer can be defective: Permanently damaged, Temporarily malfunctioning, USB port built into computer monitor is not connected to the desktop computer, USB port not enabled in computer BIOS. Or Your USB cable can be defective: Permanently damaged (e.g., broken wire or pin; bent electrical contacts), Not properly connected (e.g., plug not fully inserted into receptacle), A cable adapter being used is damaged or not properly connected (e.g., a mini-to-micro USB adapter)……

  191. Normal



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    Hi there, Let me know what it says on the power supply. AC Input DC Output May be something like 120VAC .2A 9VDC 500ma Inside +Outside  would look like: »t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9···FkqPDO82.Once you know that, you can find the right one.The CD is not important. You can download the latest drivers and instruction manual from »http://www.dlink.com/DIR-825. Also homemade cables are a likely culprit, just because it works on one but not the other the cable could still be the problem. Some chipsets are better at dealing with it.I hope it will work for you if incase it doesn’t than kindly give me more details about the issue, so that I can help you in a better way.

    Hi,The one part that sticks out to me is “warn  Network adapter status not healthy” not sure if it’s referring to it thinks the cable is unplugged, but I kind of wonder if the network adapter is kaput. How old is the network adapter/laptop? Have you ever had this computer connected before? Did it just suddenly start doing this? Did the cable get moved?It sounds like you will need to replace the card or the cable. You can try the cable on another computer, to the same port on the router. If still doesn’t wokr, change ports on the router. a broken cable can look the same to the PC as an unplugged one.You can follow this procedure also
    1.   Click Start, click Run, type ncpa.cpl, and then click OK. 2.   Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties. 3.   On the General tab, click Configure. 4.   In the resulting dialog box, click the Link Speed tab. 5.   In the Property list, click Media Type or Link Speed & Duplex or something similar. Note If these properties do not appear, look for a property that has the values Duplex and Half-Duplex. 6.   Click a specific bandwidth in the Value list, and then click OK. 7.   Close the Network Connections dialog box. 8.   Test the network connection.
    It will definitely help you out from the problem that you are facing.

    1. Open Device Manager. (If you have Vista, just type Device Manager into the search bar, and it will pop up.), (Windows XP, though I may be wrong since I haven’t used XP in a while.) Open Control Panel and choose Hardware. There should be an option to look at all devices, or something like that. 2. In Device Manager, find Mice/Pointing Devices, and click the + sign next to it. 3. If you have any external mice plugged in, remove them. Your touchpad should be the last device listing left. If there are others, usually the description will say something about touch pad. Double-click that listing. 4. In the window that pops up, click the Driver tab at the top of the window. There will be an “Update Driver” button and a “Roll Back Driver” button. If the touchpad stopped working around the time of an update, try the roll back driver option if available. Otherwise, click Update Driver and follow the onscreen instructions. (I believe there are slight differences between the way Vista and XP perform this operation.) You will need internet access to perform this.

    Hi, I think the core i5 is faster and better than the core i3 in all respects  if you are not a programmer , designer or any such person and do not do alot of multitasking then core i5 would be better as RAM mainly counts when you have to do a lot of multitasking or run heavy programs such as photoshop or any such thing and besides these days 2 GB is enough for most computers which are for general use  and if you install a 32 bit operating system then almost 3.5 GB of RAM will be recognized by your PC  Hence , 500 MB will be totally wasted.Or the s5-1020 , that looks like it would suit your needs.  The only thing, well, really two things, I wanted to note:
    1.  Slimline case.  Smaller, attractive, but very important to keep good air flow around the case.  And blow the dust out regularly.  Those small cases are packed inside and you want to do everything you can to help the internal fan keep good air flow through all of the components.
    2.  Onboard graphics.  This machine does not have a separate video card like your daughter’s.  What is there should be plenty good enough for streaming average quality movies , watching regular movies.  You’re certainly not going to get blu ray quality out of this machine, as is.  But what is there is nice for regular movies and youtube.  You can, at some point in the future, like your daughter, add a new video card.  You will also have to replace the power supply.  But you need to know that these components will be more expensive and less to choose from because of #1, above.  Special sizes of video cards and power supplies are needed to be able to fit inside those slimline cases.You can make our choice know keeping your needs in mind.

    Resetting the bios will not help. Disconnect all the drives (power and signal). If you have access to another system, try swapping the power supply. Next would be the replacing the motherboard. “My advice would be to replace the PSU”. And if that doesn’t work, try replacing the board…if that doesn’t work, try replacing the CPU…if that doesn’t work, try replacing the RAM…if that doesn’t work, try replacing the case…LOL!..Try what angrymen2001 suggested. Strip the system down to the bare minimum & see if you can get a display. Did you try resetting the BIOS?……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. My advice would be to replace the PSU, as that *could* be the cause. Also, if there is a pci modem in your computer, take it out, as that might be causing the problem. The same happened to me, beacuse lightining struck the telephone line, ran down the cable and fried my modem… hope it will work!!!

    Hi,the GTX 275 is basically half of a GTX 295 whose core, shaders and memory have slightly higher clocks. Performance-wise it is supposed to sit somewhere between the GTX 260 216 and the GTX 285 even though looking at the specifications on a later page will give you the distinct impression that framerates may be closer to those of the GTX 285. If that turns out to be true, its price of around $250 USD could prove to be the undoing of Nvidia’s flagship single chip card. This is mostly due to the fact that the card itself seems to be mostly a quick knee-jerk reaction to an assault by ATI into the relatively under appreciated market between the $225 and $300 (USD) price brackets. With all of the price cutting of late, both the GTX 260 216 and the HD 4870 1GB have fallen below the $200 USD mark which means a substantial gap has suddenly opened up between these cards and the $350 GTX 285. ATI chose to attack this market with what is essentially an overclocked version of their HD 4870 1GB which has been renamed the HD 4890. Meanwhile, Nvidia couldn’t be seen as resting on their backsides so the GTX 275 896MB was quickly hatched. What’s nice about the GTX-275 is it offers GTX-280 performance and sometimes more for 249 dollars and probably less as time passes.I guess this information will help you.

