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7 Ways You Can Upcycle Old Furniture and Save a Pretty Penny

Most of us just dispose of stuff that seems to be useless. But in today’s world of recycling and eco ...

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Big Benefits that Come With Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture that mainly defines the construction of energy efficient LEED certified buildings with additional sustainable features having a beneficial ...

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Simple Tips to Help You Reduce Energy Consumption at Your Home

Conserving energy around the household does not necessarily have to involve installing solar panels or wind turbines on your property. ...

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Repurposing shutters for that clean and green look

Shutter doors can be creatively used to design various room accessories. These doors are easily available in the junkyard. You ...

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Plant based or inspired technology witness for a big change

Nature has always inspired the human to develop new technologies. Humans have always found clues and hints from the nature ...

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Eco-friendly alternatives to your chemical cleaners

Today a modern home has numerous chemical cleaners which are toxic and lead to create long-term health issues. These chemical ...

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Simple ways you can reduce carbon footprint of the food you consume

Called foodprint, food’s carbon footprint takes into account the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by food right from the ...

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Upcycled cardboard projects that make an excellent addition to your eco-home

Furniture is what creates a style statement in our homes. It has become absolutely necessary to have at least a ...

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Creative ideas for a striking, upcycled lounge room

There tends to be some confusion regarding recycling and upcycling. Upcycling refers to repurposing old household items in their original ...

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6 Innovative home aquaponics kits for you to choose from

Ever heard of aquaponics? It is an aquaculture system which uses the waste produced by farmed aquatic creatures to supply ...

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6 Innovative ways you could make use of kinetic energy at home

Recent developments in the field of sustainability have led to research on energy that can be resourced from alternate, sustainable ...

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21 Simple Ways to Support Sustainability on this World Environment Day

With our planet calling for speedy action to restore its pristine health, it’s imperative for humankind to think of ways ...

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