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Traveling is all about living life in hundreds of ways – all at the same time. It is about opening up the horizons, noticing the tranquil beauty as well as enjoying nightclubs while socializing. Traveling in Europe guarantees you several […]

European countries that deserve a place in your travel itinerary

Do beaches entice you? Or mountains invite you? Do you feel thrilled when you explore a wildlife park? Do you experience adrenaline rush when you try extreme sports or feel amused when you see different artifacts? Are you an epicurean

Whether you are a travelling enthusiast or a family style vacationer, here is a list of countries that you should consider making your next travel destination! The list compiles ten countries which have been visited the most, have seen the

Event name: Las fallas festival in Valencia, spain Event dates: 15 march 2014 to 19 march 2014 Location: valencia, Spain Fallas is the traditional celebration held in memorable of Saint Joseph in city of Valencia, Spain. Fallas means the celebration

Las fallas festival in valencia, spain

The city of guitarist is set in the vicinity of fifty miles from capital of {spain|spanishcapital|national capital} in Spain. town is steeped in history and society and their is approach to discover and slaughter town. Here square measure 5 fun

facts about Segovia ,spain

1) Eat Tapas Head off from bar to bar attempting tapas as you go, while you may also get a half quart with each little dish. In the end you will work out your favorite bars and your favorite plates,

What to Do in Spain

If traveling is what you love best then you are probably always in the lookout for exciting and enjoyable places which you can visit. What can be more exciting than watching the powerful whales up close? There are several places

Best travel destinations for whale watching

A visit to Spain definitely calls for a lot of adventurous things to be done and by this, you will enjoy here. This is the main reason for Spain to be known as one of the remarkable tourist destinations of

The City of Seville

Spain is famous for its fantastic cuisine. They are expert in seafood stew and shellfish. There are various new and existing flavors to try in Spanish. In Spain, you can find the best restaurants in the world. The top 10

People eating Pulpo a la Gallega with potatoes. Galician octopus dishes. Famous dishes from Galicia, Spain

Fun and fiestas is always a part of Spain. This place is filled with various crazy festivals and these are something that should never be missed. These festivals are extraordinary and that is the reason, this place is known to

Las fallas. Falla Convent Jerusalem, 2019. Broadway shows theme. Valencia, Spain
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