  197. Devante Jennings

    This is one of the topics that is covered in the tutorial video that plays at the end of the software installation. The goal with that video was to show how most of the significant features work in a short period of time. or those with the same issue just open the Logitech G-Series Key Profiler and click on M1, M2, or M3 on the program (not the actual g13 device). It should give you the option to change the color with presets or you can customize your own color. Can’t believe it took me 1hour to figure this out. 
     I take it as a given that any device that comes with a driver CD will have outdated drivers.  it’s not uncommon to see a device that was first shipped in January 2005 come with drivers dated December 2004, even though this particular device was manufactured in August 2007 and there were 35 driver releases between December 2004 and August 2007.  all it takes is for a couple of companies to do this (I’m not pointing any fingers at Logitech here) and it spoils the party for everyone. Since the website drivers don’t come with the video  that means a lot of people never see the video at all, or are even aware that there is one.

  198. Normal



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    System RAM and video memory operate independently. They don’t have to be the same type. If they did, we’d be sh!t out of luck, because I have a GDDR5 card, and there’s no such thing as DDR5 RAM. One of the main differences between DDR and DDR2 memory is the required voltage at which the memory runs. DDR’s standard voltage setting is 2.5 V, while DDR2′s voltage setting is 1.8 V. Although it may not be a phenomenal difference, the lower voltage specification allows more space for operation at higher frequencies. A second difference between DDR and DDR2 memory is DDR2′s 4-bit data pre-fetch. DDR has two sets of data that are read and written to the memory core, while DDR2 allows for four sets of data to be processed. DDR2′s internal data bus is doubled, which increases the die size. Although the die size is increased, the memory core internally operates at half the frequency. This allows DDR2 to run at the same frequency of DDR, but at twice the speed. For instance, DDR2 memory at 400MHz runs at the same frequency as DDR memory running at 200MHz. A third difference is the write latency of DDR2. DDR’s write latency is one clock. This allows for data to be written to the memory one clock after the write command has been issued. With DDR2, the write latency becomes two clocks. The doubled clock cycle allows for twice the data to be written to the memory after the write command has been issued……………..

  199. Normal



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    From the wireless setup page in the modem, click on WPA or WPA 2 on the left, then click disable and apply the change. Basic Setup. Qwest strongly recommends protecting your wireless network with a form of wireless encryption. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is the preferred form of wireless security. If your wireless equipment is not WPA compatible, Qwest recommends the use of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security. Step-by-step Tutorial on Setting up Wireless. Step-by-step Tutorial on Troubleshooting Wireless. WEP* – Custom Key.  WPA – Default Key or Custom Key. WPS – Setup or how it works. SSID – Change the name or Disable Broadcast or Setup Multiple SSID’s…….try n check if it works..

  200. Cristopher Oliver

    Sabrent 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless Adapter Introducing the most convenient 801.11g wireless adapter. To use it, you can just plug it to any USB port on your notebook or desktop computer, and get instant wireless G access. It is also compatible with the older wireless 802.11b network. The USB2.0 Wirelress LAN adapter gives you the flexibility to install the PC or notebook PC in the most convenient location available, without the cost of running network cables. This Wireless USB 2.0 adapter enables 54 Mbps wireless internet access to either your desktop or notebook PC. It simply plugs into the external USB port of your PC. Gain full mobility with your notebook, or place your desktop anywhere in your home, without the need of unsightly Ethernet cables. Its compact, pocket-sized design can be carried anywhere. With the internal intellective antenna, the Adapter can adapt to different operational environments and let the user connect to the Wireless network easily…………

    I don’t use my iPad as an organizer. Yes, I can view my calendar. Yes, I can view my contacts. Yes, I can read email. But I prefer to use my Blackberry 8830 as my organizer and when I sync it with my Macbook, MobileMe pushes everything to my iPod Touch and my iPad. Would an iPad work as an organizer? I think so. I’ve used Sharp, Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone OS and Blackberry. If there was such a thing as a Verizon iPhone, I’d probably put away the BB, but for now the BB is my main organizer. Apple talked about enhanced versions of Calendar and Contacts on the iPad and while I have peeked at them, I haven’t used them. I don’t have my iPad with me 24×7 but I do have my iPod Touch and BB with me so I use them for my organizing and mostly use my BB because of its handling of push email and automatic update of my calendar when I receive an invitation via email………………………………….

    When you plug in your USB Headset, right-click on the Volume Mixer icon in the taskbar.  That opens a window that looks similar to the image below.  The green “checkmark” should be on your Speakers device (which is attached to your sound card).  Instead, select the Headset and click the “Set Default” button.  That will redirect sound output to the USB headset device. What’s nice (whether by design or a bug) is that when you unplug your USB headset, it will revert back to the last “default” device, which is our speakers.  When you plug the headset back in, it will take over as the default device.  Good deal—that’s how it SHOULD work…………….. If using Vista, did you set your headset to the default recording device? (right-click the speaker in the taskbar, Record Devices, select the headset and click the ‘Set Default’ button). Did you set a press to talk button in Ventrilo Setup?……………..

