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Weird weapons that people have utilized for murder

Murders are loathsome and unforgivable crimes some disgusting people commit. Some do it out of a maddening fit of rage ...

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Medieval rulers and their strange deaths

The most common reasons of death of medieval rulers were wars, plague and bad sanitary conditions. However, there are some ...

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Would you mind travelling in a weird helicopter?Checkout these experimental copters!

Leaving aside the travel of a commercial jet, air travel could be weird. Even a regular helicopter ride is different ...

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Inspiring women in history who led a revolt

It probably might be surprising, but is true that many women have led a revolt to over throw the existing ...

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Some of the most amazing stories of human-animal bonds

The bond between humans and animals is centuries old. They live together, play joyfully and even try to help each ...

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Incredible face tattoos and stories behind them

Your face is the most important part of your personality, as it is the very first thing anyone would notice ...

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Incidents when kids prevented mishaps by dialing 911

Calling 911 is the convenient way to get immediate help in emergency situations. However, sometimes kids dial the number just ...

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The not so usual places for a birdy to build its nest

Like human beings even birds need a home. They too need a place where they can lay and hatch their ...

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Unusual libraries that will hold your attention

Libraries remind you of books and peace of mind. There is nothing that can match the unique ambience that a ...

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The unusual, and rather intriguing honey made from cannabis

Honey is yummy and healthy. The efforts of honeybees give us one of the finest natural preparations which are nothing ...

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Super intelligent people with IQ that goes off the charts

Some of the most admired people are one’s who are smart and intelligent. The intelligence of a person is considered ...

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People who quite literally lived with a skeleton in their closet

There is no deficit of bizarre incidents and weird people in the society. But there are some incidents carried out ...

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