    Hi dear,I am using Mac and Rarely do I have any performance issues with my mac — with windows, at least once a day I would have to shut down all my applications and reboot — and at least once a week I would have to shut down and let it “rest” for 20 minutes before it would behave. Everything about the MAC is better. It looks better, the batteries last longer etc. And for a photographer maybe better. But PC’s are very good at office work, and most schools, offices etc. run on PC, making it hard to share files amongst those groups. The Mac had one characteristic that was a deal-breaker for him – its touchpad didn’t respond well to his finger. Its behavior seemed jerky and erratic. He tried several models of Mac, and all had the same problem – probably all used the same part from the same manufacturer.But it also depends on your needs.however for PC you will have to purchase software separately for things like video editing (PC can do this but not to the extent mac can). If you are really big into video and music editing (more artsy stuff) go with a mac. If you are on a budget and just need things done, go with a PC. There are free apps that will get almost anything done, so keep that in mind as well.

  204. Hi, I ll tell you in very easy steps how to program the remote.
    1.Manually turn off the component you want the remote control to control for example TV,DVD or cable box.
    2.Press and hold the component key you wish to program.
    3.Press both the component and the ON-OFF buttons. The illuminated ON-OFF button will turn off, and then will come back on.
    4.Release both buttons after the ON-OFF button turns back on. The button should remain illuminated.
    5.Press and release the PLAY button. If the component does not respond after five seconds, continue to press the PLAY button every five seconds until the component turns off.
    6.Press and release the REVERSE button when the component turns off, then wait to see if the component turns on again.
    7.Press and release the STOP button to save the new code. 
    There are a few other ways to program i.e by Programming a Device using Code Search and Programming a device using the Code Lists. There are some codes for a lot of pouplar models around so yoou dnt have to program each function one by one. All you need to know is the code for your model. The code is a 3 digit number and can be found on http://www.thompsontv.com/rcarc.html. I hope it helps…

    Hi friend,Mp3 players a reliable and RCA is a great brand! Take it back to the place you got it with the reciept and exchange it for another one.It might give you other problems in future so its better to replace it know. Make sure you transsfar the converted video files to the “videos” directory on the player (by dar and drop them in –> My Copmuter –> Portable Drive/ Device –> Videos).Make sure the videos can be played on Windows Media Player (the non converted files, and converted ones) otherways missing codecs can be the problem here.The RCA easyRip Media Software installer is stored on the player. Go to My Computer in the Start menu, find and open the drive letter associated with the player (i.e. RCA MP3) and then double-click the rcaeasyrip_setup.exe file to launch the installer. The software installer can be deleted from the player after installation to free up more storage space.The player must be in MSC mode to run the RCA easyRip installer from the player. Your player is in MSC mode by default. You can change modes by selecting Protocol in the Settings menu.It may take several seconds for the player to be detected. Click View -> Refresh in My Computer or Windows Explorer to make sure the player has been detected. The player is capable of transferring files at USB 2.0. If a USB 2.0 port is available on your computer, use it to connect to your player. The player is still backward compatible with the older USB 1.1 ports; however, you will not be able to take full advantage of the potential speed increase.Try it.

    Hi dear,As you said that you are facing a voice problem in your jabra Sp700 bluetooth headphone.I am also having jabra Sp700 bluetooth headphone but never faced this problem. Jabra Jabra Sp700  mono sits comfortably on your ear, working to perfection, keeping you constantly.It gives very cool sound dimension.New Jabra Jabra Sp700  Bluetooth headset’s have very good feature like you can convert into two mode. Mono headset for work. Attachable stereo unit for play. The only disadvantage of this device is it’s bigger than other Bluetooth headsets. It have large earpiece which may not fit comfortably in smaller ears.Jabra Jabra Sp700  is very good in performance an very easy operate.I Think you should take it to place from where you purchased it and let them see why you are facing this problem because it is not about how old it is or is it under warranty, you should repair it there..

  207. Hey both of your choices are preety good I must have to say that. The HF11 model has a bigger sensor than the other and hence it is very good while taking pictures in low light conditions. It also has a built in 32 Gb of space which is pretty impressive.Right? HF11 is considered to be a very sturdy camera. But if we talk about the other one ie HF200 it has a relatively smaller lens but is higher in resolution. So it means it can take good pictures too but only in daylight or good lighting conditions. If we compare the zooms HF11 has a 12x zoom which is 15x for HF200. The HF200 has a new chip which might be good or bad no clue about that. The thing that I hate most in HF200 is that it doesnot have any internal memory. Some internal memory would have been very nice. And about the price HF200 is a little cheaper the HF11. I guess its just a $50 difference. But if we talk about the overall thing I mean the picture quality the picture quality on HF200 is better than that of HF11. So i think its in your call in the end. Have a goodluck with it. Best wishes 

  208. This is a complicated topic: when choosing between LCD and plasma TVs, you’re actually selecting between two competing technologies, both of which achieve similar features. To complicate the decision-making process further, price and size are two previous considerations that are rapidly becoming non-issues as LCDs are now being made in larger sizes and at competing prices with plasma TVs.
     plasma technology has the better picture quality in normal to low room lighting conditions and are better in 4 out of 5 picture quality categories. Plasma technology will almost without exception triumph during night time viewing. LCD televisions are great for sunroom/breakfast room type environments. Also, LCD monitors are generally better for public display such as airport signage and retail store signage due to the bright room light environment..
    For computeruse I would suggest that LCDs are the best. The number of pixels per inch in the LCDs are higher than in the plasma and others. This offers a high precision image quality.
    Plasma displays get the nod here because of their excellent performance with fast-moving images and high contrast levels. There are still some 2nd tier manufacturers whose plasma product displays some phosphor lag, a dragging from brights to darks. Response time for plasme is very less so it produces a good quality motion pictures. 

    Hi dear, As per your problem my first suggestion to you will be that you should take it to a dealer from where you purchased it because you told that you just bought Nikon L110 so I am sure that it is still under warranty and let them check what problem is it and they can rectify it and it will be free of cost as its under warranty. You can also call Nikon and discuss your issue with them I guess either your battery has died or check if it is charged or not.It has AA batteries. It must be inserted with the correct polarity (positive and negative).As when I bought Nikon L110 for myself even I did a same mistake the battery was not placed correctly and when I went through a manual then with its help I checked it and inserted it correctly and know its working fine.This can be a only reason either it battery is not inserted properly or it has died.I hope if it’s a problem than you can check it out and solve it..

  210. Hi, its very nice that you have mentioned your budget as $300 which is not at all bad for a Ipod speaker. There are a lot of options available to buy and it gets very confusing to see so many options. But there are surely a few brands which offer a great quality audio at that price. For example the Altec Lansing Mix BoomBox iMT810. It is a great combination of high performance and portability. It is probably the best boom box style bass heavy speaker option you can lay your hands on. The speaker choice depends on what you expect out of it. If your choice is not the sonic quality but the amount of output then you can go for Monster beats by Dr.Dre Beatbox. This will give you a very big aggressive sound for its size.
    Apart from that there are a few cheaper options too like the Boston acoustics Duo-i plus. Its a great iPod dock speaker with sweet sound has a built in radio with a lot of customization and connectivity options. In the cheaper option you can buy a soundfreaq sound platform which is a more stylish and feature packed speaker choice. The selling pint for this is a bluetooth connectivity support which makes it an attractive choice for iPad and smartphone owners. 

    Hi , there are many good cameras available in market now but I will suggest you Sony Cybershot 10 Megapixel Digital Camera Model No: WX1. Sony brings the high-speed sensor technology of their Cyber-shot HX1 to two slimmer packages with the announcement of the Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 and Cyber-shot DSC-WX1. The new EXMOR R sensor in each model promises better low-light performance and high-speed shooting at up to 10 fps. Both cameras will record 720p HD video at 30 fps. The Cyber-shot TX1 and Cyber-shot WX1 both feature a 10.2 megapixel “EXMOR R” CMOS sensor. According to Sony, the EXMOR R achieves higher sensitivity to light than a traditional CMOS sensor by moving the wire circuitry behind the photodiodes. This should offer the sensor more exposure to light, boosting low light performance and reducing graininess in photos taken at higher ISO. Low light shooting has been a trouble spot for Sony compacts in the past, so we’re eager to see how well the new sensor technology combats noise levels at ISO 400 and beyond. The lens is Carl Zeiss, a 4x optical zoom equivalent to 35-140mm with a maximum aperture of f/3.5. The Cyber-shot DSC-WX1 should debut in October and will retail for $349.99. The Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 will arrive in September with a suggested retail price of $379.99.So this will be a best deal you can make.

    Hi, I would say it’s worth to take it back and ask them if they can give you a replacement. I don’t really see any ways that the headphone would just stop working on its own or give you a low volume.It might be a software problem.I hope it is under warranty and if it is than you should not waste your time you should go to apple store and get it replaced because once your warranty gets over than you will not have any option and you have to fix your problem by paying few bucks.You can also Call your nearest Apple Tech Support center.I don’t see any reason why would it start giving you this problem suddenly. Use a flashlight and take a close look at the earpiece screen, (the piece that covers the earpiece), hair-gel and other products build up over time on the earpiece. Use a small needle and gently scrape away the gunk. Use compressed air after to gently blow away the loose fragments. Do not blow directly into the earpiece, you could force the debris deeper into the earpiece. I only use about 15psi and hold the air compressor nozzle at about a 45 degree angle.I hope it will work..

  213. Greetings, there are a few products for that but I just love the iHome iB969 which can charge ipod,i phone and i pad. 
    These people have gone far ahead from classic charging docks. It offers a multi device charging and costs only $60 which is under your budget and save you some bucks too. There are two models the preferred one is incharge Duo which has a more compact form factor with a very sleek portable design. It mesures 5.5″ deep, 4.5″ in width and .75″ in height. Its made in black and grey and charges two devices simultaneously.One bad thing about it would be that with the iPad plate on it generally wont work with it. It was less appealing for me initially but later I discovered how great it was.Ihome has packed a wall adapter and 2 charging docks into on grey gunmetal finish device. It also has a micro USB and a mini USB chargining points.Flip iB969 upside down and there are two USB ports on the bottom, ready to connect to the included USB cables or whichever other device-specific ones you may want or need to self-supply. So my suggestion dont think and go ahead with it.

  214. Hey there, I also own the same Gorillapod SLR-zoom and I have it with the ball head since it helps me taking nice clean shots. It is very easy to carry and fits in a bag without adding any major weight to your rig. I have used this for over an year now and its good to know that it wont loosen as the time passes by. It s built with very high quality material. It has always been good for being fixed over a pole or a railing. But still I suggest you to keep the strap in hand in any case of accident. Afterall these things are to be taken care of and are very expensive. Without the ball head you ll face difficulties in makin minor adjustments while composing the shot. Its very cheap too only $25. 
    A lot of its competing models are heavy expensive and wear out with time. It is not so small if I tell you but nit so big wither that you cant carry it. So if I have to suggest it to you or any other person I ll say go for it. Good Luck

  215. Normal



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    Hi, Few people have thought the docked/roaming issue was more software than a physical connection problem, though many (such as yourself) also seemed to think it was a physical connection problem. I know my Rovio, with the original shipping firmware, would say Roaming while on the dock, though it would appear to keep a full charge. Updating to beta firmware seemed to fix this issue. The battery charge issue also gets confusing when dealing with the docked/roaming issue, since there are many people who have had issues with their Rovios being charged properly, regardless of the docked/roaming label. What kind of conductive paste did you use? I’d rather use the brand you used to be sure it works correctly. Also, if things don’t work out and I want to return Rovio, can this paste come off so that Wowwee doesn’t blame me for the malfunctioning? Thanks for your help. I hope it will work for you.

  216. Normal



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    Hi dear,it’s a cool robot that you can learn the basic on programming a real robot and it really is i have one. It basically teaches you how they work but you have to know about gate to get to advance programming but it’s really easy to know once you understand it. The robot also teaches you the sensor that is exist on everything and even on car. The robot basically teaches you everything almost. Here is a page detailing all the programming books available for the Mindstorms 2.0 NXT and the things that they can do.http://hubpages.com/hub/Buy-Lego-Mindsto…Also this page describes the basic functions http://hubpages.com/hub/Buy-Lego-Mindsto… The beauty of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0is you can image, build and program your own robot. But that’s just the beginning. The Mindstorms set is good for all who are old enough to not swallow the parts and able to understand the basic functions of a computer. Making your first robot is easy when you follow the easy instructions in the manual.I hope the information will work for you.

    Hi dear, it is not a big issue if your files have been deleated there are many ways to recover them.Data Recovery Wizard Pro restores deleted files no longer in the Recycle Bin. It can recover deleted Word, Excel, PowerPoint, photo, Email, database, and all document formats and folders in Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, which have been emptied from or by-passed the Windows Recycle Bin. If you can’t find a file on your computer or you accidently modified or deleted a file, you can restore it from a backup (if you’re using Windows backup) or you can try to restore it from a previous version. Previous versions are copies of files and folders that Windows automatically saves as part of a restore point. Previous versions are sometimes referred to as shadow copies. To Recover Deleted Folders:
     1. In Active@ File Recovery, search for deleted folders and select the file.
     2. To open the Recovery Options dialog box, use one of the following methods:
              * Click Recover on the toolbar recovery-toolbar-button.
              * Right-click the file, and then choose Recover from the context menu
              * Drag and Drop the selected file to another logical drive
    3. Recovery Options to give the file a name, you may use the file name that appears in the Name field or you may type in a different name.
    4. The Recover To field, allows you to recover the file to a specific location. You may type in a different path or click the ellipsis button (…) and browse to a recovery folder location.
      5. Click Recover.
    So , you can follow the above mentioned procedure and recover your deleated files and make them in use again.I hope it will solve the problem you are facing.enjoy.

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    HI dear,Sounds like a cracked solder connection somewhere. Hopefully it is, cause the only tricky part of that fix is finding where it is. I’d start near where the unit heats up the most (other than the power supply!).Hopefully the guy will call you back and you can find out if it’s still under warranty. Maybe the company will honor it based on the serial number. You can always call the company and ask. Because when you buy from them, you get a warranty. You should visit the dealer from where you purchased drum kit this is my personal advice because giving your methods or experiments might destroy it, so its better that you should not take any risk and take it to your dealer.

    Hi friend, I don’t really have idea which model of Casio edifice watch you are talking about because there are many different models of Casio edifice watch. Casio Edifice watches are uniquely designed for fashion conscious men who expect great functionality out of his watch. Sleek, low profile Edifice watches offer genuine chronograph styling with typical features like water resistance, mud resistance, shock resistance, date display and 24 hour clocks. These watches are ideal for today’s ultra fashionable man who wants to look suave and perfect to make a sound fashion statement & impress the ladies ha ha. The metallic fashion adds to the dashing look. You will certainly love it.If you give me an idea of a particular model like new EQWM1100DC-1A2 from the Edifice Black Label, EF-500L-8A_RED, EF-506D-7AVDF, Casio EDIFICE EF-305D-1AV Watches and many more.Casio in itself is a brand and I personally have Casio EDIFICE EF-317D-1AV and when I wear it on my wrist it gives me a different attitude and pleasure, So you can check for models of Casio edifice watch and let us know so that I can give you more information about that particular model.

    Dear friend….
    Yes, you may have a problem with digital watches. Some of the invigilators are sticklers 4 the rules. As in my case, in our centre, most of us had to remove all digital equipment, which included anything from PDAs to digital watches..So it  would b better not 2 take any risk and go in 4 a simple analog watch. Please ensure that your watch is functioning b4 u take it. Mine stopped halfway through my quant section. I spent 1 hour on quant and almost messed up the whole paper……………………. Thankfully, i just managed 2 do some DI in the end, which proved 2 be enough…So, my advice would be that you should opt for analog watch..I think you were able to get some feedback from me..bye!!…………………….You can revert back ….if you still think that you didn’t get the answer you were looking for….

    Hi dear, my first suggestion for you will be to Ask the parts counter guys at the auto parts store of your choice and they will give you a full information about size and other things.There is a huge variety of jump starters  for Toyota Rav 4 available in market to ensure that you have every battery jump starter option available to you.If you are looking for a portable Toyota Rav 4 jump starter or specifically a Black and Decker battery jump starter or anything in between you can also visit http://www.andysautosport.com/jump_starters/toyota_rav_4.html . As i am not using it but my brother recently got Energizer All-In-One Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor and Power Inverter  which can  power your 12V accessories where ever you go. It’s packed with a 250 psi internal air compressor that inflates your vehicle’s tires in 10 minutes, has 400 amps of power to jump start your vehicle, and boasts two 12V DC power sockets for powering your accessories.It also comes with I year warranty.So I can only adice you this one but you can visit above mentioned sites for more information on Jump starters for Toyota Rav 4.I hope the information will help you.

    According to my opinion, the 765 actually cost less if you buy it now. Plus its 5.5 lbs heavier which hopefully means it has a better more robust power supply. The 665 lost over 7lbs from the previous year’s RX-V663. In addition to delivering great sound, Yamaha’s RX-V765 home theater receiver minimizes the cable clutter going to your HDTV. Working as a control hub, it has 4 HDMI-HDCP inputs, 2 sets of HD capable component inputs, and 4 video inputs with S-Video and composite jacks. It sends the signal through the HDMI-HDCP output jack and to your TV. There are stereo input jacks to match all of the video inputs, plus 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital audio inputs. You say you want to listen to radio or your iPod? No problem! There are dedicated inputs for those accessories, too. You can listen to XM radio over 150 digital channels. When you add an iPod docking station, the song titles from your iPod will display on the receiver’s front panel and on-screen display. You can even listen to the music wirelessly with the optional YBA-10 Bluetooth dock. Setup is a breeze with the advanced YPAO automatic calibration system. After it checks the connection and phase of each speaker it sends out tones to automatically calibrate the output signals. You don’t have to do a thing! Yamaha’s professional experience with sound and speakers comes home in exquisite style. Hear it for yourself!

    I was dealing with the same problem but I finally figured out what my issues were. I did end up using my PS2 with Optical Output selected. I had been using IMG burn to make a CUE file of the WAV file and then burning the audio cd like that, but that wasn’t working. Anyway, I downloaded and installed Nero 9. I opened up full Nero Burning Rom, not the express. I then went to Audio CD and then NEW. Then I dragged the file over that I needed to put onto the CD. The settings I used are 16x, Track-at-once, Write (checked), Finalize Disc (checked), No text written on CD. I burned that, loaded it into the PS2 and followed the upgrade instructions provided by Yamaha. The CDDA Upgrader message went away after a couple of seconds the the ROM chip in the receiver started erasing blocks of data and writing new ones as it should. I wanted to post this reply because I really can’t stand it when someone has a problem and then they just up and say, “nevermind, I fixed it” without posting their fix. Since google crawls this forum, maybe this post will be able to help someone else out as well.

    As far as I think, your hardware is decoding the Dolby TrueHD internally and sending it out over HDMI as uncompressed multichannel PCM. The soundtracks you’re listening to are 5.1 tracks, and the rear speakers do not have anything encoded for them in the soundtracks. With the receiver set to “Multi Channel,” you’re hearing the soundtrack as it was mixed. Changing the setting to “Dolby EX” or “Dolby Prologic IIx” applies post-processing to the soundtrack. These settings alter the sound of the mix and also matrix the extra two surround channels from the two encoded surround channels to produce 7.1. The reason most people say to leave the setting at “Multi Channel” is because they are purists and want to hear the audio as the film mixers intended. PLIIx and other DSP’s can sometimes be impressive, but they alter the sound from how it was originally recorded and mixed. I’ve personally played around with Dolby PLIIx, DTS Neo:6, and various THX modes from time to time, but always find myself returning my settings to reproduce audio as it was recorded rather quickly. Ultimately, it’s not a matter of whether you have your settings “right” or “wrong” – as long as you like how it sounds. I guess technically speaking, the “right” way is to set your receiver to reproduce the audio exactly as it is encoded – with PLIIx and other DSP’s off. But again, the most important thing is that YOU like how YOUR system sounds. Keep in mind that there ARE some 7.1 TrueHD and DTS-MA soundtracks out there, though the vast majority are 5.1 thus far. I am not sure if your receiver is capable of handling 7.1 LPCM, so I can’t say if those tracks will be correctly reproduced as 7.1 by your system.

    hey man..
    If you upgraded your TV then now it’s time to upgrade your receiver.   All of those connections on your LG are their for the connection of various inputs with the assumption that you don’t connect a receiver. If you decide that you want a receiver the electronics industry not just LG  has decided that the receiver will become the hub of your system where all connections are made.  Their are many benefits to doing this.  One big one is you minimize the number of cables going too your TV to a AC power cord and one HDMI cable.   Plus the receiver is a better switch to control all of your equipment both AV and audio only. Even if you were able to make an audio connection from your TV to your receiver unless that signal came from the TV’s built in tuner the signal will be downgraded to a 2 channel stereo when passed to your receiver. I also don’t understand why anyone would want to listen to the crappy speakers that come with today’s TV’s when the have a quality surround system as part of their HT. Hope it works for you….

    The weight limit of the balance board is 150kg (330lb) and i dnt think its worth the cost, especially since you need the balance board for other games. You need to go to therapy to find out what the underlying cause may be. It has to be more than a craving…may be a hormone imbalance or something medically or mentally out of whack. You need to start exercising and eat fresh fruits/vegies, berries and fiber when you want to eat the junk food. Occupy your time with reading, walking, hanging out with friends, etc. attend church. Having God on your side always helps. For exercise try this (it worked for me ) http://www.weightlossdisc.com…….I’m quite sure it will definitely work for you as well.. OR If you are really serious with wight loss and Wii, GO GET A WII BALANCE BOARD! :-) With this peripheral, you can play fitness games such as Wii Fit Plus (generally included with the Board, if you purchase it brand new), Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout and others. On the other hand, you can get a Wii Motion Plus adapter, and burn calories with Wii Sports Resort (you will get the adapter with the game as a bundle if purchased brand new). But for starters, you can begin with just your standard Wiimote and your Wii included game, Wii Sports! Play a lot of Tennis, Boxing and Baseball, especially the training courses, and you’ll be sweating in no time, guaranteed!

    Roku player is a pretty outstanding deal. $99 for 1080p streaming and Netflix is great. They’re also selling quite well apparently, sold as many as Apple TV, though they’ve been on sale a little bit longer. My parents, since they’re retired and watch tons of movies, they really didn’t care about the Blu-Ray side of it, but I wanted them to have Netflix streaming. It sucks – the Netflix interface blows ass. There is no browsing at all – everything you stream on it has to be added to the queue manually online. I’m going to keep it for myself since it has DLNA and other goodies (and I don’t have a standalone BR player) but I’m getting them a Roku instead, which has full on Netflix support. My pick is definitely Roku player…since it costs less and delivers more!! You can have a glance at it and compare it with others too.

    Hi, As you wrote that you are having a Ps3 Hdmi audio problem,Have you tried to restore the default settings.  If you have and that doesn’t work in that case configure the audio output settings manually under settngs>sound settings>Audio Ouput Settings. I guess that you need to change audio output to HDMI. I tink swapping out the PS3 for another would change anything you can try doing this.I’m not sure but I guess your TV doesn’t support video on HDMI and simultaneously audio on optical or analog?  If you can support this then that should fix it for you. If you have got a stereo then run your audio there instead of to the TV.  Worst case (better than the way you played GT), use component cables for the video and optical or analog for the audio.I hope it will fix the problem you are facing because earlier I have also gone through this problem and I tried doing all these thing and I was able to fix the problem and have not faced this problem till date after that time.Youcan try it and if you still face this problem than let us know with more details about it.

  229. I understand that you have a sure affinity toward cute things. I myself love cute accessories but one thing is sure that mostly these things are low on performance. The reason for this might be the product design cause everything has a design pattern and if you tend to deviate too much from it you might face design issue. I think thats what has happened with you. And about the review thing you ll have to try before reaching to a conclusion. 
     These accessories might work good for someone else and might be useless for you so its just a matter of usage and preference. But apart from this are a couple of places where you can look for accessories of your taste.But my honest suggestion would be not to trust reviews they are sometimes misleading. And these things will only eye pleasers cause they are not designed the way they should be. Still there should be some good products of that line. But they have always failed me. But too look for you can try a few websites and blogs where you can get updats on these sort of things.
    You can try following http://chipbit.com/cute-and-sweet-computer-accessories/
    Theres another blog and there you can find everything in gadget not just computer accessories. http://www.shinyshiny.tv/accessories/ 

    Hi there,Ofcourse it will be safe and compatible with Linux. Linux compatibility is never a problem as far as the machine is concerned it is dealing with a regular ethernet network. However more important is compatibility with your router  if you are  planning  of connecting multiple devices you will be better off with WDS, and that is not really standardized you’re probably best off getting a bridge from the same manufacturer as your router. All wireless bridges are compatible with Linux. When you look into wireless bridges, you have to make sure the device supports “AP Client” mode, or at least WDS. The wireless network ethernet is setup as an ad-hoc network with an private IP address and another DHCP server running on linux box assigns a private IP address to any computer which connects to my ad-hoc network .The package ipmasq does network address translation (NAT) for the wireless host connected to the ad-hoc network. auto eth1 iface eth1 inet static Name Wireless LAN card address netmask network broadcast wireless-essid debian-ssid wireless-mode Ad-Hoc wireless-key open [1] s:************* wireless-power on
    So, you can go through this process and its safe to do and don’t worry about the compatibility as I told you it is compatible with Ethernet networks.So try it and enjoy.Good luck

  231. Both the laptops that you have mentioned are all the same in the hardware configuration. The difference lies in the operating system the A1 model has Vista in it and windows 7 in the A2 model rest all of it is the same. But my suggestion would be to go with the windows 7 ie A2 model. Reason being that the windows 7 is the latest version of windows. Vista in my opinion is very slow and takes forever to boot up. Also whenever you try to make any changes to vista it asks you countless times before it actually does it. Windows might call it the added security but i think its just too annoying. So go for windows 7.
    About the laptop it has a very nice battery back up. The price is very affordable with a classy slim design. The bad things would be the touchpad which is kinda sticky for me. It just looks like theyhave used cheap material for that as their strategy in the cost cutting. So if you are looking for a slim and affordable laptop computer thn go for it.  It is also very light to hold. It has a solid core 2 dup CULV processor which is not the latest but provides a very decent performance. 

    Hi, the options you are looking for are good at their places these all are descent tablets.However the 2 best out of all these are Dell streak tab and Samsung Galaxy tab. The Dell Streak is a first tab to bring Android to the new tablet market. However at the other side Samsung Galaxy Tab made market to look at it and all the rich and up-to-date features from the open platform. Samsung galaxy is being larger in stature than the sleeker looking Dell Streak. The Dell Streak’s implementation of solid hard plastic and a metallic rear cover stands well versus the slick plastic body of the Tab  which has a tendency to scratch.One area that could make a big difference for the traditional stack and that is a cheap approach adopted by Dell in the past could be price. The first arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was ludicrously dear – although you can now pick a 32GB version up on sale at just £399.Dell streak has a very bad screen and on the otherside Samsung Galaxy has a 7-inch display that makes it more smarter than Dell and few other tablets.So know you have to make your own choice between dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy as I have given you a comparison and if personally you ask for y advice than it will definitely will be Samsung Galaxy not dell streak and why I am saying this I have told you that all in comparison.i hope you will go for  best one and make a good deal.

  233. Normal



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    Hi there, I can understand your problem as one of my friend was also facing a same problem and being an techie I helped him and fixed his problem .kindly follow a process I have mention below: -1. First of all you have to make sure that all computers have different names.2. Secondly all computers have to be in same workgroup or domain.3. All computers have “Clients for Microsoft Networks” and “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks” is installed for every computer. Your users has to be logging into the computer at boot up. This is the only way to be in the workgroup or domain.4. Be sure all computers have different IP addresses. Since you said your using a hub then your not using DHCP. Are you sure your using a hub? Very important. The reason why is because if you’re using a router with a switch built in by default DHCP is turned on and that will assign IP addresses to your computers. If you don’t have a router and your using a hub then you need to assign IP addresses to your computers.5. Then use “Simple File Sharing”. Go to Explore Tools Folder Options View and at the bottom make sure a check mark is checked for “Use Simple File Sharing”6. Know you have to turn off all software firewalls until configured. Then you can go into your firewall and allow those IP addresses to talk on the network or each other.7. Then you have to add each user account and password into every other computers user account.8. At last share out the folders, files, whatever and give them the correct permissions.So, this is a procedure you need to follow and I am sure it will work for you, if incase you face any such problem or error do let us know we will definitely fix it for you.Good luck.

  234. Devante Bradley





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    Just try to follow this procedure; Tools>Options>General  Uncheck “Ignore Other Applications etc.” In 2007 that would be Button>Excel Options>Advanced>General, If no joy with that……………. Close Excel first and On the Windows Taskbar. 1) Start>Run “excel.exe /unregserver”(no quotes)>OK. 2) Start>Run “excel.exe /regserver”(no quotes)>OK. See the space between exe and /regserver. You might have to designate a full path to excel.exe. In that case Start>Run “C:yourpathexcel.exe” /regserver(quotes required)>OK. Hope this will sort out your problem..do give a feedback as to whether the procedure worked or not. Instructions for Windows XP and earlier. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Folder Options>File Types. If using WinXP OS you would scroll down to .XLXS then “Advanced”>Open>Edit. In Command line the path should be similar to this….”C:PROGRAM FILESMICROSOFT OFFICEOFFICE12EXCEL.EXE” /e…You must have the double quotes and the <space>/e prevents a new blank book from opening.  Remove that if you wish. Below have “use DDE” checked and this in the DDE message box….[open("%1")]..Application should read “Excel”(no quotes),,best of luck!!

  235. Cristopher Oliver

    Hi,The Grado Headphones Color are a great pair of headphones, for when you need great quality audio on the go. These Grado Headphones Color by Dre headphones incorporate many of the same technologies as the Studio headphones but also include a smaller speaker that doesn’t quite cover the ear as well as a collapsible design. What ever spoiled color a spoiled person gets that their spoiled mind thinks would look best on their spoiled hrad I would suggest grado Studio by Dr. Dre – Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear HeadphonesI have used this product and it performs really well grado Studio by Dr. Dre – Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones Advanced driver design for precise audio clarity; extra large speaker drivers for super deep bassMonster headphone cable with Quadripole twisted pair construction for balanced sound and clarity Powered isolation technology actively cuts external noiseSpacious earcups with plush, breathable cushions for ultimate listening comfortIncluded iSonitalk cable with answer button and mic lets you take calls with iPhone or other music phones.There is no as such problem with black beats and what ever colour you like to buy you can buy because it is very illogical that colours are creating problems.

  236. You ll have to be very choosy when you buy a printer. A good printer can make or break it. My preference would always be the canon models as they are reliable and provide a goog customer experience. Even if you call for technical suppost they do help unlike others. I use a canon PIXMA MX870 model. And I m not being biased it is the best model in the market which is also a 3 in 1 printer. That means you can scan documents, you can print them and even fax them all packed in the same machine. I promise you that you wont be disappointed with it. The best feature of this would be that it can print two sided documents without flipping it over manually and I think this is very attractive feature. You can also print photographs with it and you wont believe the quality of photos. Now the bonus the printer can be connected without using any cables or cords. This presents a hasstle free setup without the cables on. If you dnt want the wireless connectivity then you can connect it in the classic way too. You can check similar lower priced models for this too. THe other brands that can be checked out are Hp and Lexmark. 

  237. Devante Bradley

    Hi dear, there are many sites from where you can get Nintendo Entertainment System, However these are few links mentioned below I will recommend you to go through and get it downloaded.
    1. http://www.freeroms.com/nes.htm 2. http://www.theoldcomputer.com/roms/index.php?folder=Nintendo/NES 3. http://www.coolrom.com/
    4. http://www.brothersoft.com/games/emulator/nes/
    To play Nintendo Entertainment System  games on your computer  you need to have NES emulator.You can download it from http://tnse.zophar.net/NESten.htm#Downlo&hellip; once it downloaded save it somewhere in your desktop and than open it and go to file>open and double click on it and enjoy playing it.And yes you will be able to plug it  into English power sockets and TVs. I hope this information will clear your doubts and hope it will work for you.Enjoy playing.If incase you face any problem related to this again you are most welcome to put your doubts here and we will definately help you out and the links i have provided you to download these games are totally legal and safe , so you can go through them and enjoy.

    Hi there, Pioneer VSX-21TXH AV receiver is a nice product and certainly I will tell you about its specifications. Below are the mentioned specifications of Pioneer VSX-21TXH AV receiver.
    Built-in Decoders: Dolby Pro Logic IIx ,Dolby Digital Plus ,Dolby Digital ,DTS decoder ,DTS-HD High Resolution ,DTS-HD Master Audio ,DTS Neo:6 ,THX Select 2 ,DTS Express ,DTS-ES decoder ,Dolby Digital EX ,Dolby TrueHD ,DTS 96/24
    Surround System Class: 7.1 channel
    Amplifier Output Details: 110 Watt – 8 Ohm – 20 – 20000 Hz – THD 0.09 % – 7 channel(s) ( Surround )
    Power: AC 120 V
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